Jewelry Glossary

A Guide to Jewelry Design and Anatomy

Jewelry is a precious belonging that helps a person to share a unique style statement. To understand Stone Cut, Stone Setting, Ring Style, Bracelet Style, Earring types, and much more, we are sharing a self-help glossary. Explore the useful terms of Jewels’ word.

Gemstone Setting Styles

The design of a piece of jewelry majorly depends upon gemstone setting styles. There are ten types of most common setting styles. Each has specific importance and is based on the stone cut, shape, carat, and jewelry design.

1. Prong Setting Style

Metal projections or tines to secure gemstones to a jewelry piece are called Prong Setting or Mount. These are often referred as claw setting as it securely holds the gemstone. The finishing is the key to marvelous Prong Setting Style. It is widely seen in Rings and Earrings.

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • V-Prong/Chevron
  • Decorative

These are differentiated based on the levels of the prong, you can notice a single prong on each side of the stone in the image shared above and gradually the prong increases to offer a high level of security to the stone. It holds them like a claw and helps to hold them in their right place.

Prong Types

Prong Type refers to the design of metal tines to hold the gemstone.

Prong Count

Prong Count refers to the total number of prongs used in mounting the gemstone.

  • Two(Vertical)
  • Two(Horizontal)
  • Three
  • Four(Standard)
  • Four(Diagonal)
  • Six
  • Eight

2. Other Setting Style

Gemstones settings are not only restricted to metal prongs. More innovative mountings are used to bring uniqueness to the Solitaire Jewelry Pieces.

Basket Setting

The Basket Setting secures the gemstone in basket shape featuring metal prongs and based on the prong count, the Basket Setting can be further categorized. The image depicts a 4-Prong Basket Setting. It can be easily noticed in Rings and Earrings.

Peg Head Setting

Peg Head Setting is separately soldered on the shank of the ring to hold the gemstone a bit higher. Based on the prong count, 4 Prong Peg Head and 6 Prong Peg Head Settings are frequently used in crafting Engagement Rings. The most secure placement of the gemstone is enjoyed by peg head setting.

Bezel & Half Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting holds the Gemstone within a thin metal rim or collar. The Bezel Setting completely secures the gemstone by metal overlapping the gemstone edges. The security offered by the overlapping edges holds the softest gemstone in the rock-solid form.

Bar Setting

The Bar Setting secures the Gemstone between two parallel metal bars, leaving enough space for the light to pass through the gemstone and maximize the brilliance. Bar settings are considered ideal for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Bright Cut Setting

In a Bright-Cut Setting, highly polished metal walls are used as highly reflective surface which reflects light to the gemstone enclosed in such setting.

Bridge-Accent Setting

Bridge Accent Setting holds the head of the ring and sometimes smaller gemstone settings. This setting is also quite popular for a comfortable feel on the finger.

Illusion Setting

Illusion Setting is a kind of prong setting designed to make the diamond look bigger by a highly polished ring of metal surrounding the girdle of diamond.

Tension-Mount Setting

The Tension-Mount Setting holds the gemstone in place by utilizing the tension generated along the band of the ring.

Trellis Setting

Trellis Setting features prongs that interweave to hold the gemstone in place. The Trellis Setting is decorative to elevate the elegance of rings.

Channel Setting

In a Channel Setting, gemstone accents are studded along the shank between two walls of metal. It is mostly used in bracelets, bangles and earrings.

Pinpoint Setting

In a Pinpoint Setting, gemstone accents are fitted along the shank between two walls of metal and individually held by micro-prongs in place.

Scallop Setting

The Scallop Setting features metal beads in U-Shape cutout underneath to hold the gemstone accents.

Fishtail Setting

In the Fishtail Setting, diamond or gemstone accents are set low into the metal with delicate fishtail shaped cuts.

Pave Setting

The Pave Setting is characterized by small gemstones arranged close to each other in such a way that the metal surface of the shank is not visible.

Gypsy/Flush Setting

In Gypsy Setting, diamond or gemstone accents are sunken into the metal on the shank.

Gemstone Shapes

The variety of shapes helps to create the dense catalog based on further designing and setting of the stone. Every stone has a specific set of shapes that are possible to make impactful jewelry designs.

