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  1. Can you wear Morganite Necklace everyday?

    Yes, you absolutely can!

    Morganite strikes an impressive hardness rating of 7.5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. That makes it durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. So, as long as you’re abiding by all the professionally prescribed precautions, you’ll be good to wear your Morganite Stone Necklace every day.

  2. What is the best metal for morganite necklace setting?

    Gold has always been the most popular choice of metal for many good reasons. With its hypoallergenic nature and traditional appeal, Gold brings together quality and beauty in your necklace. Besides, the different tones of Gold please many aesthetics. While White Gold Morganite Rings complement the feminine appeal of this gemstone with a classic touch, the ones fashioned in yellow gold are perfect for those who fancy something timeless and traditional. Rose Gold Morganite Rings, on the other hand, are meant to encapsulate a romantic and feminine vibe.

  3. Can I customize the design of the necklace?

    Yes, you absolutely can!

    With our complete customization service, we offer you the opportunity to customize your Morganite Gold Necklace however you like. Whether you wish to engrave something meaningful or breathe life into a dream design of yours, we offer it all and more!

Morganite Necklace

Channel your inner princess by slipping on a pretty pink Morganite Necklace. From classic designs that speak to the minimalist in you to contemporary ones meant to flaunt your trendy-savvy sense of style, our collection of Morganite Gold Necklaces has it all and more! Browse around to find the one that fits best with your choice of aesthetics:

What is Morganite?

Belonging to the renowned Beryl family of minerals, Morganite is a gemstone that stands out for its feminine appeal. It comes hued in a range of delicate colors, right from pale pink to peachy, salmon, and violet pink. Moreover, it is held in high regard as the birthstone of October, making Morganite Pendant Necklaces a treasured pick for those born in this month.

Uses of Morganite in Necklace

While aesthetic appeal might be the prominent reason behind people’s love for a Morganite Stone Necklace, it certainly isn’t the sole reason. The symbolism and benefits that it boasts will convince you why:

What does Morganite symbolize?

True to its soft pink hue, Morganite is prized as the epitome of innocence, purity, romance, sweetness, and love. Having ties with the Heart Chakra, it is also known to impart compassion, healing, and divine love in the life of the wearer.

Benefits of wearing Morganite

  • Physical Healing

    A Morganite Crystal Necklace is believed to work wonders for healing ailments related to the heart and circulatory system. It not only helps in maintaining the health of the lungs and flow of oxygen but also prevents palpation and respiratory problems.

  • Emotional Healing

    Being associated with the heart chakra, Morganite is known to strengthen relationships, making them happier, fulfilling, and long lasting. What’s more, it is thought to have a calming and soothing energy that can the wearer fight stress, depression, anxiety, and past emotional traumas. Besides, it is also believed to encourage self-love, self-worth, and acceptance.

  • Spiritual Healing

    Treasured as a miraculous stone for meditation, Morganite is known to attune the wearer with higher realms of consciousness. It helps in cleansing the wearer’s aura while encouraging a deeper understanding of the inter-connectedness of all beings. Moreover, it is also believed to offer protection against negative influences and psychic attacks.

Quality of Morganite

When you set out to buy Morganite Necklaces from us, you can easily let all the quality concerns and dilemmas take a backseat. We make it a point to only offer Morganite that is stands out for its quality and desirability. Here is how:

  • Color: Fetching a AAA (Best) Quality Grade, each Morganite in our collection appeals with a warm peachy hue (which is the very reason for the unparalleled desirability of our Morganite Pendants).

  • Clarity: Standing true to its premium quality, each Morganite in our collection is eye-clean,i.e., devoid of any inclusions visible to the naked eye.Owing to that, it showcases a vitreous luster and excellent transparency.

  • Durability: The best part about Morganite Necklaces is that you can slip them on every day and the complete credit for that goes to their impressive durability. With a hardness rating of 7.5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, they can easily withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

  • Setting and Metal: In an attempt to secure (and protect) Morganite, we encase it in a number of setting(s). Some of the most popular ones are- Prong, Bezel, Pave, Channel. Each Setting stands out for the kind of pros it brings to the table. While a Prong Setting secures the center Morganite while maximizing its interaction with light (and hence brilliance), Bezel Setting (true to what the name suggests) encircles it with a protective metal layer around to keep it away from potential hard blows and accidental damages at best.

