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  1. What are the benefits of wearing October birthstone jewelry?

    Similar to its appearance, Opals are hailed as a gemstone of happy dreams and is thus known to bestow the wearer with insreased positivity. Long been a symbol of love and passion, Opals work like a charm for those in relationships. They are known to strengthen the understanding between lovers. Apart from that, it is known to help with physical issues related to stomach, blood and vision.

  2. What do October birthstones symbolize?

    Similar to their surreal appearance, October birthstones are fondly hailed as a symbol of love, luck, optimism and happiness.

  3. What are the birthstones of October?

    The famous birthstones of October are Opal, Tourmaline and Morganite.

  4. What is special about Opals?

    Opals are hands down, one of the most unique kind of gemstones out there. Everything is special about these semi-precious stones right from their vivid play of color flashing like disco lights to the ability to take on any shape thanks to its amorphous structure. They are composed of silicon dioxide, that makes them such a serene stone to take a glance of.

  5. Can Opals be exposed to sunlight?

    Yes, Opals can be worn in sunlight but make sure to avoid long term exposure in order to keep it from wearing out.

About October Birthstone Jewelry

October is the month to celebrate the gleamy and dreamy gem: Opals! Probably the most unique kind out there! Be it the flirtatious play of colors of ethiopian opals or fierce and bold sun-like hues of Fire opals, we’re an admirer of it all. The term Opal itself is derived from the Latin word ‘opalus,’ that stands for precious stone. Let’s fall in love with these prized October beauties once again.

Fun Fact: The affair of royalties with opals is an endearing one. Queen Victoria was so in love with opals that she possess an extraordinary collection of opals that she wore all the time. During the reign of Josephine and Napolean’s turbulent marriage, he presented her with a ‘burning of troy’ opal as another gesture of love. The name was inspired from its fierce, burning red hues.

What do Opals symbolize?

Similar to its appearance, it has fondly been hailed as the Cupid stone by Romans and is known to symbolize love, romance, purity and hope. Apart from that, they are known to bestow the wearer with a sense of peace and positivity. They are also regarded as the stone of luck and are known to commemorate the 14th wedding anniversary.

Opals and the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Moissanite ranges from a classic round, oval, pear and princess to more elaborate heart, baguette, cushion and marquise cut.
  • Color: Moissanite are known to be colorless with slight hints of yellow sometimes.
  • Clarity: Since these are lab grown, Moissanite is known to possess an inclusion free clarity.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Moissanite jewelry typically ranges between 0.25 to 4 CT.

Opulent Opal Jewelry

  • Rings: Our collection of Opal rings ranges from a classic solitaire, band ring, halo ring to more elaborate designs including the most cherished engagement rings, anniversary rings, eternity rings and vintage inspired art deco rings.
  • Earrings: Our collection of Opal Earrings ranges from the classic solitaire studs, halo stud, teardrop earrings to bridal drop, hoop, animal and swirl stud earrings.
  • Pendant: The most beautiful token of elegance: Opal Pendants range from the classic solitaire, cluster, halo to floral, art deco and beaded styles.
  • Bracelets: Opal bracelets come in a plethora of styles inclusive of the classic tennis, bolo, east west, cuff bracelet to more interesting geometric and charm bracelets.