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Shop June Birthstone Jewelry Online

If you're June born, then you're lucky to have a Pearl birthstone. Highly valued for its smooth, lustrous, and dazzling sheen, different variety of pearls shows its natural elegance, producing within the shells of oysters and mussels. Beyond its association with June, pearl jewelry remains an enduring classic, gaining its popularity as a contemporary trend in recent years. Highlighted as a key jewelry trend in recent era pearls serve as a stylish embellishment for every kind of women globally. We have used different metal to craft an attractive pearl jewelry such as white gold, yellow gold and silver, cater to diverse budget and style.

Why Shop Pear Jewelry for Women?

Pearls symbolizes wisdom, humility, purity, and serenity. The radiant shine and smoothness of peal stands out as unique that not only complement your outfits but also allow you to look stylish. The pearls are also considered a Gemini birthstone, aligning with individuals born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Wearing pearls can boost a Gemini's confidence and remove negative impacts from the planet.

These June Birthstone available in wide varieties such as Tahitian Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, and South Sea Pearl, each one has their significance and holds a unique beauty. Some pearls showcase a creamy hue, while others radiate a delicate pale-yellow glow, adding to their individual charm. This variability showcased the uniqueness of each pearl, emphasizing that no two is similar. Moreover, grey, black, and silver-colored pearls are also prevalent variations within the pearl spectrum.

Types of Pearl

  • Tahitian Pearls: - Commonly referred as black pearls, Tahitian Pearls are renowned for their captivating appearance with timeless charm. These pearls are also available in different shades of grey to green, blue, and peacock hues. These Tahitian pearls are produced by black-lipped oyster, which thrives in the pristine waters of French Polynesia, generally around the Tahiti's islands.

  • Freshwater Pearl: - They grown primarily in freshwater ponds, lakes, and rivers across China. Freshwater pearls are sought after for their durability, vibrant colors, and round shape. Buying such breathtaking freshwater pearl jewelry are affordable and budget-friendly choice for those who always look for the pop of colors in their accessories. They can also serve as an excellent jewelry gift to your best friend or are also treat yourself.

  • South Sea Pearls: - These pearls rank among the largest and most esteemed pearls globally. Following nucleation, south sea pearls undergo a maturation period of two to six years. They are primarily cultured in the northern waters of Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Renowned for their rarity and impressive size, ranging from 8 to 22mm, they are highly sought after for their color span, varying from white and silvery blue to pale gold and soft yellow.

What you Can Choose in Pearl Jewelry?

  • Pearl Rings: - Our big collection of pearl rings is classic style icon, and many of pearl jewelry are available in wide ranges of style such as solitaire rings adorned with shimmery diamond to more elaborate designs such as halo rings, vintage-inspired rings, and so on. In the recent era, pearl rings have emerged as a popular trend in contemporary times.

  • Pearl Necklaces: - These type of accessories is embellished with freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, or south sea pearls, each necklace showcases their unique charm and mesmerizing hues. Our collection of pearl necklaces ranges from stunning drop & dangle necklaces to floral pendant sets, nature inspired necklaces, each piece is crafted by our skilled artisan with attention to detail.

  • Pearl Earrings: - For a classic and simplistic style, our pearl earrings are a perfect staple for everyday comfort and occasional wear. Available in a wide range of styles from solitaire studs to pearl drop earrings, these earpieces will uplift your look from day to night without going out of style.

Choice of Metal in Pearl Jewelry

The common metals used to craft enduring pearl jewelry are white gold, yellow gold, and silver. Each metal complements the beauty of delicate beauty of pearl. Today, pearls are a popular choice for a stylish and contemporary look. Basically, the selection of metal totally depends on your budget and personal taste. 

  • White Gold: - Our various pearl jewelry crafted in white gold, offers a luxurious and timeless appeal with its cool toneThe contemporary look of white gold goes elegantly with the sheen of pearl, offering durable jewelry. 

  • Yellow Gold: -  Popular for its elegance and warm appearance, yellow gold metal adds a uniqueness to every pearl jewelry. The lustrous appearance of this metal enhances the beauty of pearl, making it an ideal option for Art Deco Vintage Inspired pearl jewelry.

  • Silver: - Both versatile and affordable, the silver metal complements the pearl elegantly with its bright and shiny color.