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  1. Can anyone wear Emerald Earrings?

    Without a shred of doubt, yes!

    Owing to their eye-catching pop of green and royal appeal, anyone can count on Emerald Earrings to upgrade their fashion statement. And lucky for you- we handcraft a collection of Emerald and Gold Earrings that resonate with different senses of style.

    From Simple, fancy and Vintage Natural Emerald Earrings to the ones adorned with eye-catching motifs and designs like floral, cluster, sunburst, animal, cactus, etc for an extra element of visual appeal, there is a world of options before you.

    Besides that, if you look at it astrologically, Emerald is treasured as the birthstone of May, owing to which it is considered lucky for those born in this month.

  2. Are Emeralds strong enough for daily wear?

    Whether you own a classic pair of something as fancy as Emerald Flower Earrings, you can definitely wear them every day!

    Emerald strikes a fairly durable hardness rating of 7.5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which suggests that it can be easily withstand the wear and tear of regular use as long as you’re abiding by all the professionally prescribed precautions.

  3. Can you shower with Emerald Earrings?

    Be it a pair of Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold Emerald Earrings, it is always advisable to take it off before you hop in the shower. The simple reason for that being that the chemicals from soaps and shampoos can deteriorate the quality of any gemstone (let alone Emerald), often causing its color to fade over time.

  4. What are the benefits of wearing Emerald Earrings?

    Besides their aesthetic appeal, wearing Real Emerald Earrings also comes with its share of astrological benefits. Let’s discuss:

    • True to their serene hue, Authentic Emerald Earrings are known to bring peace, harmony, emotional balance, and patience in the life of the wearer.

    • Having ties with the Planet Mercury, Emerald is known to impart intelligence, wisdom, good communication, and business skills to the wearer.

    • In terms of physical healing, it helps in treating ailments related to the skin, brain, heart, kidney, and nervous system. Besides that, it also helps with labor pain.

    • Often regarded as the stone of prosperity, Emerald is considered extremely lucky for business owners since it attracts success and money.

    • Last but not the least, it is also hailed as stone of happy marriage. It blesses your relationship with love, better understanding, and truth.

  5. Who should not wear emerald?

    This gemstone is associated with the Planet Mercury. So, wearing Real Emerald Green Earrings isn’t astrologically recommended for those native to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Aries, and Cancer since they aren’t considered very compatible with it. Besides that, the final choice boils down to your personal preference.

Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings are the ‘something green’ that every woman’s jewelry box is incomplete without. To best capture the vibrant allure of this gemstone, we handcraft it in an array of designs that speak to everyone. Whether you love to stick to classics, are more contemporary with your choice of accessory, or lie somewhere in between, our Emerald and Gold Earrings best define your sense of style.

What are Natural Emerald Earrings?

Earrings that are mounted with the centerpiece of Emerald as the main focal point are referred to as Natural Emerald Earrings. Let’s quickly acquaint you with this phenomenal gemstone:

One of the four precious gemstones, Emerald is a proud member of the Beryl family of minerals. It captures the eye with its spring-like hue that ranges from blue green to intense, pure green. Besides that, it is also prized as the birthstone of May.

Having said that, you’ll have to agree with us that a glance is enough to make you fall for Emerald Stone Earrings. But when you look beyond that, you’d notice that they boast a symbolism that does complete justice to their beauty. Let’s have a look:

What does Emerald Earring symbolize?

True to their nature-like hue, Genuine Emerald Earrings are prized as the symbol of rebirth, youth, balance, growth, good fortune, and peace. Not just that, they are even held in high regard for signifying love, truth, faith, and hope, which also makes them a meaningful gift for your beloved (especially the Heart Emerald Earrings).

Everything said and done, it won’t be wrong to regard Emerald Earrings as beautiful inside out, which is something that must have made you all the more excited to make them a prized possession in your jewelry box. But wondering where to buy Emerald Earrings? Well, Rosec Jewels has fast emerged as the one stop online destination that goes the extra mile to amalgamate fine craftsmanship and quality to breathe life into the very best Emerald Earrings in a range of classic, vintage, and contemporary designs. So, Without any further ado, let’s introduce you to them and get you a step closer to finding ‘the one’:

Our Eye-Catching Collection of Unique Emerald Earrings

  • Emerald Stud Earrings

    Hands down the most classic, timeless, and Simple Emerald Earrings out there, stud earrings are slipped on directly through the earlobe (without hanging or dangling down). To lend their minimalist appeal a vibrant pop of color, they are adorned with the centerpiece of Emerald. Not only do they fit well with your every day looks, but go much beyond that to speak to different senses of styles thanks to the many shapes they are fashioned in. While Round Emerald Earrings are a timeless classic, those adorned with Princess, Pear, or Marquise Cut resonate with fancier and trendy-savvy senses of style. On the other hand, if your old-school soul fancies Vintage Emerald Earrings, go for the ones fashioned in Cushion, Asscher, or Emerald Cut.

  • Emerald Drop Earrings

    Sophisticated but statement-making, Genuine Emerald Drop Earrings (just like the name suggests) drop just below the earlobe through a hook while putting all the spotlight on the eye-striking centerpiece of Emerald. A glance at their feminine appeal is enough to entitle them as the most elegant choice of Emerald Earrings for Women. What’s more, whether you team them up with your work ensembles, let them make a graceful statement on a dinner date, or go ahead to commemorate your big day with a fancy pair of Bridal Emerald Teardrop Earrings, they just won’t disappoint.

  • Emerald Dangle Earrings

    Extravagant and bold, Emerald Dangle Earrings hang below the earlobe while swinging to and fro as you move. The embellishment of vibrant Green Emerald as the main center of attraction best brings out the beauty of this statement-making style. From Classic Dangle Earrings to visually striking Emerald and Pearl Earrings (with Pearl dangling below the emerald to gracefully complement it), each pair in this collection is meant to make a party-ready statement.

  • Emerald Hoop Earrings

    A forever fashion staple, Emerald Hoop Earrings hang below the earlobe in a circular or semi-circular shape that forms a hoop while emphasizing on the center stone of Emerald. Owing to its timeless cum classy appeal, this style of Green Emerald Earrings covers you desk to dinner looks just as effortlessly. Moreover, nothing frames your face better than Emerald Hoops.