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  1. Is tanzanite good for engagement rings?

    Tanzanite is one of the best stones to pop the big question to your soulmate. A tanzanite engagement ring set will carry your love through the ages.

  2. Are tanzanite engagement rings worth it?

    Tanzanite engagement rings are extremely valuable and coveted. The stone is considered precious for its beauty and rarity. The tanzanite halo engagement rings are value for money and one of the best investments to make in terms of jewelry.

  3. Can I wear my Tanzanite engagement ring every day?

    With a rank of 7 on the Mohs scale, tanzanite is a relatively soft stone. Therefore, tanzanite custom engagement rings are more susceptible to damage and scratches. But it is still suitable for everyday wear as long as you manage to take proper care of it.

  4. Can you shower with a Tanzanite engagement ring?

    It's best to remove your tanzanite estate engagement rings while showering. You should also remove the ring before swimming, playing any sport, or applying lotions and creams.

  5. What does a tanzanite engagement ring mean?

    The tanzanite engagement ring's meaning is associated with new beginnings. The stones come with positive attributes that can contribute to prosperity and good fortune. Wearing vintage tanzanite engagement rings renews your optimism for a future full of happiness.

  6. Who should wear tanzanite engagement rings?

    Tanzanite is the best for December birthstone engagement rings. Moreover, tanzanite marks the 24th anniversary of a couple.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Modern brides prefer various colorful gemstones in their engagement rings over traditional diamonds. If you are one of them, tanzanite engagement rings are quite a unique choice. You should go for the tanzanite ring that represents the beautiful love between you and your partner.

Apart from being a spectacular symbol of love, the affordable tanzanite engagement rings prices can also be attributed to the stone's popularity. Another benefit of tanzanite rings is that their shine and brilliance will remain intact for years only if you take a little care of them.

The Gorgeous Shades of Tanzanites

Tanzanite is one of the rarest trichroic gemstones in the world. It means that you will spot three colors in a tanzanite engagement ring at the same time. The three colors include blue, purple, and red.

The tetrachoric nature stems from the ratio and amount of chromium and vanadium. The blue tanzanite engagement rings are considered the most valuable. The fiery intensities of the blues can be further enhanced with different cuts.

The purple tanzanite engagement rings also look extraordinary and are a treat to the eyes. If you are looking for red tanzanite rings, you should know that the stones contain only hints of red.

Apart from the three primary shades, you will also find artisan tanzanite engagement rings in various other hues. For instance, you can choose from fancy shades like golden, green, and lilac.

Different Grades of Tanzanite

If you are looking for the finest tanzanite rings, you should be aware of the different grades of the stone. The four grades of tanzanite rings based on their cut, clarity, color, and carat are as follows:

  • Heirloom: The tanzanite heirloom engagement rings are the finest. They are made from the top 1% of tanzanites all over the globe. You won't be able to detect any flaws in the stone with your naked eye.

  • Best: They are characterized by their intense bluish and purplish hues. The rings in this category boast the top 10% of tanzanites in the world.

  • Better: These are violet-blue beauties made from the top 33% of tanzanites in the world. You will be able to spot small inclusions in these stones.

  • Good: Tanzanite stones in this category have a violet-blue shade. They have slight to moderate inclusions in them.

The Best Metal for Tanzanite Engagement Rings

A tanzanite center stone will look gorgeous against any choice of metal. But tanzanite engagement gold rings are the best. When the charm of gold meets the brilliance of tanzanite, the result is amazing.

If you want a dramatic and icy look, you can choose white gold tanzanite engagement rings. White gold looks magnificent, particularly against the blue hues of tanzanite.

If you are looking for a warm and romantic appearance, you should choose the rose gold tanzanite engagement rings. Rose gold goes perfectly well with tanzanite stones of red and purplish hues.

The Best Cuts for Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Tanzanite stones can be cut in a wide variety of shapes. But the most popular cuts for an antique tanzanite engagement ring are as follows:

  • Round: The round cut is primarily used for diamond and tanzanite engagement rings. The round cut can brilliantly capture the sparkle of a tanzanite stone.

  • Oval: The oval tanzanite engagement rings have around 69 facets. The soft curves of an oval cut give the stone a romantic look. It also elongates the shape of the tanzanite stone and makes it more appealing.

  • Princess: The princess cut tanzanite engagement rings have facets ranging from 58 to 76. The princess cut provides tanzanite stones with a brilliant luster.

  • Marquise: The marquise tanzanite engagement rings have 57 facets to show off the intricate color scheme and shine of the stone. This cut balances the symmetry and depth for optimal light reflection from the stone.

  • Pear: The pear-shaped tanzanite engagement rings are perfect for the ones who want to ditch the mainstream. The pear or teardrop cut has 71 facets to highlight the color and shine of tanzanite stones.

  • Emerald: The emerald cut maximizes the visual appearance of a tanzanite ring. The emerald cut tanzanite engagement rings are usually more affordable because of the lower carat weight.

  • Cushion: The tanzanite cushion cut engagement rings were introduced in the late 19th century. The cushion cut comes with 64 facets to highlight the luster and shine of tanzanite stones.

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