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Being the birthstone of July, a ruby ring symbolizes love, commitment, protection, courage, and passion. Throughout history, rubies adorned the attire of ancient royalty for daily wear and occasional wear. Whether set in necklace or other kinds of jewelry, rubies always shows its timeless charm and its mesmerizing blood red hues. The rich color of this precious gemstone originates from Chromium, a trace element present in the stone. The color shade ranges from dark reddish-brown to bright cherry red. Set in white gold or yellow gold bands, ruby rings are highly sought-after for their majestic hues and also add a romantic touch to your relationship.

Why Choose a Ruby Ring?

Beyond its aesthetic hues, ruby rings are the perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings. Thus Ruby highlights the breathtaking beauty that symbolizes passion, devotion, and love. Combining a vibrant red ruby with white gold often makes a stunning contrast, inducing a timeless charm with their vibrant color tone. Ruby rings have gained fame in recent years, opting for this gemstone offers a touch of uniqueness, a perfect piece of jewelry for those who want something distinctive and elegant.

Similar to other precious gemstones, rubies rank 9 on the Mohs scale, offering the best look when set in any kind of jewelry. As the number of gemstones available, selecting a durable stone capable of withstanding daily wear is crucial, ensuring rubies remains free from cracks or damage.

What are the Different Styles of Ruby Rings?

The styles of ruby rings, halo ruby rings, solitaire rings, and heart-cut ruby rings are some of the popular styles that will be cherished forever in the realm of gemstones.

  • Halo Rings: - This style of ring features a vibrant ruby gemstone encircled by a diamond or moissanite halo, showing the beauty and brilliance of the center gemstone. These ruby halo rings become very popular and an ideal choice for those who want the touch of sparkle in their accessory.

  • Solitaire Rings: - Graced by a single ruby gemstone, this solitaire ring holds a distinctive vibe. The simplicity of this solitaire ruby rings capture the hearts of onlookers. This type of style is best for those women who appreciate it as simple yet classic. Each solitaire ring set on yellow gold, or white gold metal brightens the design with its unlimited sparkle.

  • Promise Rings: - These rings are the true symbol of love, commitment, and devotion. Specially referred to as pre-engagement rings, these promise rings are embellished with ruby stone, and a variety of other stones like diamond or moissanite. These rings are chosen by those couples who are quite ready for their engagement and convey their feelings to their lady luck.

  • Heart Rings: - our heart ruby rings are elegantly secured in a prong setting or bezel setting. These rings feature a heart-shaped ruby as the center of attraction, which is the symbol of love, passion, and devotion, a popular choice for romantic occasions and daily wear. The deep red ruby makes the stunning contrast with the white gold metal, a must-have accessory to your wardrobe.

  • Eternity Rings: - Offering timeless elegance and beauty the ruby eternity rings are crafted with a stunning ruby gemstone, and precious white gold or yellow gold metal. Each half-eternity and full-eternity ring is carefully designed to stay forever while keeping the shine of the ruby stone.

  • Nature Inspired Rings: - The designs of these rings are drawn from natural elements or greenery earth such as branches, flowers, and leaves. The nature inspired ruby rings combine these essentials to create a dazzling look. This style of ring is crafted with attention to detail and adds the organic design, that grabs the attention of viewers. Ruby nature inspired rings will be the perfect match for those who appreciate the beauty of the green world and want to carry its charm always with them.

How Much Does Ruby Ring Cost?

The higher the ruby's quality, the more valuable and rarer it becomes. The main factors influencing a ruby's price include its size, measured in carat weight, and the intensity of its color. Rubies described as blood red or pigeon blood fetch some of the highest prices due to their exceptionally vibrant and rich hues, which are generally valued. Generally, the price per carat of rubies is lower than of diamonds but comparable to sapphires and emeralds. The price of a ruby ring at Rosec Jewels starts at $279 to over $1829, thus you’ll find a wide range of designs and metal choices, we are guaranteed to satisfy your needs.