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  1. What to look for when buying ruby earrings?

    Whether you choose to buy cluster or bar ruby earrings, there are certain pre-requisites that you must bear in mind such as color, clarity, carat size and a thorough check for enhancements. Take a look at how each of these determine quality of the red gemstone:

    Color: Color is an important determinant of the quality of ruby. A fine- quality ruby exhibits a dominant red hue, intense saturation and a dark tone. Such a ruby is regarded highly precious and fetches an exorbitant price.

    Clarity: Inclusions are an inherent part of a gemstone. Thus, it is recommended to look for a pair of earrings that has no noticeably visible inclusions or a piece with hidden inclusions that do not deteriorate the beauty and value of the red gem.

    Carat Size: Rubies with one or two carats are the most-sought after in the market. However, you may settle for larger stones for a bold statement.

    Cut: Each cut highlights specific parts of the stone. Brilliant cuts such as round and pear promise an excellent brilliance and hence, enhanced sparkle. Emerald or asscher cuts make the stones look more visually appealing. It is a matter of personal choice as whether you want to choose glitter or hue.

  2. Can you shower with ruby earrings?

    No, going for a shower wearing your red sparklers is not what we recommend. Since soaps and shampoos contain toxic chemicals that interfere with the chemical composition of the ruby and thus, cause them to fade over time.

  3. How do you wear ruby earrings?

    Ruby earrings are a versatile piece of accessory, that can be donned in a plethora of ways. For a understated appeal, classic studs are the ideal choice, while you can settle for a pair of elegant drops for a feminine grace. If you are on the hunt of an earring that has a traditional touch, it is best to go with danglers.

  4. Can you wear ruby earrings everyday?

    Yes, you can definitely flaunt your gold ruby or ruby diamond earrings every day. Thanks to its impressive rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, that makes it one of the most durable and hard gemstones on Earth.

  5. What changes after wearing ruby?

    Wearing ruby can boost your confidence and motivation and help you in the pursuit of your ambitions and goals. You feel more strong and fierce with the red gem.

  6. How can you tell if ruby earrings are real?

    Ruby earrings emit a deep, vivid red hue, that resembles a bright traffic light. While their fake counterparts are dull in appearance. The quickest way to know whether you own a real ruby is try the scratch test. If you are able to scratch the ruby with a coin or fingernail, then there is a chance that it is fake. Thats because only diamonds can scratch the red gem because the latter is incredibly durable and bears strong hardness. Lastly, compare the ruby with a piece of red glass. If the two looks alike, there is a good chance that they are made from glass.

  7. Can anyone wear ruby earrings?

    Yes, anyone can wear ruby earrings. Additionally, ruby is astrologically recommended for individuals with zodiac signs of Cancer and Leo as it is considered as their primary zodiac stone.

  8. What is the meaning of ruby earrings?

    Ruby earrings are regarded as the symbol of eternal love, passion, enthusiasm and femininity. The vivid red color of the gem signifies the fire of everlasting love. Besides, it stimulates the heart chakra and brings in positivity and balance in life.

Ruby Earrings

We have all known ruby as a gemstone of love and passion. Its enchanting hue is just more than fascinating and instantly makes us fall head over heels.

Interestingly, the term ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning red. It is no surprise that the gem is available in shades of red ( sometimes even in reddish pink).

Earrings adorned with this one-of-a-kind gem are referred to as ruby earrings and exhibit an unmatched allure and beauty. Let us take you through our unique range of real ruby earrings that will leave you awe-inspired.

But before we give you a sneak peak into our collection, here is a quick introduction of Ruby:

Introducing Ruby- The King of Gemstones

Own a pair of genuine ruby earrings? Well, it is a moment of pride because you are fortunate enough to possess one of the world’s four precious gems. Ruby is a prized member of the corundum mineral group. Its occurrence is as rare as its color, the latter is achieved by a unique combination of traces of chromium and aluminum oxide.

Being the official July birthstone, the red gem holds a prominent place in societies and cultures all over the world. What’s more? Earrings with a natural ruby as a center stone make a thoughtful choice for July born because of the deep symbolism the stone carries.

Our Wide Catalog of Ruby Earrings

Stud earrings:

A pair of studs is much like the black outfit in your closet that perfectly goes well with almost everything. Studs are the most classiest and straightforward style that rules the hearts of many gemstone lovers. From the simple earrings that are a dream of every minimalist to antique earrings that exude an old-school beauty, there are an endless earring options before you to pick from. Take a look at what Rosec Jewels has in store for you:


Want a gold stud pair that reminds you of the simplicity of nature? Our foliage and flower earring assortment draws inspiration from the delicate elements of nature and catches the eye with a mere turn of head. This style incorporates ruby with sparkly moissanite to create an exquisite floral or leaf pattern, that makes you stand out in the crowd.


