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  1. Are green sapphire earrings rare?

    Belonging to the versatile Sapphire gemstone family, Green Sapphire Earrings are one of the most rare to find. Although people are familiar with them, the supply of Green Sapphire is quite limited. That adds to their value as well.

  2. Do green sapphire earrings scratch easily?

    The good part about green sapphire is that since it is made of Conundrum mineral and thus has a 9 in terms of hardness on Moh’s scale, it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. That makes them quite durable to be worn on everyday basis.

  3. Can green sapphire earrings be worn in water?

    Interesting debate! Well, to maintain the lustre and brand new look of Green Sapphire Earrings, it is best to remove it while showering or in swimming pool. That could minimize the harsh chemical exposure of these earrings as well and could keep the grip of the gemstone just as new. Also, make sure to get your gemstone tightened and re-polished to maintain its look.

  4. What is the birthstone of green sapphire earrings?

    September is the official birthstone of green sapphire earrings that symbolizes calmness, love and loyalty.

  5. How can you tell the quality of green sapphire earrings?

    To assure you of nothing but top notch quality, we only sell SGL certified green sapphire earrings. You can even check for the quality yourself by looking at your jewelry with magnifying glasses to know of any blemishes and inclusions. You can sit back and be assured of the authenticity of the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat) which judge the quality. 

About Green Sapphire Earrings

Here we come to the most versatile gemstone embellished earrings in the most vigorous of colors. Who wouldn’t look like a green queen in these earrings? Since green sapphire is known to symbolize love, trust and loyalty, the hype for the green sapphire earrings is quite timeless. That’s the reason they can make for a perfect gift for the love of your life as well. Since it combines the vigor and the elegance of green at the same time, the charm of green sapphire earrings becomes two folds. From its unique cut to richness of color, green sapphire earrings have got it all. Since the versatility in their style is such that it covers everything from the green sapphire stud earrings to dangle drop earrings, making them suitable for any occasion.

Being handcrafted by artisans in Solid Gold, the top notch quality and spark of Green Sapphire Gold Earrings make them a perfect pick for women. Having great spiritual ties, donning green sapphire earrings is also known to bring joy and hope to your life. The freshness of green color cannot convince you otherwise for sure. The durability, royal green color and versatile styles altogether make handmade Green Sapphire Earrings one of the most reliable and trendy picks.

Benefits of Green Sapphire Earrings

  • Green Sapphire has been known to bring calmness and tranquility in the life of the wearer by getting rid of negative thoughts and problem, thus justifying the hype for Green Sapphire Earrings.

  • It is even believed to have physical healing properties, thus improving the eyesight and blood circulation of the wearer.

  • Most importantly, it is believed to strengthen love, loyalty and trust in a relationship.

  • Since it is also known as the stone of wisdom, it is believed to enhance the knowledge of the wearer.

Let’s talk about the 4 Cs of Green Sapphire Earrings

  • Cut 

    Our Green Sapphire Earrings come in a wide variety of versatile shapes including classic round, oval, marquise shape to intricate princess, baguette and heart shape. All equally appealing.

  • Clarity 

    The best part about green sapphire earrings it is known to be eye clean with lighter green sapphire containing some blemishes.

  • Color 

    The color of green sapphire earrings ranges from light to medium with a little yellow undertones.

  • Carat

    Ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, the carat weight of Green Sapphire Earrings is on quite a lighter side.