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  1. Which finger must I wear a promise ring?

    If you’re looking to buy Promise Ring, you need to know that though it is traditionally worn on the ring finger, there are no hard and fast rules that dictate the correct finger to slip it over. The final choice eventually boils down to your preference.

  2. How much should a promise ring be?

    The price of Colored Gemstone and Diamond Promise Rings ranges from $80 to $1030 in our collection.

  3. What are the rules for promise rings?

    Well actually, that depends upon your purpose behind wearing it. 

    If say, its sole purpose is to be the precursor of your engagement ring, it should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand (since it is also the hand you’d slip your engagement ring over). Otherwise, you can wear it on the right hand.

  4. How serious is a promise ring?

    Whether you go for a Gemstone or Diamond Promise Ring for her, exchanging it reflects upon a lifelong promise of love and commitment. If you’re not ready to be betrothed but still wish to take your relationship to the next level, a Promise Ring is the perfect way forward! So, a Promise Ring insinuates that things are serious between the couple. 

  5. Is it ok to propose with a Promise Ring?

    Well technically, engagement rings are meant to propose marriage. A Promise Ring, on the other hand, reflects upon the promise of lifelong commitment but isn’t traditionally meant for proposing.

  6. How long is appropriate for a promise ring?

    The answer to that lies within you. Whenever you feel that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next stage and are ready to commit to your partner for a lifetime, consider it the right time to exchange a Real promise ring. So if you see, the exact time frame varies from couple to couple.

  7. Do both partners have to wear a promise ring?

    While it is a common practice for both partners to slip on a promise ring, it eventually boils down to your personal preference. Pro tip: If you’re the hopeless romantic kind of couple and don’t shy away from expressing it, you can also go for a matching his and her promise ring.

  8. What is the difference between a promise ring and a proposal ring?

    While both Promise Rings and Proposal (engagement) rings signify commitment, they do possess some considerable differences. Let’s have a look:

    First things first, a Promise Ring is meant to reflect a promise of love and commitment, while an engagement ring is exchanged to propose marriage. Besides that, they also appear poles apart from one another. Shedding some light on that, a Promise Ring for Women looks a lot less flashy than an engagement ring. It doesn't feature an enormous-looking center stone, which is the case with a proposal ring.

  9. What finger do unmarried girls wear rings on?

    Unmarried girls are most likely to slip on a ring (specifically a promise or engagement ring) on the ring finger of their left hand. The reason behind that takes us back to an ancient Roman belief that suggests that this finger carries a vein that connects directly to the heart. So, that way, you’re keeping your emblem of love closest to the heart.

  10. What do you say when you receive a Promise ring?

    Receiving a Promise Ring from the love of your life is practically the dream. While you might be overwhelmed with a million emotions, make sure to respond with whatever comes straight from your heart. Some of the best responses are: "This promise ring means a lot to me, and it signifies the depth of our connection. I want you to know that I cherish our relationship and promise to honor the commitment it represents." 

    Besides, you could also reciprocate the same sentiments by presenting your partner with a matching ring that has a meaningful promise ring note engraved (if that’s your kind of thing).

  11. What color should promise rings be?

    Promise Rings can be of any color you like. If you prefer subtly romantic colors, you could go for the ones fashioned with Morganite, Rose Quartz, etc., While if you have a liking for dark and bold colors, consider going for Red, Black and Blue Promise Rings (the ones fashioned with Black Spinel, Garnet, Ruby, London Blue Topaz, etc.). On the other hand, if you wish to ditch the color altogether but fancy some bling, a Diamond or Moissanite Promise Ring is the one to go for.

  12. How early is too early for a promise ring?

    If you’re looking to buy promise rings online, you should be aware of the intent that it withholds. It is meant to be a promise of lifelong commitment and suggests that things are quite serious between the couple. So if you’re ready to take your relationship to that stage just yet, we’d deem it too early to exchange a promise ring. Ideally, it takes around 6 months-1 year for the couples to be ready to exchange a promise ring.

  13. Do I wear my promise ring every day?

    Apart from expressing your promise of lifelong commitment and love (that is meant to be cherished every day), it also tells the world loud and clear that you’re in a committed relationship (especially if you wear a matching “Promise ring for her and him”). So yes for that matter, couples usually prefer wearing a promise ring every day! But besides that, everything boils down to your personal preference. 

  14. What do the three stones mean on a promise ring?

    A Three-Stone Promise Ring has lately surged in popularity and the meaning that it withholds takes complete credit. It captures the love story of every couple uniquely. Each of the three stones here shed light upon the past, present, and future of their long journey of togetherness. Besides that, the three stones are also known to signify love, fidelity, and friendship between the couple. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for the best promise rings for her or him in terms of sentimental value, this ring style might be the perfect bet!

  15. Are 3 years too late for a promise ring?

    Looking to order promise ring online after three long years of togetherness but wondering if it has gotten too late? Well, that depends upon the pace with which you want to take things forward. If you’re not ready to tie the knot (for whatever reason) but still wish to insinuate that you’re ready to commit to your special someone, it is never too late to exchange a Promise Ring.

