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Buy Blue Sapphire Necklaces For Women

A birthstone of September, blue sapphire belongs to the mineral family of corundum. Many women actually prefer sapphire necklaces over other gemstone jewelry. Luckily they are harder after diamonds, hence comes in various shapes and sizes while set in handcrafted jewelry. The most favored shapes of blue sapphires gemstones are round, pear, and oval.

Many women are picking blue sapphire necklaces due to its rich blue hues, making them an ideal choice for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and so on. Women’s blue sapphire complements your beauty, a looks expensive as your personality. Blue Sapphires gems add a special touch to your necklace, making it stand out with elegance and charm.

Why Should Shop Sapphire Necklaces?

Most people go with sapphire pendants as their shine and beauty is unmatched. Certainly, these deep blue hues aren't only confined to the British Royal families but also they've become stuff in the lives of many celebrities. Figures like Mary Kate Olsen, Penelope Cruz, and Elizabeth Hurley have all embraced them, adding to their widespread appeal beyond refined jewelry.

Before the 1940s, blue sapphire gemstones held a greater appeal than diamonds for solitaire or halo necklaces, capturing the imagination and preferences of couples seeking to symbolize their commitment in a myriad of vibrant hues.

What Are the Different Styles of Blue Sapphire Pendants?

  • Solitaire Pendants: - This style of necklace is a popular pick for jewelry enthusiastic due to its simplicity and royal appearance. Thus, solitaire necklaces showcase the beauty of center blue sapphire and just become the favorite for those who wears this solitaire design.

  • Halo Necklaces: - To add a touch of glamorous, and classic appearance, our expert artisian graces the pendant with a shimmery diamond halo. Who doesn't appreciate the halo style? There's no one who doesn't cherish the small diamond accent in necklaces.

  • Dangle Pendants: - They are stunning jewelry pieces due to the embellishment of vibrant blue sapphire adding a touch of luxury to it. Each shape is precisely crafted to enhance the beauty of blue sapphires. While the dangle design in necklaces brings a subtle touch of sparkle to your apparel.

  • Vintage Inspired Necklaces: - Introduced the antique pattern and design to the blue Sapphire vintage inspired necklaces. These necklaces are adorned with the rich and classy embellishment of blue sapphire gemstone, each necklace is not holds significant meaning but also an artistic charm, bringing a sense of sophistication and antiquity to its appearance.

  • Three-Stone Necklaces: - These stunning three-stone necklaces make a perfect gift for your love lady. The trio sapphire necklaces can seamlessly represent your never-ending love and commitment. Crafted from white gold, and yellow gold metal, three round blue sapphires create an illusion of lightness as they delicately float along the chain, mesmerizing all who behold their beauty.

  • Heart Pendants: - Our heart shaped sapphire necklaces in white gold metal is a true symbol of love and devotion. Set in a prong or claw setting and enhanced the blue sapphire's beauty by a twinkling diamond won't go wrong. The diamond accent encircling the heart-shaped blue sapphire makes the adorable pendant set.

  • Infinity Pendants: - A graceful fusion of diamond-stud and radiant metal strips intertwines to craft an intricate infinity style. Within this elaborate symbol, a rich blue sapphire rests delicately in a secure prong, or claw setting, appearing to float among the eternal loop. The shimmering diamonds adorning this gold pendant infuse it with a captivating allure, enhancing its elegance and adding a touch of brilliance to its timeless design.

Which Metal Setting Complements Blue Sapphire Necklace?

  • Prong Setting: - Allowing the entry of abundant light, the diamond emanates a mesmerizing brilliance, captivating with its dazzling sparkle. This setting is suitable for all blue sapphire gemstone shapes.

  • Bezel Setting: - When searching for the perfect necklace to complement an active lifestyle while maintaining a timeless, minimalist aesthetic, the bezel setting emerges as an ideal choice. The metal encases the blue sapphire, rendering its removal nearly impossible without risking damage to either the setting or the precious stone itself.

  • Bar Setting: - They are used for securing solitary blue sapphires, side stones, or a series of gems on a stackable band. Additionally, it can be used to create a stunning halo effect, as well as to craft an elegant pendent set. The bar setting, by touching the gemstones on only two sides, allows more light to reach them, enhancing their sparkle and brilliance.

  • Claw Setting: - The most popular setting for crafting a solitaire blue sapphire ring, thus it showcases the beauty or luster of center stone and holds it securely.