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FAQs about Heart Pendant Necklace

  1. What does a heart pendant necklace signify?

    Heart pendant necklaces symbolize devotion and eternal love and they represent an unbreakable bond. You can use heart necklaces for secret communications of romance and shows love. In Ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty – was often depicted wearing a heart-shaped necklace, representing her power over the emotions of people.

  2. What does "open heart" mean in jewelry?

    Both open and closed hearts have the same meaning, but an open heart is also a heart that is open to receiving love.

  3. What does "two hearts" on a necklace mean?

    Twin heart or double heart necklace signifies two souls united in love. It is usually gifted and worn in romantic affection between a couple.

  4. What does "key heart necklace" mean?

    Key heart necklace simply represents; the "key to my heart" or "key to your heart" depending on whether you are wearing it on your own or someone has expressed his/her feelings by gifting it to you.

About Heart Necklace

Heart-shaped jewelry came first onto the scene when King Edward VIII gave the heart charm with "The heart has its reasons" inscribed on it to Miss Simpson. Since then, it has been one of the most significant and popular forms of jewelry gifts. Giving someone a heart necklace or any other heart jewelry is like giving a part of your heart to them. When the person wears that jewelry, they will be reminded of the love bond that you two share.

With Rosec Jewels, you get endless options to explore and choose from. Our heart jewelry collection comes with open heart necklaces, solitaire necklaces, heart-infinity necklaces, cut work heart necklaces, key heart necklaces, twin heart necklaces, and other trendy and classic styles in dainty and bold sizes.

The necklaces come with every birthstone and a designer chain and setting made with 14-karat gold metal and can be procured in yellow, white, or rose gold.

There is a necklace to suit every personality type and buying budget.