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Buy Colored Gemstone Cocktail Rings Online

Cocktail rings radiate an air of bold sophistication, boasting striking designs that often center around a captivating gemstone or an artful arrangement of smaller stones. These are inspire from the intricate patterns of nature to the grandeur of architectural motifs, and even the allure of abstract art. Originating from the glamorous cocktail parties of the prohibition era, these rings were initially worn on the right hand to distinguish them from engagement & wedding jewelry.

Why Should Choose Cocktail Rings?

While traditionally adorned with vibrant gems like rubies, emeralds, rhodolite, ethiopian opal, London blue topaz, and sapphires, the essence of a cocktail ring lies in its bold presence, making any ring adorned with shimmery diamond a suitable choice for cocktail engagement ring. These rings come in diverse shapes, cuts, styles, designs, and gemstones, offering an opportunity to express your flair as well as individuality.

  • With these rings, one can reflect their style and personality as cocktail rings allow you to look more stunning and classy than ever.

  • Originating during the era of the cocktail party scene of the 1920s, and 1930s hence got the name "cocktail ring".

  • Cocktail rings offer a bold and contemporary appearance allowing the center gemstone to appear a bit larger.

  • A form of jewelry that commands attention and serves as the centerpiece of an ensemble, cocktail rings captivate the hearts with their bold sizes and intricate designs, drawing the eye and elevating the overall aesthetic of the wearer's attire.

Various Types of Gemstones for Women’s Cocktail Rings

  • Ruby Cocktail Rings: - Ruby has been widely used to craft cocktails as it symbolizes strength, passion, and enduring love. Rubies are precious gemstones, adding an intense pop of color to your outfits that's what makes these pieces of ring, a perfect choice for evening parties. Sought after as a glamour accessory, our ruby cocktail rings graced by small diamonds or moissanite for classic and timeless allure.

  • Blue Sapphire Cocktail Rings: - these exquisite rings are handcrafted with vibrant blue sapphire gemstone and diamond accents for a more glamorous look. These rings are crafted in both white gold and yellow gold metal, adding extra shine & gleam to the cocktail rings. Showcasing exquisite aesthetic personality, these blue sapphire cocktail rings are a masterpiece and attention-grabbing, perfect for every special occasion or casual wear.

  • Diamond Cocktail Rings: - Diamonds are one kind of love that every woman needs in her jewelry. A cocktail ring embellished with diamond, and other side stones is more than a piece of ring, it's a perfect expression of own flair and style. Antique diamond cocktail rings are highly cherished for their timeless charm and simplicity, a perfect companion for your informal events or casual parties.

  • Emerald Cocktail Rings: - The emerald cocktail ring is a breathtaking testament to refinement and charm. This resplendent piece showcases a mesmerizing emerald gemstone as its focal point, meticulously selected for its opulent, verdant hue evoking visions of a luxuriant appeal. These alluring pieces hold rich green hues that grab the attention of onlookers.

Popular Metal Setting for Cocktail Rings

  • Prong Setting: - most favored setting, used to set diamond rings and other gemstone rings. Also offers a wonderful security to the gem, a prong setting is used in crafting our exquisite cocktail rings that allow light to hit the gem's surface.

  • Claw Setting: - A claw setting in our cocktail rings is just a grip against a gemstone to keep it in place and protect it from cracks. These claws are bent over the edges of the stone to show it off and hold it securely.

  • Bezel Setting: - a popular metal setting, mostly our cocktail rings set in a bezel setting wherein a seamless band of metal encircles and cradles the central stone. This setting boasts a unique feature, encloses the edges of the gem, ensuring its firm grip.

  • Cluster Setting: - Stands out as a favored option in cocktail rings showcasing a collection of diamonds or other gemstones arranged closely to create the illusion of a single, larger stone.

Metal Type for Cocktail Rings

  • White Gold Metal: - A bit more expensive than yellow gold. Our gold cocktail rings crafted from white gold metal offer a classic and elegant appearance.

  • Yellow Gold Metal: - Holds warm and yellowish hues that complement moissanite or diamond and other colored gems. At Rosec Jewels you can buy cocktail rings in 10k, 14k, and 18k precious yellow gold.