Introduction To Basics

A piece of jewel is dear to the owner, there are emotions attached to the same. While selecting the ideal jewelry item for yourself, you must be aware of the precautions, care tips, and factors that indicate repair. It helps to minimize damage and get a damaged fix at the right moment.

The different factors that can harm your jewelry are:

Adulterated Gemstones:

Lab-created gemstones are the ones considered adulterated gemstones. Harmful effects on the same due to various factors can be easily noticed. The perfectly created lab-grown gemstones need extra care as they are not as aged as the natural one and one flaw can ruin their complete presence. In order to maintain their perfect shine and sparkle, keep them away from sunlight, harsh chemicals, while using sharp and pointed utensils.

Contact with Harmful Chemicals

While you use your regular perfume, body spray, hair spray, beaching agents, lotions, and any other product that has chemicals the effect can be noticed in your jewelry. In order to minimize the harmful effects on precious stones and jewelry items, removal of jewelry before you come in contact with such chemicals is advised. They can adverse the Gold and the colored gemstone over a period of time.

Exposure to Sunlight

Certain precious stones like pearl can lose their upper coat due to continuous exposure to the sun. It can be avoided by minimizing the time you spend under sunlight while wearing your precious jewelry. Alike the same opal gets darker in the sunlight and loses its natural characteristics. To avoid such situations, one should avoid wearing jewelry while they are out under the intense sun.

Harsh Cleaners

The use of ultrasonic cleaners created specifically for metals should not be used for natural gemstones. Not in any case should be used for ivory, pearls, coral, tanzanite, iolite, fire topaz ,and emeralds.

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Suggestive Cleaning Methods

Experts suggest to clean the jewelry on regular intervals in order to avoid any kind of deposit of dirt or rusting of jewelry.

Certain Pro Tips to Have Hassle-Free Cleaning Session of Your Jewelry

  • Choose soft brushes over the hard ones, it helps to avoid further scratches over the precious stones.
  • Expensive products like high carat emeralds, diamonds, and other solid precious stones should be cleaned by an expert, do not try to clean them on your own.
  • A combination of warm water with mild soap is the universal combination to clean jewelry irrespective of stone and metal type. Using soft clothing is recommended. In case you feel, the gemstone needs extra cleaning, use a soft bristle brush to ensure the deep cleaning of the precious gemstone. It will help you to remove the dirt and get a crystal clear stone.

Please Note- Use two bowls one having the combination of mild soap and warm water and another having clean warm water. After washing the gemstone with the combination of soap and water, you can place the piece of jewelry in the bowl of clean water. Avoid using a running tap as you might lose your jewelry in the sinkhole or hamper the same due to the excessive flow of water.

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Tips for Proper Storage

Overlapping jewelry one over the other in form of clutter can become challenging for the person who is responsible for taking care of them. Well, the owner of the jewelry needs to be alert about the different ways to store various pieces of jewelry in separate boxes specially designed to keep them safe and in a sound position.

Few tips to handle your jewelry

  • Never toss your precious stone jewelry items into the cupboard, it is not safe to just throw them up in the cupboard. Place them with care in their respective jewel boxes.
  • Do not rub your fingers and hands against wood and steel or any other commodity while you are wearing your colored gemstone rings and bracelets. It can cause scratches. Remove them and place them in their box and proceed with your work.
  • Leaving your jewels outside in a high humidity zone can adversely affect the quality of jewels. Precious stones like pearls and opals can lose their natural color if are left in the wet zone. cleaning, use a soft bristle brush to ensure the deep cleaning of the precious gemstone. It will help you to remove the dirt and get a crystal clear stone.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Jewelry

It is necessary to take care of your belongings and ensure your precious jewelry doesn’t lose the spark and glitz over a period of time.

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Certain practices that will help you to maintain the high quality of your jewelry are:

  • You cannot carry your jewelry boxes while you travel but can surely have a jewelry pouch that is made of soft fabric, you can use the same to store your jewelry.
  • Always wear your jewelry at the end, first complete your make-up, application of hair spray, perfume, etc and then start wearing your jewelry.
  • After undressing your jewelry, clean the same with a clean soft cloth to remove any kind of dirt or oil.
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  • Please avoid using a hot bathtub or swimming pool while wearing your jewelry. It has a high chlorine value that can adversely affect the jewelry pieces.
  • Avoid performing physical activities while wearing your jewelry You can remove and keep them at a safe location and proceed with your task.

