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  1. Does Zircon break easily?

    Possessing a hardness of about 7-7.5 on the Moh’s scale, Zircon rings are quite a durable stone but can brittle from the facet edges. Thus, it is always advisable to take good care of these rings when worn on a regular basis.

  2. How do you take care of a Zircon ring?

    Always clean it with a lukewarm solution of warm and soapy water or a soft, damp cloth. Make sure to remove it while showering as prolonged exposure to water and other chemicals can quite damage the stone.

  3. Does Zircon get cloudy?

    The Zircons that are heat treated are devoid of any visible inclusions while the Zircons that are untreated are known to possess a slight cloud-like appearance

  4. Are Zircon rings heat treated?

    The colorless and blue varieties of Zircon are exposed to heat treatments to obtain the desired color. Brown zircons are often exposed to heat treatments to lighten the color.

  5. What is the cost of a 1 carat Zircon ring?

    A 1 carat Zircon ring can cost anywhere between $200 to $500 per carat.

About Zircon Rings

Zircon rings are known to radiate shine and sparkles that promise a happily ever after! In terms of appearance, very close to diamonds but when it comes to properties, poles apart. Be it the high luster or beautiful brilliance, nothing about Zircon rings can go unnoticed. Come, let’s fall in love with these gorgeous beauties all over again!

What do zircon rings symbolize?

Strongly hailed as a grounding stone and a symbol of purity, Zircon rings help the wearer attain his goals in life. It is well regarded as a positive stone that can shun away negative energies from the life of the wearer, thus bestowing him with spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Zircons are strongly believed to strengthen relationships, thus making for a great stone of love.

Zircon Rings and the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Zircon ranges between round to princess cut.
  • Color: Though Zircon comes in an array of colors including blue, brown, champagne, cinnamon, green, orange, yellow, pink, the most common ones are colorless and hence are often confused with diamonds.
  • Clarity: Zircons possess relatively fewer inclusions are are generally known to be eye-clean.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Zircon rings typically range between 1 to 3 CT.

Radiant styles of Zircon Rings

  • Cocktail: A bright and elaborate Zircon Cocktail ring makes for a dazzling and dramatic party wear accessory.
  • Eternity: Fashioned with Zircon in an endless circle, a Zircon eternity ring is an ideal token of love for your ladylove.
  • Side Stone: Nothing makes for a statement quite like a sparkling Zircon ring fashioned with stones on the side.
  • Engagement: Nothing better than commemorating the big day with a Zircon engagement ring, don’t you agree? It makes for a powerful token of love since it is hailed for strengthening relationships.
  • Wedding Band: Tying the knot with a Zircon Wedding Band is the new cool. Adorned with precisely shaped Zircon all over, it makes for an alluring token of love.
  • Vintage Rings: Carrying a hint of antiqueness with vintage inspired styles including art deco, milgrain detailed, these Zircon rings would sure make you look like a piece of art yourself.