For the choice of Metal, we offer Gold (in three different tones) and Silver. To stay true to the quality claims that we make, we make it a point to ensure that the Gold we handcraft your Morganite Pendant Necklace in has been hallmarked by a reputable gemological laboratory. That assures you of the purity of the Gold.

Now that you’re all set (and can’t wait) to get your hands on a Morganite Pendant yourself, let’s just skip to the fun part and introduce you to the one of a kind collection that we carry. Keep scrolling to find the one that catches your eye:

Types of Morganite Gold Necklace

  • Morganite Solitaire Necklace

    A jewelry box essential, Morganite Solitaire Necklace is brought to life by a Single Stone of Morganite that takes all the center stage. The size of the Solitaire typically ranges between 4 to 6 MM. Its classic and timeless appeal would tell that this Morganite Stone Necklace is meant for those who live by the style mantra that ‘less is more.’

  • Morganite Halo Necklace

    Meant for the sparkle-loving women, a Halo encircles the center stone of Morganite with a parade of diamond/moissanite all around. The best part? A Morganite Halo Necklace is a favorite for not only lending more character (and larger-looking size) to the Morganite but also for the kind of eye-catching color contrast that it offers to its pretty pink hue.

  • Morganite Heart Necklace

    Just like the name suggests, Morganite Heart Necklace is defined by the center stone of Heart Shape Morganite that is meant to take all the center stage. The pink hue of Morganite complements the romantic appeal of this necklace at best, making it a perfect gift of love for your ladylove.

  • Morganite Cross Necklace

    A symbol of faith, Morganite Cross Necklace features a Cross symbol set as the main focal point, complemented beautifully by the center stone of Morganite. In a broader context, a Cross is revered as the religious symbol of Christianity that marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Whether you choose to slip it on every day to signify your devotion to the almighty or save it for special festivals like Christmas to make the ultimate statement, it will forever steal a special spot in your heart.

  • Morganite Infinity Necklace

    The contemporary classic, Morganite Infinity Necklace encases the center stone of Morganite in an infinity-inspired symbol/design. Not only does it make for a trend-savvy style statement that sheds light upon your bold spirit, but is widely recognized as a symbol of eternal love among modern couples.

How to check if a Morganite is Natural?

It is completely natural to bump into synthetic Morganite Pendant Necklaces that look no different than the real ones. However, what is not natural is not knowing how to crack the difference between them to keep yourself on the safer side. Well fret not, we have assembled a series of tried and trusted tricks to help you do so:

  • Synthetic Morganite is made up of glass, owing to which it is common for some bubbles to get trapped inside the stone’s surface. So, the simplest method to tell it apart from its real counterpart is to observe it under 10X magnification. If you can observe tiny bubbles or fractures over it, it is most likely a fake gemstone.

  • Most of the Morganite that you’ll come across in the market is heat-treated to lend an eye-clean clarity. So if you're able to observe tiny inclusions, cracks, or fractures, your Morganite Stone Necklace might be a fake one.

  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to ensure that the morganite has been certified by a reputable gemological laboratory. That works as the paper proof of its authenticity.

Care and Maintenance of Morganite Necklace

One thing you might fear the most is witnessing your Morganite Gold Necklace losing its beauty (and touch) over time. To avoid the chance of such a mishap, make it a point to do the needful to maintain it at its best state. We have assembled all the tried and trusted hacks to help you do so:

For Cleaning
  • Prepare a cleaning mix of mild detergent/soap and water that has been heated to moderate temperatures. Immerse your pink sparkler in it completely for a good duration of 10-15 minutes to do away with all the dirt, oil, and grime from the surface entirely.

  • Make sure to scrub off any stubborn stains with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

  • Once done, take your necklace out and keep it under clean water to eliminate all the residual soap.

  • Finally, pat it dry with a microfiber cloth. Make it a ritual to clean your bauble every once a month following these steps and you will see it sparkling as good as new.

For Caring
  • To avoid the risk of it being scratched by harder gemstones, store your Morganite Pendant separately in a velvety case.

  • Chemicals are not your sparkler’s friend. They can cause it to appear hazy or dull over time. So, make it a point to put on makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical loaded products before you slip on your necklace.

  • Physical activities like cooking, gardening, playing sports, etc., can pose threat of accidental damages to your gemstone. So, it is best to take off your necklace before indulging in such activities.

  • Most importantly, don’t forget to take your necklace to a jewelry professional (preferably once a year) for regular inspection, cleaning, or to fix any damages.