Guidance to Increase Shelf Life of Your Jewelry

You can increase the life of your jewelry by keeping the following points in your mind:

  • Consult experts for cleaning your jewelry as they will handle the jewelry with utmost care.
  • Go for the jewelry which you can handle with ease.
  • It is suggested to re-plate or polish your white gold jewelry after a period of 24 months.
  • Ensure you do not expose your colored gemstones to direct sunlight. It can hamper their natural color.
  • Take care of your precious jewelry and it will retain the classic look for a long period.

Red Flags Reflecting Repair

The time when you are expected to get your ring, bracelet, pendant, earring, or any piece of jewel repaired due to any mishap or accidental damage, should not be delayed. Timely repair is expected to minimize the cost of repair. Rosec Jewel offers 30 days of free repair and maintenance service to its valuable customers. For further help, please check out our “Warranty” policy.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Do you love to wear Sterling Silver Jewelry? like why not! There are so many things to love about sterling silver jewelry it’s durable, affordable and beautiful. You can never go wrong with Silver Jewelry which will upgrade your jewelry collection. But it’s important to take care of your jewelry to maintain it’s beauty and sparkle for years to come. We have some easy tips to clean your sterling silver jewelry.

How to Prevent your Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing?

Before we dive in, the cleaning steps of silver jewelry. You must know how to prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing and discoloration.
We recommend you to store your sterling silver jewelry in a safe and dry place. Avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry while engaging in these particular activities:

  • While Exercising - Remove your silver jewelry while engaging in strenuous physical activities as the salt present in sweat can tarnish your jewelry. These activities also involves a great risk of falling or getting lost.

  • When showering or bathing - You should avoid taking bath or shower while wearing your silver jewelry as it’s better to keep your silver away from moisture. Water can oxidize silver. But if you do it once in a while you must dry it properly.

  • While getting ready (such as applying lotions, hair products, or perfumes) - Don’t wear your silver jewelry while applying lotions, perfumes, or any products containing chemical as it can accelerate tarnishing.

  • Doing Household Chores - Wearing your silver jewelry isn’t a good idea while doing some household chores as substances with additional sulfur like household cleaners, chlorinated water, and rubber will accelerate corrosion and tarnish.

  • Wearing in Hot Places - Before hitting a beach or pool, remember to remove your silver jewelry, as sun’s heat can easily tarnish your jewelry easily.

Note : If you’re going for a pool party, take off your silver. Chlorine is pretty harsh chemical which can harm your jewelry. By keeping your silver jewelry away from moisture and harsh chemicals can prevent your jewelry from tarnishing.

Clean and Care :

There are many ways to clean your sterling silver jewelry, here we will discuss about some of the easy methods to clean your jewelry at home.

  • Soap and Water : Just use mild soap and water solution to clean your silver jewelry as it’s the most easy and effective way to clean your jewelry.

  • Baking Soda and Water : You can simply make a paste of baking soda and water then put some paste on a cloth or toothbrush and gently clean your silver jewelry.

  • Use Microfiber Cloth : After cleaning your sterling silver jewelry, use a microfiber cloth just to dry it off!

Remember, to keep your silver jewelry clean it’s important to practice regular cleaning. As, it helps to avoid tarnishing and discoloration that can dull the original shine of the jewelry.

Proper Storage :

Your silver jewelry pieces will never lose it’s shine as long as you store them properly.

  • Place your sterling silver jewelry in a safe and dark place as exposure to heat, moisture, or humidity can accelerate tarnishing.

  • We recommend to store your silver jewelry pieces in an individual air tight pack baggies. For extra protection, you can also wrap your jewelry pieces with soft tissue paper.

  • It’s essential to store your jewelry separately. Proper storage of your silver jewelry pieces will never lead to tangled necklaces and gemstone scratches.

Tip: It’s also believed that by storing your silver jewelry pieces with chalks and silica packs will absorb the moisture from the air and helps to prevent tarnish.