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  1. Can I wear Opal Earrings in the shower?

    It isn’t recommended to wear Genuine Opal Gold Earrings in the shower since chemicals from soaps and shampoos can deteriorate the quality of your gemstone (often causing its color to fade over time).

  2. Can Opals be worn everyday?

    If you’re a little extra cautious with them, yes!

    Well, Opals aren’t the most durable gemstones out there. They strike an average hardness rating of 5.5-6.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, it goes without saying that if you’re planning on flaunting them every day, you need to pay special attention to their care and maintenance to keep them from all the potential wear and tear.

  3. Do you have to be careful with Opals?

    Absolutely yes!

    Being a fragile gemstone, Opal demands some extra care and attention (since precaution is always better than cure). And lucky for you, we have assembled all the professionally prescribed tips that would go a long way in keeping your Opal away from any potential risks and damages:

    • The simplest to follow (yet often overlooked) care tip is to store your Opal in a separate jewelry box to keep it from getting scratched by harder gemstones.

    • Since Opal is a porous gemstone, wrapping it in dampened cotton while store works like a charm in keeping the moisture intact.

    • Whether you own 10K, 18K or 14K Gold Opal Earrings, never count on abrasive ultrasonic cleaners to clean them since they can be quite harsh on your jewelry.

    • It isn’t recommended to subject Opals to sudden temperature changes since they can cause your gemstone to craze or fracture.

    • Opals might love water but chemicals certainly are not their friend. So, it is best to keep them miles away from chlorine, bleach, hydrofluoric acids, alcohol, caustic alkaline solutions, and even oils and glycerin. Also, make it a point to wear your makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical products before you slip on your Opal earrings.

  4. How can you tell if Opal Earrings are real?

    Telling Genuine Opal Earrings apart from their fake counterparts requires you to follows these tried and trusted ways:

    • Synthetic Opals are often made up of glass. So, it is natural for some gas to get trapped inside them, leading to the formation of air bubbles over their surface. By detecting them with a jeweler’s loupe, you’ll be good to tell whether it is a real or fake one.

    • The primary USP of Natural Opal Earrings is their rainbow-like play of colors. Simply subject your stone to white light and observe how it reacts. If you don’t witness any play of color coming directly from its surface (which is the case with synthetic opals since they showcase color from below the surface), then beware- it is most likely an imitation.

    • Don’t forget to verify the gemstone’s origin before purchasing. Real Opals are generally mined in Australia, Mexico, Western Us, and Honduras. Opals coming from any other country might need a thorough authenticity check.

  5. What zodiac signs are opal?

    Opal, being the birthstone of October, is astrologically recommended to be worn by those native to the Zodiac sign- Libra.

  6. Why did opal turn yellow?

    Be it an every day pair of classic studs or Vintage Opal Earrings that you’ve saved for special occasions, it is quite natural for them to turn yellow when exposed to or submerged in water. That’s because Ethiopian Opals are hydrophane, i.e., they possess the ability to absorb water, which can often lead to a change of appearance, causing them to appear yellow or brownish.

  7. How do you activate an opal stone?

    The following measures are most trusted to Activate the power of these October Birthstone Earrings:

    • Cleansing: Before activating any crystal or stone, it is recommended to cleanse it to remove any negative or stagnant energies that it may have absorbed. To do so, you can make use of warm, soapy water. Make sure to be extra gentle while cleaning Opals.

    • Charging with moonlight: Opal is considered an extremely spiritual gemstone. So, exposing it to the light of full moon through a windowsill can go a long way in enhancing its energy.

    • Meditation: Opals are believed to awaken the psychic abilities of the wearer. So, meditating with it can also help charge this gemstone. Sit in a quiet and calm space and hold the opal in your hand. Close your eyes, relax, and focus all attention on the opal. Allow yourself to connect with its energy and visualize its properties amplifying within you.

Opal Earrings

Embrace all the shades of your personality by slipping on a pair of Colorful Ethiopian Opal Earrings! To best complement the eye-striking beauty of this gemstone, we handcraft it in an array of designs that range from minimalist to contemporary and vintage. So, however your sense of style looks like, you’re sure to find a favorite here:

What are Opal Earrings?

Earrings that feature the Center Stone of Ethiopian Opal as the main focal point are referred to as Real Opal Earrings. Let’s introduce you to this gemstone to help you understand better:

In the simplest terms, Opal is a hydrophane gemstone (containing up to 20 % water) that is held in high regard as the birthstone of October. It stands out for its kaleidoscopic play of colors that magically showcases almost every hue found in a rainbow.

However, Natural Opal Earrings go much beyond their aesthetic appeal to speak to the wearer. Take a look at the meaningful symbolism that they boast and you’ll know how:

Symbolism of Ethiopian Opal Earrings

True to their colorful hue, Genuine Ethiopian Opal Earrings are treasured as the symbol of happiness, hope, goodness, luck, and purity. Moreover, Romans have even regarded Opal as the ‘Cupid Stone,’ owing to which it is even prized as the stone of love and romance.

Now that you know this gemstone inside out, let’s make you fall in love with the wide selection of Ethiopian Opal Gold Earrings that we carry. Spoiler Alert: It’ll be hard to pick JUST one.

Our Eye-Catching Collection of Ethiopian Opal Earrings

  • Opal Stud Earrings

    Meant to be flaunted every day, Genuine Opal Stud Earrings are worn directly through the earlobe (often secured by a screw, latch, or butterfly post back). To effortlessly lend their classic and minimalist style an eye-catching colorful touch, they are adorned with the Centerpiece of Ethiopian Opal. The best part? You could go from teaming up these Opal Gold Stud Earrings with your work ensembles or complement your fancy attires with their understated appeal, they know how to fit with every look.

  • Opal Drop Earrings

    Graceful and elegant, Opal Drop Earrings hang just below the earlobe (suspended by a hook) while letting the colorful centerpiece of Opal complement them. They are meant for the days you wish to channel your feminine grace. While Classic Drop Earrings are perfect to make an elegant statement, there is nothing better than Opal Teardrop Earrings to achieve that dream bridal look for your big day.

  • Opal Dangle Earrings

    The most statement-making choice of accessory out there, Opal Dangle Earrings hang below the earlobe while swinging to and fro for some movement. Their flashy and flamboyant appeal is best complemented by the vibrant centerpiece of Ethiopian Opal. They go best when paired up with fancy attires for a party-ready look.

  • Opal Hoop Earrings

    Chic and timeless, Gold Opal Hoop Earrings hang from the earlobe in a circular or semi-circular shape while emphasizing on the enchanting Centerpiece of Ethiopian Opal. Whether you’re looking for something that makes a formal statement at work or an edgy accessory for a casual day out, Opal Hoops are the perfect way forward!