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  1. Which finger do you wear an amethyst ring on?

    Amethyst has always been a favorite for the kind of astrological benefits it brings along. Therefore, it is advisable to wear this Purple Stone Ring on the middle finger of the right hand to get the most out of these benefits.

  2. Is real amethyst expensive?

    If you compare it to precious gemstones, Amethyst is much more affordable. But again, just like any other gemstone, it comes at every price point. For instance, the price of Amethyst Rings in our collection ranges from $250 to $1000. Moreover, if you buy one of the Amethyst Rings for sale, you might get your hands on some pocket-friendly deals.

  3. How do you know if an amethyst ring is real?

    Amethyst is a gemstone of its kind. And given its soaring popularity, counter-felt and fake gemstones are also being developed in the market today. But fret not, it’s not a havoc task to tell them apart. Just rely on the following tests: 

    • More often than not, a synthetic gemstone is made up of glass. As a result, some bubbles get trapped within it during its formation. Just try spotting these tiny bubbles over the surface and you’ll be good to tell if your Amethyst is fake or not.

    • Make sure to take a good look at the clarity of the Amethyst. Amethyst possesses impressive eye-clean clarity. So, if you see some noticeable flaws and inclusions in your gemstone under the bright light, it is most likely a fake one.

    • Be it a Round, Oval, or Princess Cut Amethyst Ring, don’t forget to subject it to a color test. Naturally, Amethyst possesses a deep purple hue with either a red, pink, blue, or brown undertone. If it carries any other hue apart from these, beware- your Amethyst could be fake.

  4. Can I wear an amethyst ring every day?

    Without a shred of doubt, yes!

    Amethyst is considered a durable gemstone with an above average hardness rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. Whether you wear white gold or Rose Gold Amethyst Ring, it can easily withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

  5. Can anyone wear an amethyst ring?

    Being the traditional birthstone of February, Amethyst is considered a little extra lucky for those born in this month. But the good news is- any and everybody can wear this February Birthstone Ring and make use of the astrological benefits that it offers.

  6. Which zodiac should wear an amethyst ring?

    Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for Pisces. So, it’s considered extremely lucky for those who have this Zodiac.

  7. What should you avoid with Amethyst Ring?

    Though Amethyst is a durable gemstone, there are certain precautions you have to be mindful of while wearing an Amethyst Ring. Some of them are:

    • Amethyst is sensitive to sudden temperature changes. So, make sure to avoid subjecting your ring to them.

    • Just like any other gemstone, harmful chemicals hold the potential of causing substantial damage to Amethyst. So, make it a point to put off the ring whenever you hop in the shower or apply makeup.

    • Most importantly, don’t make the rookie mistake of storing your Amethyst along with the other gemstones (especially the harder ones). Knocks from harder gemstones can cause the Amethyst to scratch.

    • Prolonged exposure to heat can make the Amethyst lose its color. Keep in mind to be extra cautious of that.

    • In case you’re wondering how to clean Amethyst Ring, always make use of a lukewarm solution of soapy water. Make sure the soap/liquid detergent you use is devoid of any chemicals. Be sure to be gentle while cleaning.

  8. Is it okay to shower with an amethyst Ring?

    A big no!

    Always put off your Amethyst Gold ring before hopping in the shower. The soaps and shampoos are often home to loads of harmful chemicals that can cause significant damage to Amethyst. 

  9. Why can't you put amethyst in the sun?

    Over-exposing your Amethyst to the sun has an ill-effect on its color. (To such an extent that the UV rays can cause the color of your Amethyst to dull over time.)

Amethyst Rings

Slip on an Amethyst Ring and let your fairy-tale fantasies come to life. The aesthetics of this pretty purple gemstone are brought out best by the many ring styles we handcraft it in. Scroll through our one-of-a-kind collection to see what catches your eye!

What is Amethyst?

In the simplest words, Amethyst is a purple-colored quartz. It belongs to the semi-precious family of gemstones and is the proud birthstone of February. The violet hue it brims in is a royal sight to witness (and also speaks volumes of the kind of appeal this February Birthstone Ring fetches). Precisely, it ranges from a light lilac color to more intense shades of purple.

But we’d refer to it as a beautiful gemstone inside out. The kind of symbolism it has to offer is the sole reason for that. Keep reading and you’ll find it hard to disagree:

What does an Amethyst Ring Symbolize?

