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  1. Is blue sapphire good for an engagement ring?

    Sapphires are an excellent choice for engagement rings. They are extremely durable and can usually last for a lifetime. The versatility of the stone makes antique blue sapphire engagement rings extremely fascinating.

  2. How much does a blue sapphire engagement ring cost?

    The cost of Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring in our collection ranges from $150 to $1000.

  3. Can you wear a blue sapphire engagement ring daily?

    If you buy sapphire engagement rings, they will last for an extremely long time. Even if you wear them regularly, these rings won’t get damaged easily. They can withstand wear and tear without getting damaged.

  4. How often should I clean my diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings?

    Dirt and grime can easily accumulate on your diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings and make them look dull. To maintain the shine and color of your sapphire rings, you should clean them every 3 to 4 months. Wash your sapphire rings in warm soapy water and wipe them using a gem cleaning cloth.

  5. Can I sleep and shower with my blue sapphire engagement ring?

    Wearing your blue sapphire ring while sleeping or showering is quite safe. The hardness of the gems makes them incredibly strong and durable. But if your ring is a little loose and you are worried that it might slip down the drain, you should remove your blue sapphire ring and keep it somewhere safe while showering or doing household chores.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the traditional choice for people looking for engagement rings to express their love. But if you are looking for something unique, the charm of colored stones is unparalleled. A blue sapphire engagement ring is a brilliant way to express your love for someone special in your life.

Several celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow have flaunted sapphire engagement rings. Did you know that even Prince Charles of England used a blue sapphire to propose to Lady Diana Spencer? Since they have been on the radar of such big names, you can understand that vintage blue sapphire engagement rings are an excellent choice.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

The positivity associated with natural blue sapphire engagement rings can be felt immediately. The stone can bless the wearer with good luck, promotion, wealth, and other opportunities. It can also boost the metabolism of the wearer.

A Celtic blue sapphire engagement ring can offer protection from enemies, jealousy, evil eye, and hexing. The stone clears confusion, offers mental clarity, and improves decision-making abilities. Additionally, it can bless the wearer with multiple sources of income.

When you wear real sapphire engagement rings, you will gain serenity and self-control. It can take away your exhaustion and make you more focused on various tasks. A Blue Sapphire stone ring can give you fame and a reputation within a short span.

Why Should You Choose Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Most couples consider choosing diamond rings for engagement. But you can buy gorgeous sapphire engagement rings online to give a unique surprise to your special woman. If you are skeptical about choosing a blue sapphire ring for engagement, we have some reasons to convince you:

  • Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Unique

    When you choose a sapphire flower engagement ring, you stand out from the crowd. You will come across sapphires in a wide range of hues. When you say a blue sapphire ring, the shade of blue can range from pale blue to midnight blue. You will also come across some shades of purple or teal.

    The shades can be warm or cool, saturated or subtle. Apart from blue sapphires, you will also find this gemstone in different shades like pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, and colorless.

  • Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Extremely Meaningful

    A blue sapphire engagement ring meaning is associated with loyalty, faithfulness, and sincerity. Sapphire is often called the stone of the soul. Therefore, it is perfect for your soulmate. Sapphire is the perfect stone to express your commitment to the love of your life. Did you know that in medieval times bishops used to wear sapphire rings to show that they were married to the church?

  • Available in a Variety of Cuts

    Any well-cut luster will have a fascinating shine. The cut grade is particularly relevant in the case of lighter shades of blue sapphires. You will come across different cuts of elegant sapphire engagement rings.

    Sapphire rings usually don’t need a specific cut. But a good cut grade is essential for revealing the characteristics of sapphire gemstones. A well-cut sapphire ring is symmetrical and balances the overall shape of the ring. If you are wondering about the best cut for sapphire engagement rings, it’s the princess-cut blue sapphire engagement ring.

  • High Durability

    Sapphires are hard stones that aren’t easily susceptible to damage. You can wear your diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring regularly without any chips and scratches. While you don’t have to worry too much about its maintenance, a little bit of care will keep your blue sapphire engagement rings shining for life.

  • More Affordable

    If you are searching for an affordable alternative to diamonds, blue sapphire rings are the best. You will come across blue sapphire rings in different price ranges. Whether you want a delicate or a large and dramatic one, you won’t have to go overboard with your budget.

  • Customize with Different Metals

    You can get a blue sapphire set on different types of gold. A yellow-gold blue sapphire ring is a more traditional option. But if you are looking for a more contemporary option, you should choose rose gold sapphire engagement rings or white gold blue sapphire engagement rings.

    You can also get blue sapphire heart engagement rings in an antique platinum setting. The color of the metal is not the only important thing. You also need to check the clarity and color of the accent stones to choose the perfect setting.

Buy Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings From Rosec Jewels

An enchanting, attractive, and strikingly beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring will be the perfect gift for your special someone. Check out the collection at Rosec Jewels for the best-quality sapphire rings.