FAQs about Cancer Birthstone Jewelry

  1. What does Ruby symbolize?

    Ruby is red in color thus it symbolizes love, passion, and protection.

  2. Which ruby color is the most valuable?

    The vivid, pure red makes the ruby highly valuable. It is highly coveted in this hue as it makes the jewelry look super alluring.

  3. How should you wear ruby for the maximum benefit?

    Although you can wear rubies adorned in any kind of jewelry, a ring is considered the most ideal as it is something that you can easily wear everyday.

  4. What is the cheaper alternate for the ruby gemstone?

    Lab created ruby is a great alternate to the ruby gemstone. It comes at a lesser price, but with a red glow.

About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign associated with people born in the month of July. The zodiac sign has a symbol of crab and the element of water.

Cancerians are one of the most sensitive beings, which turns out to be positive and not so positive at times. Their sensitivity makes them highly intuitive, but it also makes them vulnerable and moody on many occasions. They feel every emotion a little too much in comparison to other zodiac signs.

People with cancer star sign love being comfortable; it brings out the joy and happiness from within for them. They make the most loyal and long-term friends, but not receiving loyalty and truthfulness or being rejected by others can make them hide in their shell just like a crab does.

All they need in life is strong support that can bring emotional balance to their life, and the right birthstone can do that job well for them.

Cancer Birthstone: Ruby

The Cancer zodiac sign's official birthstone is ruby, a vibrant red gem ruled by the sun.Cancerians are ruled by the moon, and ruby brings the sun element, which balances the emotional aspect of Cancer people. Ruby makes them feel mentally and physically stronger. By balancing the heart chakra, it infuses self-confidence in them.

Ruby is a precious gemstone and one of the second-hardest gems after diamonds. Its strong presence can give cancerians the much-needed support and strength to go through life without getting affected.