FAQs about Aries Jewelry

  1. How should I know if the diamond is real?

    One of the best ways to test any gemstone is to see it under a microscopic or magnifying glass. If you are able to see no imperfections, then it is a fake stone. Also, always ask for a lab report.

  2. What are the essential factors to look for in diamonds?

    The most essential factors to look for in diamonds are clarity, color, cut, and carat. Its 4 C’s are the right way to assess the quality. Also, you must ask for the lab report to know the grading of these factors.

  3. What is the other birthstone for Aries?

    The secondary birthstones of Aries are aquamarine, jasper, and hellotrope.

  4. Is it okay for Aries to wear gold metal jewelry?

    Yes, gold is considered to be auspicious metal for Aries. With Rosec Jewels you can get your diamond jewelry is yellow, white and rose gold.

About Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is a fire sign and is ruled by planet mars. This is the reason people of this zodiac sign are fiery and very passion-driven. Its symbol ram truly defines their unstoppable personality.

Aries are very action-oriented as they have a competitive spirit in them. Being the first sign of the zodiac makes them people who always want to be on the top. As Mars is represented as a ‘God of War’ in mythology, Aries are headstrong and bold. They will certainly argue with you to prove themselves right. But what makes Aries lovable is their zeal for life, generous heart, spontaneous mind and adventurous spirit.

Aries need a birthstone that can help them stay calm amidst the competition without snatching away their enthusiasm. Also, the gemstone that can help them to communicate effectively with gentleness and compassion.

Aries Birthstone: Diamond 

The diamond is April birthstone. For such a strong personality, we need a strong gem as their birthstone, and a diamond serves the purpose well. The stone channelize their positive traits and calms down the negative ones.

This stone that tops the list of precious gemstones bestows its wearer with wisdom and clarity in life. As diamond stands for the everlasting bond, it can help Aries to value the relationship over their ego. With this gemstone, letting go becomes easier for them and helps them to overcome their urge to assert and win the argument. It is also believed to take care of brain-related disorders. In addition to that, diamond blesses Aries with great health and wealth. 

Diamond and Aries both have a common ruling planet, Mars. They both are flag bearers of resilience, strong will and courage. Thus, this is a match truly made in heaven. Aries must adorn themselves in attractive diamond jewelry. It will benefit them in all areas of life.