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About Moonstone Rings

Rosec Jewels’ moonstone rings are a display of serene and beautiful rings for women online. Moonstone rings are widely adored for their opalescent luster coupled with a blue sheen.The great versatility offered by the moonstone motivates our experts to craft fine moonstone rings for women with utmost care. In order to assure the quality of the moonstone, our lapidarist go in length to determine the gemstone in all the quality factors, that are the famous 4 C’s of Moonstone.

Excellent ring styles are handcrafted featuring the June Birthstone Moonstone in different shapes ranging from round, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and more. The moonstone rings can also be chosen on the basis of shank like bypass shank rings, split shank rings etc. Metal embellishments in three colors of gold namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold will leave the jewelry enthusiasts with plenty of options in moonstone rings.

Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstones, the birthstone of June born people are said to bring fertility and love. Wearing the moonstone in any way can deliver the wearer from negativity. Thus with a metamorphosis in latest trends, Rosec Jewel’s June Birthstone Rings can bring great metaphysical benefit of Moonstone in lives of the wearer.

Points to Remember While Buying Moonstone Rings

  • Color: Moonstone is characterized by a colorless, semitransparent to nearly transparent appearance coupled with a blue adularescence also called blue sheen in trade.
  • Clarity: Typically, a moonstone should have little to no inclusion and be as transparent as possible because inclusions can interfere with the adularescence of moonstone rings.
  • Cut: Moonstones are usually cut into cabochons in order to maximize the sheen of the gemstone. Larger transparent moonstones rings will drive higher prices due to the rarity.
  • Carat: Carat weight of moonstone determines the gemstone in its size, specifically the weight of the gemstone.

Moonstone Rings FAQs

  1. Can I wear moonstone ring everyday?

    Yes, moonstone rings can be worn daily owing to the great durability that comes with this gemstone.

  2. How to take good care of Moonstone Ring?

    While cleaning moonstone ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the moonstone. Also, the moonstone rings must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches.

  3. How can I know if the moonstone ring is authentic?

    While setting out to buy moonstone rings, you can look for the SGL certification to ensure the authenticity of moonstone rings by Rosec Jewels.

  4. What does a moonstone ring symbolize?

    Moonstone rings are a symbolism of balance, love and fertility. When worn as moonstone jewelry, the gemstone represents feminine energy.

  5. How much does a moonstone ring cost?

    On an average the cost of moonstone can fall in between $10 - $50 per carat. However, the prices of moonstone engagement rings can vary on wider range depending on the metal used in crafting along with the cut, clarity and carat of the moonstone.

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