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  1. Why Ethiopian Opals are cheaper ?

    Ethiopian Opals are not in as demand as other opals and this is the reason they don’t rule the market inspite of being rare. This is the reason seller has to sell them at a lower cost.

  2. How can I tell if my Ethiopian Opal is real ?

    The pattern and play of color will be tightly packed together. There will be no gab in between them. In case of lack of uniformity, understand that Ethiopian Opal is not real.

  3. What is the spiritual meaning of Ethiopian Opal ?

    Ethiopian Opal Shine Vibrantly and add vitality to the wearer’s life. It acts as a healer by cleaning the emotional garbage and strengthening the mind.

  4. What is the difference between opal and Ethiopian opal ?

    Ethiopian Opal gets affected by water in its appearance whereas water has no effect on Australian Opals and they can easily soak it.

About Ethiopian Opal Necklace

Ethiopian Opal is also known with the name of Welo Opal. It might be new to the modern market but was a well recognized gem in the ancient times. It’s stunning appearance with flashy playful rainbow like colors is what makes it eye catching and unique.

Do you know that, they are also known as hydrophane opals ? Hydrophane is a Greek word and it means water-loving. As ethiopian opal as the ability to absorb water, it is given this name. On being wet it turns transparent and later comes back to its opaque form. To watch this play of color is a magnificent experience. This It is undoubtedly one of the finest gemstones we have today.

4 Cs of Ethiopian Opal

  • Color: Color is the main aspect of Ethiopian Opal as they are known for their vibrant colorful appearance. You will see bright flashes of color and the more their intensity, the more is their value. You will find opal with green and blue flashes commonly than red flashes. You will find them transparent with white tone.
  • Clarity:  Opal’s clarity will determine how transparent or how opaque it will be which will also be the deciding factor of its price. Few inclusions are common but do take notice of any cracks, or imperfections on exterior and interior of the stone hindering the beauty of the stone. If it is graded as VS, VVS and appears eye clean to you, you should pick that stone.
  • Cut: To analyze its cut, you need to see how brilliant is the play of color in the stone as rightly cut Ethiopian opal will appear very vibrant from different angles. This criteria will help you in understanding and buying of the stone.
  • Carat: It’s a very light stone as 1 carat of Ethiopian opal will be larger in size as compared to 1 carat of diamond.