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Square/Princess
  • Octagonal
  • Asscher/Square Emerald
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Trilliant/Trillion
  • Square Cushion
  • Sitraight Baguette

Gemstone Color & Birthstone Glossary

S.No. Birthstone Month Gemstone Family Color
1. January Garnet Garnet Blood Red
2. January Rose Quartz Quartz Pink
3. February Amethyst Quartz Purple
4. February Green Amethyst Quartz Dull Green
5. March Aquamarine Beryl Sky Blue
6. April Diamond Diamond White
7. April Black Diamond Diamond Black
8. April White Topaz Topaz White
9. April Lemon Quartz Quartz Light Yellow
10. April White Sapphire Corundum White
11. May Emerald Beryl Green
12. May Green Onyx Onyx Green
13. June Moonstone Feldspar Bluish White
14. June Rhodolite Garnet Raspberry Red
15. June Smoky Quartz Quartz Brownish Grey
16. June Freshwater Pearl Pearl White
17. June South Sea Pearl Pearl White Golden
18. June Japanese Cultured Pearl Cream
19. June Tahitian Pearl Pearl Black Iridescent
20. July Ruby Corundum Purplish Red
21. July Red Onyx Onyx Red
22. August Black Spinel Spinel Black
23. August Peridot Olivine Yellowish Green
24. September Blue Sapphire Corundum Royal Blue
25. September Yellow Sapphire Corundum Yellow
26. September Pink Sapphire Corundum Pink
27. September Green Sapphire Corundum Olive
28. September Orange Sapphire Corundum Orange
29. October Morganite Beryl Peach
30. October Green Tourmaline Silicate Rich Green
31. October Pink Tourmaline Silicate Pink
32. October Orange Tourmaline Silicate Brownish Orange
33. October Opal Silica Colorful
34. October Ethiopian Opal Silica Colorful
35. October Fire Opal Silica Yellow Orange Red
36. November Citrine Quartz Golden Yellow
37. December Black Onyx Onyx Black
38. December London Blue Topaz Topaz Dark Blue
39. December Sky Blue Topaz Topaz Sky Blue
40. December Swiss Blue Topaz Topaz Deep Blue
41. December Pink Onyx Onyx Light Pink
42. December Tanzanite Zoisite Royal Blue
43. - Moissanite Silicon White

Shank Profile & Style

Shank Profile

Shank Profile is the shape of the shape of the cross section obtained if the shank of the ring was to give a perpendicular cut.

Shank Style

Shank Style refers to the shape of the shank when viewed from the top.

  • Straight
  • Tapered
  • Reverse Tapered
  • Pinched
  • Flair
  • Bypass
  • Split
  • Freeform
  • Cathedral

Ring Styles with Applicable Occasions

Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ring is the classic piece featuring a single diamond or gemstone in unique mountings for a sophisticated look.

Occasion - Traditionally, solitaire rings have been used as Engagement or Proposal Rings.

Halo Ring

Halo Ring is the style featuring a center gemstone encircled by small diamond accent to enhance the sparkle and offer more elegance to the wearer.

Occasion - Halo Rings have been popularly used by women to adorn them as engagement rings.

Two Stone Ring

The Two Stone Ring featuring two diamonds or gemstones is a symbolism of the fact that two individuals become one when they come together in marriage.

Occasion - Two stone ring or Forever us ring are popular among couples as proposal and promise rings.

Three Stone Ring

The Three Stones in this Ring Style are often associated with the Past, Present and Future or Friendship, Love and Fidelity among couples.

Occasion - Three Stone or Trinity Rings are increasingly popular choice of engagement or proposal and promise rings.

Vintage Inspired Ring

The Vintage Inspired Rings are specifically designed to revive the feel of Rings from the bygone era. Vintage Rings feature fancy gemstone cuts, unique settings and metal embellishments to replicate Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco Ring Styles.

Occasion - Vintage Inspired Rings are both unique and fancy choice of engagement rings for women with a knack for Vintage look.

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Rings are large pieces set with fancy cut large multi-color gemstones in cocktail settings.

Occasion - As the name suggests, the cocktail rings can be chosen for cocktail parties and are seldom chosen by women as engagement rings to make statement of their bold personality.

