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  1. How do I care for my Pink Tourmaline Ring?

    Be it white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold Pink Tourmaline Ring, caring for it in the right manner isn’t that big a task. For cleaning, remember to swear by the following DIY Hacks, and before you know it, your Pink Tourmaline sparkler will be brimming as good as new:

    • Submerge your ring in a solution of soap and water that has been heated to a moderate temperature. Keep it in for at least 10-15 minutes to do away with the accumulated oil, dirt, and grime once and for all.

    • Once immersed, remember to scrub away the stubborn film of filth from the surface with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Pay extra attention to the ends of your Pink Tourmaline gemstone.

    • Once done, take your ring out and rinse all the residue away by putting it under running water.

    • Finally, pat your ring dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

    Apart from that, don’t forget to take a trip to a professional jeweler for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your ring every once a year. Make sure you’re storing it away from harder gemstones (preferably in a velvet case) to avoid any hard blows. Also, remember to keep your gemstone as far away from chemically-loaded products (soaps, shampoos, makeup for instance) as possible to keep the bright pink color of your Pink Tourmaline from fading.  

  2. What occasions are Pink Tourmaline Rings suitable for?

    Lucky for you, wearing this October Birthstone Ring isn’t confined to any occasion. True to its romantic hue, it epitomizes divine love which makes it a meaningful choice for milestone occasions like engagements, weddings, etc. On top of that, the softly glamorous appearance of this Pink gemstone makes it an aesthetically pleasing choice of a ring that can be worn on birthdays, cocktail parties, or just another day out.

  3. How is the quality of a Pink Tourmaline Ring determined?

    Just like any other gemstone jewelry, assessing the quality of a Genuine Pink Tourmaline Ring requires you to analyze the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat). Here are the basic ground rules to know if a pink tourmaline ring is of good quality:

    • Color: The most prized color of Pink Tourmaline is intense, hot pink. So, you can set that as a bar to judge the color quality of your gemstone.

    • Clarity: Most Pink Tourmaline gemstones are home to some eye-visible inclusions. But that shouldn’t be a point of worry if the color of your gemstone is intense enough.

    • Cut: Just like every other color variety of Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline is known to be pleochroic. By that, we mean that the color of this pink gemstone changes when it is seen from different angles. Thanks to its inclusions, it also showcases a strong cat’s eye effect. So, it is cut in a manner to maximize the color and minimize the visibility of flaws (preferably as cabochons). 

    • Carat: The price of the Pink Tourmaline is directly proportional to its carat weight (though the effect isn’t that big). It’s always recommended to keep this factor in mind while assessing the quality of your gemstone.

  4. Can you wear a Pink Tourmaline Ring every day?

    Pink Tourmaline strikes an impressive hardness rating of 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale, which is what makes it a fairly durable gemstone that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. 

    Just ensure that you’re abiding by the professionally prescribed maintenance tips and tricks, and you’ll be good to wear your Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring every day.

Pink Tourmaline Rings

Go pink and pretty with our wide assortment of Pink Tourmaline Rings that carry something in store for everyone! Each handcrafted design from our collection is meant to let the beauty of this pink gemstone shine out. Hop on, and see it yourself!

What is Pink Tourmaline Ring?

Pink Tourmaline hails from the semi-precious family of gemstones and is renowned as the birthstone of October. It brims in romantic shades of peachy pink to more intense reddish pink, which makes a Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring such an alluring pick. Behind its barbie-core aesthetics, a Pink Tourmaline Ring holds a much deeper symbolism! Let’s discuss:

Similar to what its hue suggests, a Genuine Pink Tourmaline Ring is considered a beautiful token of unconditional love. Apart from that, it holds ties with the Heart Chakra and is thus renowned as the stone of love, compassion, and self-love. Interestingly, it is also believed to epitomize great courage.

Lucky for you, our versatile styles of Pink Tourmaline Gold Rings do complete justice to the kind of beauty this October Birthstone holds.

Our Beautiful Collection of Pink Tourmaline Gold Rings

  • Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Ring

    Crafted to let the Center Stone of Pink Tourmaline stand out all solo, this Solitaire Ring is any day a conventional choice of accessory. The size of Pink Tourmaline here isn’t any less than 6 MM, which is what helps it flaunt its beauty at best. It also makes for one of the most classic Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings. The many shapes of Pink Tourmaline Solitaire speak to many aesthetics. If you like to stick to basics, nothing better than a Round Pink Tourmaline Ring. However, if you fancy a hint of an extravagant touch, Pink Tourmaline fashioned in marquise, pear, or princess cut will work best. On the other hand, Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring is your best bet if you’re looking for a Vintage Tourmaline Ring.

  • Pink Tourmaline Halo Ring

    Lending an edgy appeal to the Simple Solitaire Style, this ring style is characterized by a parade of Diamond/Moissanite all around the Pink Tourmaline. The Halo doesn’t just brighten up the look of your Pretty Pink Center Stone but also helps it stand out by lending it an illusion of a bigger size. For those who fancy some sparkles in their emblem of love, it makes for a beautiful Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring.

  • Pink Tourmaline Eternity Ring

    A Pink Tourmaline Eternity Ring is adorned with identically sized Pink Tourmaline all over the band. If you can’t get enough of the rosy pink hue of this October Birthstone, the good news is that an Eternity Ring is all about it. Besides that, it carries a meaning just as romantic as its appearance. It commemorates the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime, which also makes it a meaningful Pink Tourmaline Wedding Ring.

  • Vintage Pink Tourmaline Ring

    A vintage-inspired Pink Tourmaline Ring is meticulously crafted with old-world designs from Edwardian, Art Deco, and Victorian Eras. It features antique artwork that breathes life into iconic filigree, milgrain detailing as well as abstract patterns. Besides that, thanks to its old-world charm, it looks close to a Pink Tourmaline Heirloom Engagement Ring that has been passed on for generations.

  • Pink Tourmaline Cocktail Ring

    Famed for its flashy and extravagant appeal, the Pink Tourmaline Cocktail Ring boasts an enormous center stone of Pink Tourmaline. To further complement its beauty, it is accentuated with eye-striking patterns of Diamond/Moissanite on the sides. This flashy style is often beautified with fascinating floral motifs and vintage-inspired metalwork.

  • Pink Tourmaline Promise Ring

    Unlike its specific symbolism, a Pink Tourmaline Promise Ring isn’t defined by a set style. It could be a Classic Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Ring that is relatively understated thanks to its dainty size of 4 MM. Or to lend a decorative visual appeal, it could be accentuated with side-stones of Diamond/Moissanite, floral or nature-inspired detailing, or even meaningful infinity motifs.

  • Pink Tourmaline Wedding Ring

    Similar to the eternity, a Pink Tourmaline Wedding Ring is adorned with identical-looking stones of Pink Tourmaline in an endless pattern. But the distinctive part is that thanks to the many styles it comes in, you’re facilitated with a world of options. It ranges from a Simple Pink Tourmaline Band Ring to ones decorated with Floating Halo, Vintage Detailings, or even a triple-row Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring.

    Also, did we tell you? Apart from offering a versatile collection, we can also breathe life into your dream designs with our Custom Pink Tourmaline Rings.

    Each ring is crafted in your choice of metal tone that exudes different aesthetics. While a White Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring speaks to an understated sense of style, the one fashioned in yellow gold resonates with conventional aesthetics.On the other hand, a Pink Tourmaline Rose Gold Ring appears fascinatingly feminine with its blush-gold appeal complementing the pink hue of Tourmaline.