  16. What happens if you break a promise on a promise ring?

    A Real Promise Ring is typically meant to signify the promise of love and commitment. So, if that promise is broken, it’s best to return the ring since it holds no meaning now. 

  17. How do you hint to your boyfriend that you want a promise ring?

    You could drop slight hints or be completely vocal about it. If you feel it’s quite odd to speak of it directly, try bringing up a conversation about whether it’s the right time to move things forward and think of your future together. That way, you could even get to know if he’s ready to exchange a promise ring, and if it’s a yes, try discussing the idea of an emblem of love that officiates your promise of commitment. If things go the right way, you could even give him an idea of the kind of ring you prefer. And lucky for you, Rosec Jewels has emerged as the best place to buy promise rings since it carries an array of designs right from classic and understated to contemporary and vintage to speak to every sense of style. So, that makes it easy for you both to browse through a variety of options together and arrive at the best one.

  18. When a guy gives you a promise ring?

    A guy presents you with a promise ring when he feels like he has found the one and plans on having a future together with you. That’s because a Promise Ring is technically a step up from dating. It reflects upon the promise of lifelong love and commitment. 

Promise Rings

Planning on making your commitment to your beloved official before you pop the big question? Well, exchanging a Promise Ring is the perfect way forward! The best part? We handcraft each ring in an array of designs that speak to every couple uniquely. Hop on to find the one for yourself:

What is a Promise Ring supposed to mean?

Real Promise Rings are typically exchanged between couples to commemorate a lifelong promise of love and commitment. They are meant for those who wish to take their relationship to the next stage and plan on having a future together, without getting hitched just yet.

Besides, we can’t define Promise Rings by a specific design and that’s precisely what makes them unique. Though they are not as flashy as an engagement ring, they are available in just as many styles. And lucky for you, Rosec Jewels is here to introduce and make you fall in love with all of them. Keep scrolling to discover the very best Promise Rings:

Our Eye-Catching Collection of Promise Ring Styles

  • Solitaire Ring

    A Solitaire Promise Ring is encased with the Single Centerpiece of Diamond/Gemstone (around 4 MM in size) that is meant to steal all the limelight. It is fashioned in several shapes that resonate with all kinds of aesthetics. While a Round Cut Promise Ring speaks to conventional couples owing to its classic appeal, the ones fashioned with fancy cuts like Pear, Princess, and Marquise-Cut resonate more with trend-savvy senses of styles. On the other hand, Vintage Cut Solitaire Rings like Emerald, Cushion, or Asscher speak to old-school couples. However, nothing beats a Heart Shape Diamond or Gemstone Promise Ring if you’ve been on the lookout for a romantic emblem of love.

  • Toi Et Moi Ring

    Just like the name suggests, a Toi Et Moi Ring is fashioned with twin stones of Diamond/Gemstone that are nestled close to each other. If your partner is more into contemporary style and grand gestures of love, this ring style is the way forward! Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the two stones here signify the union of two souls as one. The term ‘Toi Et Moi’ here itself stands for ‘you and me,’ which makes it a romantic Promise Ring for girlfriend.

  • Three Stone Promise Ring

    A Three-Stone Promise Ring features triple stones of Diamond/Gemstone (identical in size) that are nestled close to each other. It makes for the perfect Promise Ring for Couples that fancy an extra color splash or sparkle. Beyond that, it celebrates the unique journey of each couple most profoundly, with each of the three stones signifying their past, present, and future together respectively. 

  • Infinity Promise Ring

    Incorporating an infinity motif in the center or all over the shank, an Infinity Promise Ring for her makes for a meaningful emblem of love for your one and only. It is often encased with gemstones/diamonds in the center. The Infinity symbol here beautifully professes your commitment by signifying the promise of an eternity of togetherness. 

  • Celtic Promise Ring

    A Celtic Promise Ring is characterized by traditional Celtic Design elements that look nothing short of a piece of art. Most commonly, you’ll come across Celtic rings that possess intricate knot work, interlacing patterns, and symbols such as the Triquetra. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for Gold Promise Rings for her that carry a hint of vintage charm, look no further!

  • Five Stone Promise Ring

    True to its name, a Five Stone Promise Ring is encrusted with five stones of Diamond/Gemstone that are arranged together in a row over the band. What’s more, each of the five stones here signifies the promise of love, trust, communication, commitment, and empathy- which are pretty much the driving force of a good relationship. So, if you’ve been scouting for meaningful Promise Ring Bands for her, your hunt ends here.

    Besides that, you can also play with the aesthetics by going for a metal tone that best resonates with your significant other’s sense of style. While White Gold Promise Rings for her stand out for their understated appeal, those fashioned in yellow gold look more conventional. If your one and only is more likely to fall for a pretty Pink Promise Ring that exudes a feminine cum romantic vibe, consider going for the one crafted in rose gold.

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