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About Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink tourmaline rings take the adorable hues of the pink tourmaline to a notch higher by combining the traditional aesthetics of gold metal and the latest trends in fashion. Our team of experienced artisans tend to the intricacies of the metal embellishments to create variety of pink tourmaline rings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. They are also responsible for crafting timeless ring styles that appeal to best to the needs of women, such as, pink tourmaline vintage rings and pink tourmaline solitaire rings.

Special attention is offered to assure the quality of pink tourmaline by our gemologist so that the rings reaching your doorstop are a perfect epitome of fine craftsmanship. And only after ensuring the quality factor of gemstone, that is the 4 C’s of Pink Tourmaline, the gemstone is shaped into oval, round, marquise, square befitting the ring style. While round and oval shapes are quite common, fancy cut rings are relatively popular such as the princess cut pink tourmaline rings and heart cut pink tourmaline rings.

Benefits of Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink Tourmaline, the birthstone of October has come to be known as stone of love and compassion and emotional healing.

Points to Remember While Buying Pink Tourmaline Rings

  • Color: Pink tourmaline rings can range from pale light pink to bright hot pink. Most loved for the hot pink, the gemstones can be transparent to opaque depending on the saturation.
  • Clarity: Pink tourmaline rings will be valued more for its eye-clean appearance. Any kind of inclusions, whatsoever, will degrade the quality and bring down the cost.
  • Cut: The beautiful birthstone of October can be cut into almost all the standard cuts and the skilled cutters can make fancy cuts also possible for them.
  • Carat: Carat account for the weight of the gemstone rather than the visible size. The availability of tourmaline make them an easy find in different weights.

Pink Tourmaline Rings FAQs

  1. Can I wear pink tourmaline ring everyday?

    Yes, pink tourmaline rings can be worn daily owing to the great durability that comes with this gemstone.

  2. How to take care of Pink Tourmaline Ring?

    While cleaning pink tourmaline ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the pink tourmaline. Also, the pink tourmaline rings must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches.

  3. How can I know if the pink tourmaline ring is authentic?

    While setting out to buy pink tourmaline rings, you can look for the SGL certification to ensure the authenticity of pink tourmaline rings by Rosec Jewels.

  4. What does a pink tourmaline ring symbolize?

    Pink Tourmaline rings are a symbolism of compassion and wisdom.

  5. How much does a pink tourmaline ring cost?

    On an average the cost of pink tourmaline can fall in between $7 - $130 per carat. However, the prices of tourmaline engagement rings can vary on wider range depending on the metal used in crafting along with the cut, clarity and carat of the pink tourmaline.

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