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  1. How to tell if a Tahitian Pearl is real?

    It’s natural to come across imitations of any gemstone, let alone Tahitian Pearls. And lucky for you, differentiating between Real Tahitian Pearls and their synthetic counterparts doesn’t require you to be a professional. Here are the most tried and trusted measures to do so:

    • Owing to their natural formation, mollusks (freshwater animals) leave their footprints somewhere on the gemstone (which is not the case with synthetic gemstones). If you look closely (preferably under magnification), you’re most likely to observe these footprints in the form of imperfections.

    • More often than not, Natural Tahitian Pearls tend to be heavier than their synthetic imitations. You can simply figure out the difference in weight between the two by weighing them with your hand.

    • It’s natural to witness tiny irregularities or ridges over a Genuine Pearl’s surface. On top of that, no two natural pearls are alike in terms of quality, shape, size, color, etc. So, that can work as a ground rule to judge the authenticity of your Pearl.

    • Interestingly, the temperature of the Pearl can also determine its genuineness. Real Pearls are cold to touch at first, while synthetic ones are often room temperature.

  2. Which type of pearl is the most expensive?

    If you’re looking to buy a Pearl Ring online, you should know that South Sea Pearls are considered the most valuable and, hence, expensive variety of Pearl all around the globe today.

  3. Are Black Pearls rarer than White Pearls?

    As opposed to Natural Pearls, Black Pearls are a rare sight to witness (as their exotic satiny black hue would tell).

  4. Can Tahitian Black Pearls get wet?

    Yes, Tahitian Pearls can get wet, and it is never recommended to subject them to prolonged exposure to water. Though slight exposure to water during cleaning won’t harm your Black Tahitian Pearl Ring, wearing it while swimming, bathing, etc. certainly will.

  5. Can you wear Tahitian Black Pearls every day?

    Though a Black Pearl Ring for men or women is a stylish choice of accessory, it comes as no surprise that it is not as durable as other gemstones. Tahitian Pearls strike a hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs Scale, which is why it is not ideal to wear them every day (especially if you lead a lifestyle that requires a lot of physical movement). But please note that their relatively low hardness shouldn't be a point of worry if you’re following the right precautions.

  6. What birthstone is the Tahitian pearl?

    Tahitian Pearl has steadily become the renowned birthstone of June (which is what makes a Natural Tahitian Pearl Ring extremely lucky for June borns).

  7. Do Tahitian pearls scratch easily?


    Due to their relative softness, it is easy for Tahitian Pearls to get scratched. However, you can do away with that risk if you store your Black Pearl Stone Ring away from harder gemstones and follow the professionally prescribed precautions.

Tahitian Pearl Rings

Slip on a Bold Black Tahitian Pearl Ring and let its exotic beauty speak for itself! Discover your favorite among the wide pool of designs that do complete justice to the extravagant appeal of this gemstone. Come browse around with us.

What is a Tahitian Pearl Ring?

Treasured for its unconventional appeal, the Tahitian Pearl is renowned as the birthstone of June. A rare color variety of pearls to witness, this gemstone is born from a Black-lip oyster, which is the very reason for its unique satiny black or dark-green color.

Besides that, this Natural Black Pearl Ring boasts a symbolism just as unique as its appearance. Hop on to find out:

What does a Tahitian Black Pearl Ring symbolize?

In complete justice to the mystical black color of Real Tahitian Pearl Rings, they are renowned as a symbol of hope for wounded hearts. Legend has it that gifting a Black Tahitian Pearl Ring has always been considered an emblem of everlasting love. To no surprise (given their strong black hue), Black Pearls are also prized for imparting wisdom and strength to the wearer.

We know you can’t wait to buy Black Pearl Rings online! And lucky for you, we have an eye-striking collection of designs that won’t let you look past them:

Our Collection of Black Pearl Gold Rings

  • Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Ring

    A Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Ring features a centerpiece of Tahitian Pearl that single-handedly captivates all the attention with its bold and extraordinary appeal. It makes for the go-to Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring for couples who like to ditch the conventions (with the exotic Black Pearl) while sticking to the classics. You’re most likely to find this Black Pearl Ring fashioned in a Round Shape that bestows a timeless touch to its dramatic appeal. Lucky for those who like this otherwise simple solitaire style to possess an extra visual appeal, it is often beautified by sparkling accents of diamond or moissanite, fascinating floral motifs, and designer metalwork.

  • Tahitian Pearl Halo Ring

    Rare and eye-striking, this style incorporates a shimmering halo of diamonds or moissanite all around the Center Stone of a Tahitian Pearl. With its extra layer of sparkle, it adds more personality to the Tahitian Pearl by making it appear larger. The color-contrasting aesthetic of this Black Pearl Ring with Diamond Halo (that looks close to a Black and White Pearl Ring, just a lot more sparkly) further sets it apart from the rest.

  • Vintage Tahitian Pearl Ring

    Exuding an old-world feel, a Vintage Black Pearl Ring boasts iconic designs from the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. It is prominently brought to life by milgrain and filigree detailing, as well as eye-appealing geometric patterns that offer a sense of nostalgia. An antique Black Pearl Ring can be a fine choice of engagement ring for couples who fancy a little heirloom touch in their emblem of love.

  • Two-Stone Tahitian Pearl Ring

    Just like the name suggests, a Twin Black Pearl Stone Ring features two stones of Tahitian Pearl (uniform in size) snuggled next to each other. If you’re too fond of the elegant yet fancy appeal of Tahitian Pearl, this two-stone ring might be a great fit for you. While you can wear it any day for its chic style statement, it is widely preferred for the kind of symbolism it brings along. The twin Stones of Pearl commemorate the union of two souls as one, making it one of the most romantic Black Pearl Promise Rings out there.

    The stylish black hue of Tahitian Pearl is best complemented by the three trendy tones of Gold we handcraft it in. White a Black Pearl White Gold Ring lends an understated touch to its dramatic black hue, and the one in Rose Gold goes ahead to exude a feminine vibe. Yellow gold, on the other hand, impresses with its luxurious and conventional appeal.