FAQs about Taurus Jewelry

  1. What does May birthstone symbolize?

    May birthstone, emerald, symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation. It bestows its owner with good fortune and foresight.

  2. How many birthstones do May borns have?

    Apart from Emerald, agate is the gemstone that is associated with May borns.

  3. Why should I wear my birthstone?

    The purpose of wearing birthstones is to have a protecting agent in life. It acts as your talisman, it helps you overcome traits that hold you back and grow in life. It is not a new belief but one that has been there since ancient times.

  4. What is the purpose of Zodiac jewelry?

    Zodiac jewelry is a way of personal expression. It brings out the kind of individuality you identify with. Also, wearing zodiac jewelry is considered to be lucky for the wearer. It guides your path and helps you reach higher in life.

About Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus, the Zodiac sign with the symbol of the bull, is the second one on the list. It is ruled by the planet Venus and is associated with the earth element. These three aspects of Taurean; bull, earth, and Venus truly define them. Taureans are grounded like earth, strong-willed like a bull, and love luxury and fine things with the influence of Venus.

Taureans belong to that rare category of self-motivated, big-time problem solvers who believe in working hard in life. But being stubborn and having no willingness to change or to come out of their comfort zone can be some of their negative traits. Also, these perfectionists can at times exhaust themselves in work or their love for luxury can put them too much into rest zone. Taureans need a birthstone that can help them to strike a balance.

Taurus Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald, the mystical gemstone, is the birthstone of Taurus. Its vivid green hue has made it a favorite of many royals in the past, including Cleopatra. The gem is ruled by Venus and has the color of nature. These two things very well connect with Taureans.

Emerald makes sure they get rewarded for their hard work by bestowing its wearer with luxury and wealth. Its appearance displays elegance and beauty, but it also brings the gift of the earth by nurturing and relaxing the soul. People also use it for healing and medicinal purposes as it is believed to have the ability to cure eye-related issueis.

Emerald can aid them in letting go of the things, spaces, and people they are holding onto in life and make them learn to embrace change with open arms. This earthy sign is a sucker for spirituality and looks for things that can set their soul free. Emerald does that job well by activating the spiritual element of Taureans.

Because of the high compatibility of Emerald and Taurus, wearing emerald jewelry is highly recommended for all Taurus babies.