Representing eternal love and togetherness, the infinity studs feature an eye-striking centerpiece of ruby amid an infinity motif. They can easily take you through day to night and add a burst of color to any ensemble.


Nothing can ever go wrong with a pair of heart studs that are an expression of everlasting love. The best part? They can be set in a metal of your choice to add some personal touches to your jewels.


Chic and versatile, the vintage earrings feature intricate and lovely designs that take you to eras bygone. They are suitable for those days when you do not want to don a contemporary look, yet make an elegant statement. We bet the broad collection will want you to settle for more than one earring pair.

Three Stone:

Symbolic of the past, the present and the future moments of an engaged couple, the three stone earrings consist of rubies along with other gemstones for a dreamy look that you can effortlessly flaunt every day.


Drop earrings offer immense room for fun experiments with your look. They move freely and glitter as you walk into the meeting rooms or any social gatherings and instantly make you the star of every show. What’s more, drops are something in between studs and dangles, but have no less impact. Been a versatile style, the drops allow you to survive several different occasions with ease.

  • Classic- For a sophisticated appeal, the classic teardrops are the perfect pick. They embed rubies with other stones for a splash of color that adds a delightful vibe to your days.

  • Halo- Halo drops add an extra dose of sparkle to just anything you wear. The shimmer is complemented by a vivid red ruby, that sits pretty amid a dazzling halo of white gemstones. It is further beautified by a drop style that looks modern yet stunning but not too much flashy.

  • Heart- Heart drops feature ruby as a showcase stone in a myriad of ways. In some styles, the heart motif encases a perfectly cut and faceted ruby in the most appealing way. While in others, the heart shaped ruby set as a center stone exudes a dramatic effect and is positioned a bit more creatively. Either way, the heart drops are sure to keep you dazzling throughout the day.


A synonym of extravaganza, the dangle earrings swing to and fro or from side to side, and come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Earrings with a round ruby in a long, ornate pattern lend a traditional appeal since the color red holds a great significance in many cultures across the globe. However, you may opt for any other ruby shapes like princess cut, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and more for creating a style statement that is truly you. Not just this, go ahead and pick a pair (or more) from our handcrafted array of real ruby earrings.

  • Classic: If you do not like taking risk when it comes to your daily look, then we strongly recommend settling for a pair of classic that is loved by almost everyone. They are effortless, chic and timelessly trendy.

  • Contemporary: Want something that helps you make a glamorous statement at a friend’s cocktail? This is what our modern ruby danglers are all about. We are darn sure that you will feel like a diva after you slip on a pair of ruby diamond earrings and slay your way.

  • Vintage: The vintage-inspired assortment brings in iconic designs from foregone eras. Whether you are on the lookout of a casual pair or something more fancy, we have a pair of earring that suits your preference and style.


Incredibly versatile, hoops are the hands down choice of accessory out there. From flashy large to minimal flower earrings, hoops come in alluring designs that could never get tired of looking at. Our favorite pick is the sunburst hoop drop that gives the comfort of a hoop and elegance of a drop packed in one piece.

Head over to Rosec Jewels to explore our eclectic collection of earrings.

Shop for Customized Ruby Earrings

The ruby solitaire earring pair you're setting your eye on is highly customizable. Yes, you read that right. We allow you a choice of metal tone that best suits you. For a hint of traditional aesthetics, you can pick yellow or rose gold, while choose cooler metal tones like white gold for a contemporary look. Not just this, if you know what earring style and design exactly you want, we shall put in extra effort to craft, design and get it delivered into your hands.

Isn’t just the right time to add some red sparklers to your jewelry kit?

Tips on How to Buy a Ruby Earring?

Ready to purchase a stunning pair of genuine ruby earrings? While you do so, skim through the essential buying tips that will enable you to make a choice you won’t regret later:


Examine the color of the ruby. If it exhibits a regal red hue, the gemstone is referred to as an authentic ruby. In some cases, purple serves as the secondary hue. Though it is not something that is wrong, it ultimately boils down to your personal preference whether you want the pure red hue or not.


In simpler terms, saturation refers to how intense the hue of a gemstone is. It is a vital determinant in deciding the gem quality as an intense red ruby commands a premium price than the one that displays less saturation.


A perfect ruby with no inclusions is rare but not impossible. Inclusions are part of every gemstone including ruby. However, you should opt for rubies that have been cut in such a way that they hide inclusions from the naked eye.

Where to buy ruby earrings?

Rosec Jewels offers a wide selection of ruby earrings that appeal to every sense of style and fits every budget. Moreover, all our jewelry is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity that establishes its genuineness.