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  1. Can you wear Pearl everyday?

    You can doubtlessly wear Pearls everyday but with a little extra care since in term of durability, they stand at 2.5 out of 10 on Moh’s scale.

  2. Can you shower wearing Pearl Jewelry?

    To protect your jewelry from all kinds of damage, you shall avoid wearing it in the shower since the harmful chemicals from soaps, shampoos and other products could harm the smooth and lustruous surface of the pearl.

  3. How do you clean Pearl Jewelry?

    In order to clean Pearl Jewelry to the core, add a few drops of detergent to a bowl of warm water solution. Now take a soft towel and soak it in that solution, take it out and wipe your pearl jewelry gently with it. Don’t forget to pat it dry once done.

  4. What does Pearl Jewelry symbolize?

    Pearl Jewelry, thanks to its simple and sophisticated appearance, is known to symbolize loyalty, purity and generosity and are known to impart wisdom to the wearer. They hold a special place in women’s jewelry box since they have long been a symbol of confidence and strength.

About Pearl Jewelry

The ultimate symbol of royalty: Pearls. Nothing comes any close to the grace quotient, we assure you of that. It has been around from as early as 1st century right from the times of Julius Caesar when it was limited to the ruling classes. Time changed but what didn’t change is our eternal affair with pearls. Let’s beging exploring!

The types of Pearls

  • Freshwater Pearl: The classic white pearl! Symbolizing purity and harmony, just like its color, Freshwater pearl jewelry has been a favorite of women. It is known to grow in rivers, lakes and ponds.
  • Tahitian Pearl:  Black, bold and beautiful, just how we like to flaunt our style some days! Symbolizing wisdom, a Tahitian Pearl Jewelry is a modish and exotic symbol of fashion.
  • South Sea Pearl: Hands down the most lustruous pearl! Symbolizing wealth and success, South Sea Pearl Jewelry whe worn exudes a luxe fashion appeal hard to match.

Meet the styles

  • Rings: A pearl ring, till date, makes us skip a heartbeat. Symbolizing purity and loyalty, it has steadily one of the top picks for engagement with celebrities like Ariana Grande opting for it. Take a closer look at some of the styles:
  1. Pearl Solitaire Ring: The classic pearl solitaire! Having been embedded with the single stone of Pearl, this ring makes for a true classic for all occasions, be it anniversary, engagement or just a casual day of you flaunting your elegance.
  2. Pearl Wrap Ring: A wrap ring, when worn, looks like something wrapped around the finger, with patterned designs all around.
  3. Vintage pearl ring: Reminiscent of the eras gone by, a vintage inspired pearl ring is most sought after for engagements, with styles including art deco, halo or slight milgrain detailed.
  4. Pearl Halo Ring: When a single pearl ring is enhanced with a series of halo of diamond/moissanite, it makes for an elaborate accessory hard to take eyes off.
  5. Pearl Bypass Ring: Hands down, the most unique kind of rings out there, a pearl bypass ring featuring overlapping, parting metal band with two sections embedded with two pearls or either joint together with a single pearl.
  6. Floral Pearl Ring: A Floral pearl ring is fashioned with a floral inspired design, often studded with a center stone that is further enhanced with a floral halo or has metal engraved with a floral design.
  • Earrings:  Pearl earrings exude elegance that is hard to match. Let’s take a look at the different styles of pearl earrings:
  1. Stud: Pearl Stud Earrings go from the classic solitaire, more elaborate halo earrings enhanced with diamond/moissanite to an elegant pair of floral pearl earrings.
  2. Drop: Pearl drop earrings carry pure grace and range from the most classic fish hook earrings to more dramatic styles including long drop earrings.
  3. Hoop: Hoops are the new fashion icon in the jewelry industry and pearl hoop earrings carry a timeless class with styles ranging from small huggie hoops to elaborate j hoops.
  • Pendant: A pearl pendant has been a timeless symbol of style, elegance and grace and comes in a variety of styles including:
  1. Solitaire: A Single Pearl Necklace is fashioned with single stone of pearl, thus making for an everyday wear classic.
  2. Teardrop: A teardrop pendant comes adorned with pear cut pearl that appears to be in the shape of dropping tears, looking extremely graceful.
  3. Vintage: Vintage styles add to the royal look of pearl, with the most classic style being pearl halo necklace.
  4. Swirl: Pearl Swirl Pendant looks modish at once, unique the very next moment and is crafted in a twisted style.