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Shop Emerald Necklace Online for Women

Emerald necklaces are stunning piece of jewelry, showcasing the beauty of emerald and its vibrant hues. Green, the color of nature's vitality, evokes a sense of freshness and regal allure. Emerald, often addressed as the embodiment of nature's greenery, shows elegance.

When paired with the timeless allure of a necklace, it creates the enchanting Emerald Necklace.  Symbolizing love and fidelity, emerald necklaces for women make for cherished gifts.  From vintage-inspired pieces to modern designs, our emerald necklace collection offers wide variety. The emerald Necklace adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Why Choose Emerald Gemstone?

  • Rarity: -

    Emeralds are hard to find because they're made in a special way. They get their amazing green color from rare stuff like chromium and vanadium.

    Plus, they need beryllium, another super rare element, to form. These elements don't usually hang out together underground, so when they do, it's pretty rare. That's why emeralds are like little natural miracles. Also, naturally mined emeralds have imperfections that make each one different and special.

  • Symbolism: -

    Emeralds are the true symbol of growth, renewal and vitality, making them perfect choice for various kinds of jewelry.

  • Beauty: -

    The green beauty highlight sought-after for their deep green color and eye-catching hues.

  • Durability: -

    Hardness of any natural gemstone is measured by Mohs Scale and Diamond is hardest gemstone with 10 score. as compare to diamond, emerald Mohs scale score is 7.5 to 8 ehich makes emerald tough gemstone and it can’t be scratch easily. this hardness makes emerald long lasting and highly durable for necklaces.

  • Healing Property: -

    Healing properties of Emerald are helps you in improving heart and your respiratory system. emerald will improve your immune system and overall well being. except these physical healing properties, emerald also have spiritual healing. this may birthstone soothing energies can help in releasing negative emotions, reducing stress and anxiety, help in balancing your emotions.

Our Exquisite Collection of Emerald Gold Necklaces

  • Emerald Solitaire Necklaces: -  These stunning necklaces features a single emerald stone as the center of attraction. The solitaire necklaces beautifully showcase the beauty of emerald, its intense green hues and takes the center stage. Emerald solitaire necklaces are sought-after for their simplicity and classic appearance. These are perfect for those who looks for versatile addition to their jewelry box.

  • Emerald Halo Necklaces: -  These necklaces feature a center emerald stone which is encircled by halo motif. A diamond halo brings a touch of brilliance and sparkle to any necklace.

    While an encircling of emeralds, gleaming like the moon, is certain to catch the gaze of many admirers. These necklaces are often crafted with white gold, or yellow gold to complements its beauty and allure. The emerald halo necklaces are perfect for every occasion and align to your style perfectly.

    Emerald Halo Necklaces are perfect choice for special occasions like engagement part, wedding anniversary or any corporate event.

  • Emerald Nature Inspired Necklaces: - Meticulously designed to capture the essence of nature. These necklaces are adorned with green beauty, and nature motifs like flowers, leaves, and vines.

    Design with attention to details, the nature inspired emerald pendant necklaces are perfect for those who always want to carry nature’s element with them. The neck pieces serve as a harmony between jewelry and nature’s exquisite sceneries.

  • Natural Emerald Drop & Dangle Necklaces: -  These jewelries are features by handing emerald stone. Generally, showcases the single or multiple emerald stone hanging from a chain. The gemstone drops sway elegantly with movement, catching the light and grabbing attention.

    Often these necklaces are graced by diamond accent which adds the extra touch of sparkle to jewelry. These necklaces will be the perfect accessory for any occasion or outfit, displays timeless beauty and charm.

  • Certified Emerald Heart Necklaces: - These heart-shape necklace adorned with vibrant emeralds, enhancing its allure with youthful charm and eye-catching vibrancy. Let her know your feelings with this exquisite and captivating heart shape emerald necklaces, that are truly made for her.

  • Emerald Infinity Necklaces: -  The infinity symbol represents everlasting love, trust and commitment. These are popular choice for those women who wants to wear unique and classy pendant. The emerald infinity necklaces often crafted with premium metals such as white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. Necklaces serve as warm expressions of everlasting love and bond, cherished by those who wear them.

  • Emerald Eternity Necklaces: -  The Eternity necklace embodies an everlasting self-love, serving as a reminder to honor your divine individuality. Wear this delicate piece as a constant affirmation to remain true to yourself, completing the circle of self-acceptance and authenticity. These emerald eternity necklaces are elegant and sophisticated accessory, perfect for those who wants to express their personal style.