FAQs About Gemini Jewelry

  1. What jewelry should Gemini wear?

    Gemini should wear jewelry embellished with either pearl or moonstone. Getting a pearl or moonstone ring or bracelet can be an ideal choice as they can be worn everyday with ease.

  2. Can I wear moonstone everyday?

    Yes, you can wear moonstone everyday on the condition that it comes with a secure setting like a bezel or prongs.

  3. What kind of moonstone should I buy?

    The moonstone that comes in a milky white color with adularescence on the surface is the finest quality stone. The one with the electric blue shimmer is very valuable.

  4. What things should I take care of while buying pearl jewelry?

    The important factors to look for in every kind of pearl are surface, luster, shape, size, and color.

About Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini, the third zodiac sign, is represented as a sign of twins. The people with this zodiac sign are all about displaying their dual nature. They can go from serious to silly and entertaining in a minute. People love having them around due to their easygoing, spontaneous personality.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini has a very sharp intellect, excellent communication, and a logical mind. They are associated with the air element, which makes them really indecisive and airy-fairy in nature. They can't decide who to be with and who to avoid, and they end up gossiping and hanging out with the wrong people.

Geminis need a gemstone that can channelize their abilities, help them make the right decisions, and calm them down amidst chaos.

Gemini Birthstone: Pearl and Moonstone

With the appearance of the tiny moon, pearl and moonstone are Gemini birthstones.

The Queen of Gems, that is pearl very well fits the personality of Geminis, as both symbolize duality in life. Pearl is connected to planet Mercury, and thus, wearing pearl brings all the goodness of Mercury, which is an intelligent mind, a quick wit, and the ability to come out of any situation. Gemini has these qualities, but they can be repressed due to their anxious nature. Pearl, with its white and soothing appearance, helps in balancing that aspect and bringing out the best.

Moonstone is a feminine stone. It is known for its nurturing qualities. Geminis can fix their emotional disturbance with moonstone, as this gemstone is an excellent mind regulator. It brings self-healing, peace of mind, and balance by strengthening the spiritual part of your personality.