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About Moissanite Wedding Rings

Moissanites with a close resemblance with diamonds make a popular choice for crafting moissanite wedding rings. Moissanites seem to have left behind diamonds in terms of affordability and exceptional brilliance. Although not as hard as diamonds, still moissanites are becoming a popular choice among women and jewelers. Our moissanite wedding bands crafted with utmost care will be an excellent choice of wedding rings for women.

Our expert team is responsible for selecting the best quality moissanites to mount on the wedding band and combine them with alluring colors of gold to create an extraordinary collection of rings. A huge collection of moissanite eternity bands will definitely appeal to the heart of women in love with diamonds. Choose the moissanite gold band in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or two tone gold to bear witness to your wedding vows.

Benefits of Moissanite Wedding Rings

Moissanite Rings are a great choice for people looking for affordable diamond alternative with the scintillating brilliance of diamonds.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Moissanite Wedding Bands

  • Color: Moissanites in wedding bands will be valued for colorless appearance and may sometimes exhibit a slight yellow or gray tint.
  • Clarity: Moissanites should be clean and free from any noticeable inclusions to offer a satisfactory brilliance to the wedding bands for women.
  • Cut: The cut determines the overall fire or brilliance of the moissanite while being significantly hard, moissanites can be cut into almost all possible shapes.
  • Carat: Higher carat weights are somewhat rare in case of moissanites wedding rings and if found then would cost much higher.

Moissanite Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is moissanite suitable for a wedding ring?

    The near resemblance of moissanites with diamonds and hardness rating 9.5 on Mohs scale make them a popular choice of gemstone to craft brilliant moissanite wedding bands.

  2. Can I wear my moissanite wedding band everyday?

    The exceptional hardness makes moissanites quite durable to craft wedding bands for everyday use. However, one must be make it a habit to clean the moissanite ring once in a month to prolong the life of the gemstone.

  3. How can I know if the moissanite in my wedding ring is authentic?

    Moissanites are certified under the norms and regulations of SGL certification and hence must be checked before buying moissanite wedding rings online.

  4. How much will a moissanite wedding band cost me?

    A moissanite wedding band will cost you somewhere between $500 - $1500 based on the quality factors of moissanite as well as the quality of gold used in crafting the wedding rings for women.

  5. Can we tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite?

    Although, moissanites are quite similar in appearance with diamonds, only a side by side comparison can differentiate the more brilliant moissanite from diamond.