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  1. Is Peridot good for an engagement ring?

    Peridot rings are extremely affordable, even in bigger sizes. Besides, the durability of the stones enables you to wear them daily. Therefore, peridot engagement rings for women are a romantic and practical choice.

  2. What does a peridot engagement ring symbolize?

    Ancient Egyptians believed that the peridot engagement ring meaning is associated with good fortune, confidence, and power. Wearing this stone can help you get rid of jealousy and anger. Furthermore, the stone can bring joy and happiness to your romantic relationships and improve them significantly.

  3. Can I wear my peridot engagement ring every day?

    On the Mohs scale, you will find peridot on the higher end. Therefore, a vintage peridot engagement ring is quite suitable for everyday wear. However, the peridot should be placed in a secure ring setting for added protection.

  4. Can you shower with a Peridot engagement ring?

    You should always remove your antique peridot engagement rings before showering. Shampoo or body wash might accumulate over the stone and damage it. Besides, you should also remove your peridot before applying lotions or any cosmetics.

  5. What does a peridot engagement ring mean?

    The artisan peridot engagement rings will indicate love, compassion, and a balance between your mind and emotions. Peridot rings are also associated with celebrating the 16th year of marriage.

  6. Which finger is right for a peridot ring?

    Several people prefer wearing a peridot ring on their little finger because the mount of mercury is right below it. But if it’s a peridot engagement ring, you can always wear it on your ring finger.

Peridot Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are the first choice. But they are expensive and old-school. If you want a touch of contemporary to celebrate your love, you can experiment with colorful gemstones like a peridot engagement ring.

Peridots are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are also extremely affordable. Peridot is mined in a huge quantity every year in various parts of the world. But the best peridots are sourced from Myanmar and Pakistan.

History of Peridot

Egyptians discovered peridots in Zabargad, a Red Sea island, in the early 2nd millennium BCE. The stone has a golden to deep green glow under sunlight. It made people believe that peridot contains rays of sunshine.

Peridot is considered the birthstone for August babies. But people born in other months can also make themselves more fashionable with the beauty of the stone. It is firmly believed that peridot can protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Different Cuts of Peridots

A peridot stone looks gorgeous in various cuts. Therefore, you can get custom peridot engagement rings in a cut of your choice. But some of the popular cuts for peridot rings are as follows:

  • Round: The round cut makes a peridot stone look circular. It is an extremely popular cut for engagement rings. Apart from the traditional round cut, you can find various other contemporary shapes. For instance, the “hearts and arrows” shape is pretty amazing and can enhance the fire of a peridot stone.

  • Oval: The oval cut of a peridot ring has two long and two short sides. Therefore, it resembles an elongated version of the round cut. If you are choosing peridot gold rings, the oval cut goes quite well with it. Moreover, the oval cut will also make your fingers appear longer.

  • Octagon: The octagon or emerald shape of a peridot stone is a type of step cut. The octagon cut can enhance the gorgeous green shade of peridot. The corners of an octagon-cut peridot stone are cut off to leave a long and clean line.

  • Asscher: If you are looking for unique peridot engagement rings, the Asscher cut is a popular choice. This cut will make your peridot stone look like a square emerald. An Asscher cut peridot has all sides of the same length. Furthermore, it can enhance the clarity of a peridot stone.

The Different Shades of Peridot

Peridot is primarily found in a yellowish-green shade that reminds you of spring. But the color scheme of peridot stones can range across different shades of green. At times, the pure green peridots can be mistaken as emeralds.

The shade can, at times, vary from a brownish green or olive to something extremely close to yellow. But the peridot heirloom engagement rings are always yellow-green, which indicates they are the finest variety.

Which Metal is the Best for Peridot Rings?

A peridot ring set in gold looks gorgeous. But several people are confused between white, yellow, and rose gold.

A white gold peridot engagement ring is for someone who doesn’t prefer too much bling. The brightness of a peridot gets balanced out by white gold.

A rose gold peridot engagement ring is for women with a sober taste. A peridot stone in rose gold oozes out elegance and sophistication.

If you want a dramatic and warm appearance, peridot engagement rings in yellow gold are your best choice. The soft yellow gold can enhance the shimmer of the hypnotizing peridots.

Combining Other Stones with Peridot

The versatility of peridot allows you to add other stones with it easily. If you want a touch of traditional and contemporary, you can go for a peridot and diamond engagement ring. Peridot looks gorgeous with pink diamonds.

A sapphire and peridot engagement ring is also a brilliant choice. A blue sapphire with a green peridot creates a stunning play of colors on your finger.

Caring for Your Peridot Engagement Rings

You should avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleansers to clean peridot because it is not extremely hard. You can use warm water to clean your peridot ring. After washing it, use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe off the moisture. You should also avoid exposing your peridot rings to extreme heat and temperature fluctuations to avoid damage.

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