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Moissanite Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is moissanite suitable for a wedding ring?

    Yes, why not? Moissanite stands at 9.5 on Mohs scale of hardness making it a long lasting stone for lifetime. Most couples are opting moissanite and preferring wedding bands without diamonds for good reasons.

  2. Can I wear my moissanite wedding band everyday?

    Sure, you can. Moissanite does not get easily chipped and scratched, and one can use it in daily wear without worrying much.

  3. How can I know if the moissanite in my wedding ring is authentic?

    You should always check whether your stone is certified or not. Authentic moissanites always come with certificate under the norms and regulation.

  4. How much will a moissanite wedding band cost me?

    It will cost you somewhere between $500 to $1500, depending on how many stones the band have and the quality of stone. Rosec jewels has moissanite wedding sets under $500, you’ll be surprised to see the collection.

  5. Can we tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite?

    No, you can not! It’s too difficult for a common people to find any difference between a diamond and a moissanite through naked eyes. Even a jeweler find it difficult to do so without any tester.

  6. How Moissanite is made?

    For jewelry purposes, moissanite stones are made in laboratories with carbon and silicon under suitable pressure and heat.

  7. What is the difference between moissanite wedding bands and moissanite engagement rings?

    Moissanite Engagement rings indicates the proposal of marriage while Moissanite wedding bands are exchanged at the wedding ceremony.

  8. Will Moissanite Pass Diamond Test?

    Although, moissanite has equal sparkle and fire. A jeweler can identify the difference between moissanite and diamond with the help of a diamond tester.

  9. Are Moissanite Rings Worth It?

    Of course! Moissanite rings are not any lesser than diamond ones. The great testament of moissanite rings is that you can pass them on to your future generations.

Moissanite Wedding Bands

Moissanite is the best alternative to diamond for all the great reasons. The brilliant and fierce moissanite stackable wedding bands can withstand the test of time. Couple are considering moissanite wedding bands leaving behind the diamond ones as moissanite is pretty affordable. Being an Eco-friendly and cruelty-free stone gives moissanite a plus point for sustainability loving brides.

Rosec Jewels handcrafts moissanite wedding ring set with utmost care and perfection that you’ll fall in love with every single piece. The moissanite we choose to mount on men’s and women’s moissanite wedding bands are of highest quality. Moissanite is an ethical stone and now it has been widely accepted for traditional vows. So why don’t you witness the moissanite love in person?

Benefits of Moissanite Wedding Rings

Being an affordable and easy to maintain stone, moissanite offers several intense spiritual significance to the wearer. Here are few benefits of wearing moissanite wedding rings -

  • It takes care of an emotional well-being of a person and give them a sense of belonging to the universe.

  • With an incredible longevity, moissanite can be a part of your family heirloom.

  • The stone is a symbol of innocence, purity, love and fidelity.

  • Astrologically, moissanite is best suitable for people of zodiac sign - Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

  • It is supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune in couple’s life.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Moissanite Wedding Bands

  • Color - A slight yellow or tinted gray can be observed in moissanite, although colorless moissanite is most valued while buying moissanite wedding bands.

  • Clarity - Moissanite should be free from all the inclusion to offer satisfactory brilliance to couples.

  • Cut - It is easy to find moissanite in different cuts and shapes. How intensely a moissanite has been cut decides its brilliance and fire.

  • Carat - Higher carat weights are not much popular in case of moissanites but it can be available if demanded.