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About Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Blue sapphire engagement rings by Rosec Jewels take into consideration the gemstone’s symbolism of true love and fidelity, thereby motivating us to craft engagement rings featuring the gemstone of royalty. The excellence hardness of this gemstone of the corundum family makes it real convenient for our lapidarist to experiment exceptional designs for engagement rings for women. It also offers great durability to the rings making it an excellent choice to craft non-traditional engagement rings for her.

Blue sapphires have been a beautiful sight to behold by people throughout the bygone centuries and they still continue to do so. Henceforth, in order to design rings that appeal to the eyes of women with a knack for graceful look, we at Rosec Jewels adhere to the 4 C’s of Blue Sapphire to define the said gemstone all the factors for quality assurance. Combining the elegance of the Birthstone of September with different hues of gold we showcase a diverse range of blue sapphire engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. We also allow our customers to customize engagement rings with engraving and embossing.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Engagement rings with blue sapphire are a symbolism of purity and love. It helps the wearer not to tread from the spiritual path and helps in the self expression of one’s own belief and truth.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

  • Color: Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings are graded based on their signature royal blue color. Strong to vivid blue color is the most preferred color saturation in blue sapphires.
  • Clarity: Natural blue sapphires tend to have few inclusions yet if present in considerable quantity, then it tends to fetch a lower price of blue sapphire engagement rings.
  • Cut: The cut of blue sapphires can determine the desirable color to a great extent, thus a deep or shallow cut can very much derive the shades of blue sapphires.
  • Carat: Since blue sapphires are readily available in large sizes, therefore engagement rings with blue sapphires can range in variety of sizes.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Is blue sapphire fit for an engagement ring?

    Although, traditionally, diamonds are chosen for engagement rings, yet the great durability and royal blue elegance of blue sapphires will definitely lure the hearts while buying engagement rings.

  2. What is the meaning of blue sapphire engagement ring?

    The blue sapphire engagement rings are believed to bring wisdom, virtue and good fortune to the wearer and when exchanged as a proposal ring will symbolize faithfulness and sincerity too.

  3. How much will a blue sapphire engagement ring cost?

    Depending on the quality of blue sapphire and the metal detailing, one can expect the price of blue sapphire engagement ring to fall anywhere between $800 and $2000.

  4. How to tell if my blue sapphire engagement ring is authentic?

    While it may need an expert eye to tell if a blue sapphire is authentic or not, one can easily ask for the gemstone certificate before buying the engagement ring. Rosec Jewels’ authentic jewelry comes with SGL certification to vouch for the product.

  5. How much should one spend on engagement ring?

    In a general practice, one should spend around 2 months’ salary on engagement ring to make it convenient for your pockets.