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  1. Are Tahitian Pearls more Expensive?

    All thanks to their rarity, Tahitian Pearls are unquestionably the most expensive type of Pearls out there. The cost of Tahitian Pearl Earrings ranges from $300 to $1000 in our collection.

  2. Can you wear Tahitian pearls everyday?

    Well ideally, it isn’t recommended to slip on Tahitian Pearl everyday since it is a relatively soft gemstone that strikes a hardness rating of 2.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, it’s best to save them for special occasions. However, if you can put in the extra efforts required to take care of them the right manner while abiding by all the professional prescribed precautions, you can also choose to wear them everyday.

  3. Can you shower with Tahitian pearl?

    Make it a point to take off your Black Pearl Gold Earrings before you hop in the shower since harmful chemicals from soaps and shampoos can deteriorate the quality of your gemstone (often causing it to lose its color over time).

Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Made for the modern diva, Tahitian Pearl Earrings are any day an exotic choice of accessory. To complement their beauty at best, we handcraft them in an array of designs that define your uniqueness. Whether you’re somewhat conventional with your fashion choices or love to keep up with the trends, you’re sure to find a favorite in our versatile collection of Tahitian Pearl Gold Earrings:

Introduction to Tahitian Pearl

The rarest variety of Pearls out there, Tahitian Pearl is born inside Pinctada margaritifera, a Black-lip pearl oyster (hence the color). It comes hued in a palette of mystical shades of Black right from dove grey to jet black (with slight overtones of green, copper, and deep purple).

The more you get to know this mystical gemstone, the more excited you’ll get to buy Black Pearl Earrings yourself. To keep the long story short, let’s take a quick look at the importance that they hold:

Importance of Tahitian Pearl

First things first, the rare and natural black hue of Tahitian Pearl lends it an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, making it the second most valuable commercially farmed Pearl (and one of the most valuable gemstones) all around the world. Besides that, it is highly coveted for the symbolism that it boasts. It is treasured as the symbol of hope for the heart-broken. Contrary to the negative associations of the color Black, Tahitian Pearl is also believed to keep the wearer away from all kinds of negative energies. As per a famous Chinese folklore, this Black Pearl is believed to be created in the head of the dragons, owing to which it is also hailed as the symbol of wisdom and strength. Last but not the least, Polynesian Gold Oro presented a Tahitian Pearl to his beloved, after which it also began to signify everlasting love.

Even now that you know this gemstone inside out, it’s absolutely normal to get confused between a pair of Real Black Pearl Earrings and their synthetic counterparts (due to the uncanny resemblance). But that shouldn’t be a point of worry as long as you’re abiding by the following tried and trusted measures to tell the both apart:

Tahitian Pearl Earrings: Real Or Fake?

  • Owing to their formation, Real Tahitian Pearls tend to have some inclusions or blemishes over the surface, which is not the case with their fake counterparts (they are too perfect to be real). So, an easy way to tell the difference between the two is to spot for minor imperfections.

  • More often than not, Real Black Pearl is heavier than its fake counterparts. All you have to do is toss it in your hand to roughly check for the weight. If it seems surprisingly light, you might be holding a fake one.

  • The luster of a Real Pearl sets it apart. In fact, it boasts a bright, mirror-like reflection when light hits, which is hard to be duplicated. So, checking for that might go a long way in telling the both apart.

  • Before you buy Black Pearl Earrings, closely observe the overtones. Most of the Real Black pearls possess green, copper, blue, or deep purple overtones, which is near impossible for its synthetic counterpart to imitate.

Styles of Tahitian Pearl Earrings

  • Drop Black Pearl Earrings

    Fancied for their elegant appeal, Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings hang (or drop) below the earlobe through a hook. The embellishment of Tahitian Pearl contrasts this feminine style with a pop of bold black color. So, whether you team up your formal ensembles with a pair of classic drops for an understated look or opt for a contemporary designer drop earrings for a date ready look, each pair here knows how to make a statement.

  • Dangle Pearl Earrings

    The most statement-making choice of accessory out there, Tahitian Pearl Dangle Earrings swing (or dangle) below the earlobe in a to and fro motion. To bring out the beauty of this dramatic style at best, these earrings are adorned with the bold centerpiece of Tahitian Pearl. You can easily call them the go-to choice of accessory on the days you wish to make a party-ready statement.

  • Pearl Stud Earrings

    An everyday fashion staple, Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings sit snug against the earlobe (without hanging or dangling down) while letting the Black Pearl take all the center stage. Owing to their minimalist and timeless appeal, they are considered a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box. From the classic round Black Pearl Gold Earrings for an understated cum classy look to the ones fashioned in eye-catching motifs such as floral and animal-inspired or a sparkly pair of Tahitian Pearl Earrings with Diamond (in Halo) if you’re looking for something more visually appealing, the world of options is endless.

Is it Worth Buying Black Pearl Earrings

We’d like to regard Black Pearl Gold Earrings as worth every penny for all the good reasons. Black has always been deemed as the color of fashion, which lends these earrings a timeless appeal. Moreover, they stand out for their unique luster. So all in all, you can hail them as a forever fashion staple that exudes sheer class and glamour. Needless to mention, they also capture hearts with the symbolism that they boast. Besides that, Real Black Pearl Earrings are considered extremely rare, which makes them such a prized possession in every woman’s jewelry box.