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  1. What does an engagement ring with a heart symbolize?

    Heart-shaped diamond rings have been commonly used in marriage and engagement proposals for ages because they are traditionally understood to be symbols of enduring love and connection.

  2. Can you get engaged with a heart ring?

    A heart-shaped diamond ring is a traditional yet romantic choice to mark an engagement. Hearts stand for passion, love, and romance.

  3. Do Heart-Cut Diamonds Cost a Lot?

    In general, heart-cut diamonds cost 15% to 20% less than rounds.

  4. How should a heart engagement ring be worn?

    The tip of a heart engagement ring should face you and be worn on the left ring finger.

Ask Her Hand In Marriage With The Most Beautiful Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings

A heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a trend-setting, spectacular, and unique alternative to the typical diamond cutters. If you want to propose to the love of your life with a ring that depicts a timeless representation of love, go for a heart-shaped engagement ring.

Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings: Then Vs. Now

It was the year 1572 when Queen Elizabeth commissioned the first-ever 100% authentic heart-shaped diamond ring. Mary Queen of Scots gave that heart-shaped ring as a token of gesture for her friendship with the queen.

So, ever since the 16th century, people came to know about the concept of this jewelery style. Fast forward to today, several people, including celebs, wear heart-shaped engagement rings.

For instance, the media spotted superstars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj wearing diamond heart engagement rings in public. Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga with a sizable heart diamond engagement ring.

Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings: Understanding Their Anatomy

Diamonds with heart shapes resemble the traditional romantic emblem of the idealized heart. Heart-cut engagement rings are divided into seven sections:

Cleft The top of the stone's pointed, inward-facing point.
Lobes The two rounded edges at the stone's top
Belly The center of the diamond stone
Wings The two sides of the heart-shaped moissanite rings
Point The bottom point of the diamond stone

Heart Engagement Rings For Women: Outline & Symmetry

The shape of a conventional heart must be visible in the outline of heart engagement rings. Some of them may have extremely flat wings or pointed lobes, giving them an arrowhead-like appearance. In this type of diamond, symmetry is a crucial sign of quality.

Who needs an awkward display of affection, after all? You should know that the width of the diamond is rarely more than its length. Despite that, the right and left sides of the heart in a heart engagement ring set must be of the same form and size.

Here’s how you can be sure that the heart engagement ring set collection in our store is a result of excellent craftsmanship:

  • Try imitating an imaginary line running down the middle of the diamond you want to buy.

  • From the cleft (aperture) to the lobes to the point, see if the two sides of the heart are the same form and size.

  • Check if the length-to-width ratio ranges between 1:1 and 1:1.2 to ensure they are symmetrical, vintage heart-shaped engagement rings.

With Rosec Jewels, you won’t have to worry about these aspects, as we deliver fine craftsmanship to offer the best-in-class heart engagement rings.

Why Pick a Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring For Your Beloved?

Not sure why you should pick a rose gold heart-shaped engagement ring for the love of your life? Check these pointers below to get your answer!

Aesthetically-Designed Faceting Patterns

In heart-shaped diamond engagement rings, the anatomy that retains the approval of the dazzling reflections is decorated with fancy-shaped patterns. The faceting styles could be organized in a better flow chart to assist the lights shining through the heart diamond’s inherently attractive appearance.

The anatomy of the heart diamond has arrow, triangle, and star-shaped facets, all of which are suitable for use in rings with various settings.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings Are Symbols of Love, Care, And Admiration!

Gold heart-shaped engagement rings with diamond on top has always been a symbol of love, care, admiration, and affection. So, if you desire to boost your relationship’s dependability and compatibility by asking her hand in marriage, a heart diamond engagement ring will do the job.

A heart-shaped diamond represents the love that powers the couple’s lives and the heart of that love. So choosing a heart-cut engagement ring is wise.

Heart Diamond Rings Are 25% Less Costly Than Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings!

Due to fewer diamonds being used and a longer polishing procedure, heart diamonds cost 25% less than dazzling round cuts. As a result, it reduces the overall indirect and direct costs associated with producing diamonds in the shape of hearts.

On the other hand, it takes longer and requires more symmetry to cut a round brilliant cut diamond. Given this, a round diamond in the same 4cs grade costs more than a heart cut.

What Makes Heart Diamond Engagement Ring So Popular?

Heart-shaped fancy-cut diamonds are widely accessible on the market. They are less frequently used for engagement and anniversary rings than other cuts.

Engagement rings come in both conventional cuts, like the round (the most popular), and extravagant cuttings, like the princess/square and cushion.

Purchase Advice: Why not get a gold heart diamond engagement ring? This form has an alluring presence thanks to stunning heart solitaire rings in luxurious fine metals, milgrain/beaded details, diamond-cut patterns, raised basket mountings, brilliant stone accents, and even priceless colorful jewels for bright side stones.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

The ideal heart engagement ring setting may safeguard your diamond while also enhancing its color and sparkle. Additionally, it might highlight and further clarify the contours of a smaller heart.

  • Solitaire Setting: For those who prefer the traditional solitaire design, a four-prong setting will allow more light to enter your stone. The heart-cut diamond’s brilliance will be enhanced as a result.

  • Setting Multiple Stones: Lesser diamonds will surround your center stone in a traditional halo setting. This will accentuate elegance and shine while enhancing the main diamond’s appearance.

Explore The Best Heart Engagement Rings Only At Rosec Jewels!

A stunning heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a distinctive and lovely way to express your love for your fiancé. Explore our finest heart-shaped diamond engagement ring collection and make your proposal even more grand.

Made with superior-grade quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, our heart engagement rings are reasonably priced and ideal to surprise your beloved one.