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FAQs About Graduation Jewelry Gifts

  1. Why is it important to give a graduation gift?

    It is a popular myth that as soon as you hear about graduation, you are obliged to send a congratulatory message and a gift.

  2. Is it okay to gift jewelry as a gift?

    Yes, jewelry is apt for any occasion and especially important event like graduation. Jewelry is a way of expressing closeness with a person and making him feel valued.

  3. Why do so many people prefer giving pearl jewelry on graduation?

    Pearls look elegant and classic. They are believed to bring luck, positivity, and protection in life.

  4. What are the most significant gemstones for graduation day?

    Moonstone, opal, and jadeite are the three stones that symbolize magic and luck in life. Hence, they are considered ideal for wishing the best to a new graduate who is all set to have new beginnings.

About Graduation Jewelry

Graduation is a memorable time, not less than a milestone that calls for a celebration. This transition from one phase of life to another is an important milestone of life where one expects loved ones to be around, show support, and cherish his achievements. And gifting jewelry is one way of doing that. It lasts a lifetime and becomes part of an important memory of the day.

Our collection will provide you with a wide range of jewelry options for the graduation day. Mostly, it is minimal and contemporary jewelry that is liked by young and adult graduates. More than being a fancy ornament, jewelry is a symbol of good luck and a token of appreciation for the receiver. This meaning behind the graduation jewelry makes it more worthy as a gift.

How do I choose jewelry for graduation day? What gemstones and motif should I opt for? Scroll through to find answers to all your questions.

Graduate Jewelry Gift Guide

Keep in mind age and personal style

    • For young girl graduates:

A heart pendant necklace, a pendant with a funky motif of animals, a pendant necklace with an initial, or a quirky charm bracelet

    • For High School Graduates:

A personalized pendant necklace with the name initial, a solitaire necklace, a pair of stud earrings, or a simple ring embellished with a birthstone

    • For Advanced Degree Graduates:

Classic jewelry like a pearl strand or a solitaire necklace adorned with diamonds or any other gemstone

Depending on the profession and personal style statement, you can modify the gifts in the motif and pattern so that it complements the person who is graduating.

Know their metal preference.

Yellow, white, or rose gold: It depends on the gemstone color, skin tone of the wearer, and personal taste.

Keep it simple

Buy something that is functional and can last them a lifetime. As the day becomes etched into their memory forever, the gift should complement it.

Know the meaning of gemstones.

The diamond represents strength, the emerald symbolizes good luck in the matters of finance and business, and ruby stands for love, protection, and wealth in life. Knowing gemstone come with a meaning and a  specific energy will help you gift your child the right one.

Most popular graduation gifts:

  1. Diamond Earrings, Pendant, or Bracelet
  2. Pearl necklace or stud earrings
  3. Birthstone Jewelry
  4. Personalized Jewelry