True to its surreal purple hue, Amethyst is believed to epitomize the purity of spirit and serenity. In a broader context, these Purple Stone Rings represent understanding, wisdom, trust, and creativity. But the most significant symbolism that not only makes Amethyst so miraculous but also rewards it with its beautiful name remains its associations with sobriety. Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ‘Amethystos,’ which means ‘not intoxicated.’ These associations stem from fascinating folklore, which is a tale to be saved for some other day. In case you’re wondering “What are the benefits of wearing an Amethyst Ring?” let us shed some light on that:

Similar to its serene hue, it protects the wearer against anger, fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Apart from that, it is considered a wonderfully spiritual stone. That’s because it enhances intuitive abilities, helps the wearer connect to higher realms of consciousness, and is widely used for meditative purposes. Not just that, it is astrologically believed to keep evil energies from entering your aura. In terms of physical healing, it carries ties with the ‘Crown Chakra.’ Thanks to that, it helps fight insomnia and migraine and helps strengthen the overall immune system. Not to forget- it also works as a protective stone for love and relationships, which fuels the popularity of Amethyst Engagement Rings in an astrological sense.

By now, we bet you’d have gotten all the more excited to buy Amethyst Ring online. We will not keep you waiting. Hop on to find your favorite among the fusion of classic, vintage, and contemporary rings in our catalog!

Our One-of-a-kind Catalog of Amethyst Rings 

  • Solitaire Amethyst Ring

    A Solitaire-Style Ring is adorned by a Single Centerpiece of Amethyst that steals all the attention. This Amethyst Solitaire is quite enormous, i.e., around 6-8 MM in size. This style breathes life into one of the most classic and traditional Amethyst Engagement Rings out there. Not to forget- it also caters to many aesthetics. Right from the conventional Round Amethyst Rings to the ones fashioned in fancy shapes (marquise, pear, princess, oval) or even old-school shapes (Asscher, Cushion, Emerald), you have a sea of options before you.

  • Amethyst Halo Ring

    A Halo-Style Ring encircles the Center Stone of Amethyst with a parade of Diamonds/Moissanite (termed as Halo). For those who’re worn out of the classic solitaire style, a Halo offers your ring more character, playful, and of course- Sparkles. What’s more, it gives off the illusion of a bigger center stone of Amethyst! So, if you’ve been eyeing a Diamond and Amethyst Ring lately your search might end on a Halo-Style Ring.

  • Vintage Amethyst Ring

    Oozing an old-world vibe, a Vintage-inspired Amethyst Ring carries iconic artwork from the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. Its ornate metalwork features milgrain, filigree, and other antique engravings as well as intricate abstract designs. Complemented by the center-stone of Amethyst, this February Birthstone Ring looks like a piece made for the royals! 

  • Amethyst Eternity Ring

    Just as the name suggests, an eternity-style ring is bejeweled by a circular loop of uniformly-sized Amethysts all over the band. All the spotlight is penned on the pretty purple pop of color of Amethyst. While Round and Oval Amethyst Rings are the most common find in eternity-pattern, fancy shapes like princess, marquise, and pear are also surging in popularity. The symbolism of this style makes it a splendid Amethyst Wedding Ring. It is presented as an emblem of the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime.

  • Amethyst Promise Ring

    Unlike all the other styles, an Amethyst Promise Ring isn’t necessarily characterized by a specific design. It offers you a versatile selection- right from Small Solitaire Rings (with Amethyst of up to 4 MM in size) to those that possess minimal detailings and beautiful motifs like flowers and infinity. Beyond its eye-appealing design, this promise ring carries a symbolism just as beautiful. It speaks of a promise of lifelong commitment and insinuates that you’re thinking of taking your relationship to the next stage (probably engagement).

  • Amethyst Wedding Ring

    A Wedding Ring is often studded with a row of Amethysts throughout the band. There is a myriad of options offering just as many aesthetics in this category. You could decide on a simple Princess Cut Amethyst Ring Band or go much bolder with bands that feature more eye-catching details like a floating halo, nature-inspired motifs, or vintage engravings.

  • Amethyst Cocktail Ring

    The award for the most flamboyant, showy, and extravagant ring could easily go to an Amethyst Cocktail Ring. The enormous center-stone of Amethyst in this style catches the most attention and is further dramatized by diamond/moissanite set in eye-striking patterns. This style is a unique blend of feminine and bold. If your sense of style is somewhat over the top, this Amethyst Ring for Women won’t disappoint!

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