Promise Ring

Promise Rings are usually exchanged among lovers while in relationship. These rings are more of pre-proposal rings to express their love and commitment.

Occasion - Promise Rings are often used by people to honor various promises made among friends, lovers, parent-children, etc.

Eternity/Half-Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring is set with an unbroken circle of gemstones along the band. The diamond eternity symbolizes eternal love.

Occasion - Eternity Rings are a popular choice for the wedding ceremony and can sometimes be chosen for the wedding anniversary.

Stackable Ring

Stackable Rings, as the name suggests, are chosen to stack them with other rings. The stackable rings usually tend to be thin band rings to facilitate stacking.

Occasion - Stackable Rings are generally used as anniversary rings, wedding rings and sometimes as promise bands for women to compliment their outfit with.

Band Ring

The Band Rings are crafted in either simple gold band style or are sometimes embellished with gemstones.

Occasion - Band Rings are often chosen as anniversary bands or couple band rings.

Ring Set

The Ring Sets are a combination of Engagement Ring and Stackable Wedding Band.

Occasion - The Engagement-Wedding Ring Set are a popular choice of Bridal Ring Sets complementing each other.

Earring Styles

Stud Earrings

The Stud Earrings tend to fall on the smaller side of earrings that sit on the earlobe without dropping down or climbing up the ear.

Drop Earrings

The Drop Earrings are often simple pieces worn on the earlobe and drop just below the earlobe.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings are those which are long enough to significantly hang or dangle below the earlobe, sometimes to brush against the shoulders.

Hoop Earrings

The Hoop Earrings are designed in a circular metal framework often adorned with sparkling gemstones. The Hoop Earrings are symbolism of unity, infinity and wholeness

Huggie Earrings

Huggie Earrings are a variety of little hoop earrings that ‘hug’ your earlobe closely and usually tend to be thicker when compared with the Hoop Earrings.

Climber/Crawler Earrings

Climber Earrings are modern pair of elongated stud earring which climbs ‘up’ the earlobe for a distinct look.

Earring Back Findings

Lever Back

The easy back lock to secure your earring with the help of a spring-loaded lever which is tied up to a wire is the lever back.

Latch Back

The hook shape latch back helps to securely lock the earring by passing through the loop.

Fish Hook

The widely used back hook for fashion jewelry is the fish hook. The wire of the hook passes through the piercing without any lock.

Flat Screw Back

Flat Screw back helps to keep the earring in the right place and ensure complete security of the jewelry.

Necklace Styles

Solitaire Pendant

The Solitaire Pendant features a single diamond or gemstone encased with unique settings for simple jewelry adornments.

Three Stone Pendant

The Three Gemstone in this Necklace Style are symbolism of Past, Present and Future or Friendship, Love and Fidelity among couples.

Halo Pendant

Halo Pendant Necklace features a center gemstone encircled by small diamond to enhance the radiance and add more grace to the wearer.

Bar Necklace

The Bar Necklace style is designed in horizontal or vertical metal bar with or without gemstone embellishments. The Bar Necklace is a popular choice of Layering Necklace among women.

Dangle Necklace

The Dangle Necklace boasts elongated pendant drop which is free to dangle like a pendulum.

Station Necklace

The Station Necklace is characterized by adornments like gemstones or charms along a chain in stations.

Initial and Charm Necklace

The Initial and Charm Necklace range features alphabets and symbols like heart or infinity, often studded with vibrant gemstones.

Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set

As the name suggests, the necklace and earrings set constitute the elegant Jewelry Set for women to compliment her outfit for any occasion.

Bail Styles

  • Standard
  • Rabbit Ear
  • Decorative
  • Pendant with Bail
  • Hidden Bail
  • Roundel/Rondelle

Bracelet Styles

Bolo Bracelet

The Bolo Bracelet is characterized by an adjustable sliding mechanism to facilitate comfortable wear.

Tennis Bracelet

The Tennis Bracelet fashions a symmetrical pattern of gemstones arranged in an array and connected by a thin metal chain.

Chain Bracelet

A Chain Bracelet comes with a simple link chain with or without gemstone or charm stations.

Charm Bracelet

The Charm Bracelet range comes with decorative charms, and are often studded with vibrant gemstones.

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelets are designed in bangle style and are decorated with radiant gemstones.