FAQs about Scorpio Jewelry

  1. Which citrine color should I buy?

    Transparent pale yellow to brownish orange is the most valuable. The gemstone should be vivid and has golden appearance.

  2. Which metal looks compatible with citrine gemstone?

    We offer citrine jewelry in yellow, rose and white gold metal. Yellow gold compliments the gemstone superbly.

  3. What are the other stones that scorpions wear?

    Along with citrine, yellow topaz is the perfect gemstone for Scorpions.

  4. How to take care of citrine jewelry?

    Use warm soapy water to clean citrine jewelry. Save it from the exposure of heat and steam cleaning.

About Scorpio Birthstone: Citrine

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is associated with the water element. People born in November have this sun sign, and its birthstone is citrine.

A true Scorpion is a brave and fearless soul. They are picky but very loyal to the few friends that they make. Although people with the Scorpio zodiac sign appear tough on the outside, but are generous inside. They don’t display their vulnerability and compassion, which somehow becomes the reason for their distance from their loved ones.

Citrine offers them a sense of security without making them feel emotionally overwhelming. Wearing citrine jewelry heals the wearer and balances him emotionally. They learn to let go and be easy on others and on themselves. This gemstone has the hue of sunshine, and it brings the same kind of goodness. The Summer Vibe gem is ideal for scorpions. It activates their solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for creating balance inside. Because Scorpions can be cold at times, this gemstone will help them in becoming more sensitive.