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Buy Eternity Rings Online For Women

Eternity rings, with a history dating back 4,000 years to ancient Egypt, symbolize enduring love and life. Adorned with various stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other gemstones set in gold or silver, these rings are meaningful, often used for weddings and anniversaries. When shopping, you'll encounter two main types: half-eternity and full eternity bands. The classic full eternity band has stones encircling the entire ring, requiring more maintenance. For versatility, jewelers introduced half-eternity rings, with stones covering only half the band's circumference. Understanding this distinction is crucial when choosing between a half-eternity ring and a traditional wedding band.

Full Eternity Rings Versus Half Eternity Rings

  • Full eternity rings

    Full eternity rings boast stones encircling the entire band, offering maximum luxury and sparkle. However, they may catch on things, requiring careful wear.

  • Half eternity rings

    Half eternity rings feature stones on the upper half, covering 1/2 or 3/4 of the band. Considered more practical and comfortable, they allow larger stones compared to full eternity rings.

When and How Should You Wear an Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings, rich in emotional significance, make meaningful gifts for various occasions. Beyond anniversaries, they symbolize enduring love and can be worn alongside other rings or stacked with engagement rings. When choosing one, consider factors like design, lifestyle, and security. While traditionally worn on the left ring finger, there's flexibility. Pay attention to size, shape, and metal choice to complement your accessories. Whether opting for versatile round-cut bands or thinner ones for easy stacking, mixing metals can create a lovely look. If wearing three rings feels uncomfortable, try placing the eternity ring on the right finger for a better fit.

Various Styles of an Eternity Rings to choose from:

  • Classic Eternity Bands

    Classic eternity rings feature stones of equal size arranged in a streamlined fashion, the most common style.

  • East to West Eternity Bands

    East to West eternity bands have stones arranged horizontally, often used for elongated shapes like emerald, radiant, or pear-cut stones.

  • Cluster Eternity Bands

    Cluster eternity bands create a unique look using extra stones instead of a single row.

  • Mixed Shape Eternity Bands

    Mix it up with mixed-shape eternity bands! They use various stone shapes, like marquise and round cuts, for a unique and joyful look.

Precious metal options for eternity rings

Eternity bands are crafted from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. It's best to choose a metal that goes well with your current jewelry, especially if worn with an engagement ring and wedding band. All these metals are strong, ensuring your eternity band's stones stay safe. Your decision boils down to your preferred color, what complements your skin tone, and your budget.

Popular Settings for and Eternity Rings

  • Prong Setting: Eternity rings often use prong settings, tiny claws that secure stones. Affordable as less metal is used.

  • Pave Setting: Tiny stones, closely set and held by small beads, give the look of a gemstone-paved band.

  • Channel Setting: Secure channel-set rings, with stones between metal strips, suit active lifestyles. Pricey due to extra metal used.

  • Bezel Setting: Metal circle secures stones, great for active individuals. Bezel settings, though pricier, offer durability and expertise.

No set rules for eternity ring settings. The choice depends on the wearer's preference.

Popular Shapes for and Eternity Rings

  • Round Cut: Round-cut stone shine most, a top choice for eternity rings. They complement any bridal set beautifully.

  • Oval Cut: Oval stones flatter the finger, creating a longer look. Get a sparkling oval stone eternity ring.

  • Princess Cut: Princess-cut stones offer a modern, sleek appearance. A timeless choice for lasting admiration.

What will an eternity ring cost you?

Eternity rings often have more gemstones, though they're smaller than those in typical engagement rings. Surprisingly, they may not always be more expensive. The cost depends on factors like size, weight, cut, and carat of the diamond and colored gemstone, which can be adjusted to fit your budget. You have the flexibility to decide how much you want to spend on an eternity ring, whether it's comparable to a solitaire or more budget-friendly.

Our Price Range varies between $200- $1719.

Why Choose Rosec Jewels for Eternity Rings:

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