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  1. Are Black Onyx earrings suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes, Black Onyx Stone Earrings can be worn everyday.

    Black Onyx strikes a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Scale, which suggests that it is a fairly durable gemstone which can withstand the wear and tear of regular use if you swear by the professionally-prescribed tips and tricks to care for it.

  2. Can Black Onyx Earrings be customized or personalized?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Whether you wish to get something meaningful engraved or are even looking to breathe life into a whole new design, our Black Onyx Gold Earrings can be completely customized.

  3. Are Black Onyx Earrings a suitable gift for special occasions?


    Real Black Onyx Earrings can be a perfect gift for special occasions due to many good reasons. Not only are they a symbol of protection, strength, and courage but also signify commitment, faithfulness, and trust. Besides that, owing to the versatile selection of styles that we carry, they speak to many senses of style. So, whether they’re more likely to fall for a Classic pair of Round Black Onyx Earrings or fancy something much more vintage, we have a perfect gift in store for everyone.

  4. What should I consider when buying Black Onyx Earrings?

    As much as you can’t wait to get your hands on your favorite pair of Black Onyx Stone Earrings, there are a number of factors to look into before you go ahead with the purchase. Here are the most important ones:

    • Color: A good quality Black Onyx showcases a Black hue that possesses no color bands.

    • Clarity: If you’re looking for a high quality Opal, consider going for the one that is devoid of any visible inclusions. It would in turn look more well-polished.

    • Cut: Consider going for a Cut that best highlights the gemstone’s color, clarity, and shape. Round, Oval, and Pear Cut are by far the most favored ones for that matter.

  5. How can I determine the authenticity of black onyx earrings?

    Whether you own an everyday pair of studs or something as ornate as Vintage Black Onyx Earring, determining if it is real requires you to be well-versed with the following tips and tricks:

    • Try holding the gemstone close to your breath. The surface of a real one would clear up within 3 seconds, while that of a fake one won’t (since it is often made up of glass).

    • Simply touch your gemstone and observe how it feels. If you notice some kind of warmth against the skin, then beware- your Black Onyx is most likely a fake one.

    • Keep it on top of a newspaper and consider reading the words underneath it. If you don’t find any difficulty reading, then your gemstone is an imitation.

Black Onyx Earrings

Our Black Onyx Earrings are the ‘something black’ that your jewelry box just can’t do without. Moreover, we handcraft a versatile selection of Black Onyx Stone Earrings right from understated and classic to showy and extravagant ones. Hop on to find the one that best speaks to your sense of style:

What are Black Onyx Earrings?

Earrings adorned with the eye-striking gemstone of Black Onyx as the main center of attraction are referred to as Black Onyx Earrings. Let’s quickly introduce you to this gemstone to understand in a broader context:

Belonging to the semi-precious family of gemstones, Black Onyx is (chemically) a variety of silicate layered chalcedony. Just like the name suggests, you’ll find it hued in an intense black color that captivates the eye.

We know their Black color doesn’t give that away at first glance but Real Black Onyx Earrings also boast a unique symbolism. Let’s familiarize you with it:

Symbolism of Black Onyx Stone Earrings

True to their intense color, Natural Black Onyx Earrings are widely regarded as the symbol of strength, protection, and courage. Contrary to the myths surrounding them, they are even hailed for imparting good fortune to the wearer. Not just that, they also help fight off fears and negative emotions.

Now that you’re a lot more in love with the miraculous stone that Black Onyx is and can’t wait to get your hands on one of it, let’s introduce you to our beautiful collection of Black Onyx Gold Earrings that have been handcrafted in an array of styles.

Different Styles of Black Onyx Earrings

  • Black Onyx Stud Earrings

    Perfect to be slip on every day, Black Onyx Stud Earrings feature the bold centerpiece of Black Onyx that sits flat against the earlobe. They are commonly secured by push back, screw back, and lock backs. Owing to their classic design, they specifically speak to the ones with a minimalist and understated sense of style (who can’t do without a little black color pop in their everyday style). From simple and small Black Onyx Stud Earrings to the ones beautified with a shimmering halo, you have a world of options before you.

  • Black Onyx Drop Earrings

    Most feminine and sophisticated style of earrings out there, Black Onyx Drop Earrings hang just below the earlobe while putting spotlight on the Centerpiece of Black Onyx. Whether you wish to pair them up with your formals for an elegant work look or are looking to flaunt them in your cocktail parties, they make just as much of as statement in them all.

  • Black Onyx Dangle Earrings

    Just like the name suggests, Black Onyx Dangle Earrings hang below the earlobe while moving (or more precisely, dangling) to and fro. This extravagant design is best complemented with the bold centerpiece of Black Onyx. Depending on the size of the hanger, they can dangle just below the earlobe or even brush off the shoulders for a more dramatic appeal.

  • Black Onyx Hoop Earrings

    The new go-to choice of style, Black Onyx Hoop Earrings are characterized by a circular or semi-circular shape. To lend them a perfect bold appeal, they are studded with the centerpiece of Black Onyx. From small huggie hoops that sit close to the earlobe to large, statement-making ones, these Women’s Black Onyx Earrings offer you a world of options that can please many aesthetics.