FAQs about Libra Jewelry

  1. What does fire opal symbolize?

    Its vivid orange hue is a symbol of a joyful heart and enthusiastic spirit.

  2. What kind of jewelry should Libra wear?

    Libra should get and wear exquisite jewelry that has a touch of luxury or has a classic appearance.

  3. What makes opal unique?

    Opal is distinguished from other stones by its rainbow-like color play.

  4. Can I wear opal jewelry every day?

    Opals rank 6 on the Mohs scale. If you want to wear it every day, do it with proper care.

About Libra Zodiac Sign

The seventh zodiac sign, Libra, is ruled by Venus and is used for October-born people. It is an air sign and has scales as their symbol. People with Libra as a star sign like to keep things fair, equal, and balanced. Their diplomatic nature helps them weigh the pros and cons of each side and make an assessment that is fair to all. They can be excellent peacemakers with their patience and listening abilities.

The influence of the Venus planet blesses Libra people with a very appealing fashion sense. They love everything beautiful and bright. Venus women just have the right eye for fine things. The air element makes these people very social and extrovert. They love going out, exploring places, and meeting new people.

Librians tend to become unreasonably idealistic in order to deliver justice. They hate confrontations, which gives rise to their people-pleasing trait. All they need to know is that it is good to speak your mind and set boundaries.

About Libra Birthstone: Opal

The October birthstone Opal is the official gem of people with Libra Zodiac Sign. Opal is a shiny white stone with an alluring play of colors. Its vibrant appearance brings an uplifted spirit and more luck into your life. This attractive gemstone acts as a protecting agent that saves them from the fear of speaking their mind. It is a stone associated with the planet Venus and thus gifts its owner growth in the areas of luxury, finance, and loving relationships.

At Rosec Jewels, you can find a wide array of jewelry embellished with Ethiopian Opal and Fire Opal. From minimalist regular-wear rings to statement jewelry sets, there is something for every kind of woman. Fire opal comes in a vivid orange-red hue, whereas Ethiopian opal has a white base with rainbow of colors radiating on its surface.