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  1. How much do real diamond earrings cost?

    Diamonds, being Diamonds, naturally fetch a relatively higher price tag. The cost of Real Diamond Earrings ranges from $130 to $1700 in our collection.

  2. What is the average carat for Diamond Earring?

    The average carat weight of diamond earrings can largely vary depending on factors such as style, design, and personal preference. However, as per studies, it ranges between 0.25 to 2 CT.

  3. How can you tell if Diamond Earrings are real?

    Besides verifying a gemstone’s authenticity certificate, telling a pair of Real Diamond Earrings apart from the synthetic ones is something you can very conveniently do all by yourself. We have assembled the most tried and trusted measures to do so:

  4. What Diamonds are best for Earrings?

    The very best Diamond Earrings (that also fetch a significantly lower price tag) are those that carry a Near Colorless and VSI-SI clarity Grade. Besides that, since the Cut (being the most prominent of all the 4 Cs) best brings out the color and clarity of the Diamond, make it a point to prioritize investing in an ideal one (excellent or good cut for that matter).

  5. How often should you clean Diamond Earrings?

    Well, the exact time frame largely depends upon how frequently you wear your Diamond Earrings. If it is a pair of Small Diamond Earrings that you practically slip on every day, it is recommended to clean them once a week to keep all the buildup of dirt and grime away. Otherwise, cleaning them once a month would work well. Besides that, it is also recommended to take it to a professional jeweler for thorough cleaning, inspection, and repairs.

  6. Should I wear Diamond Earrings in the shower?

    Despite their impressive durability, it is not advisable to wear Diamond Earrings to the shower. The list of reasons is anything but avoidable. Not only does wearing them in the shower make them prone to risks of falling out, breakage, chipping, etc., but the chemicals from soaps and shampoos used in the shower can cause your Diamond to appear dull.

  7. How long do diamond earrings last?

    Be it an every day pair of Diamond Earrings or something as ornate as Art Deco Diamond Earrings, the best part about them is that they can last a lifetime. That’s because Diamond sets the bar of durability with an impressive hardness rating of a perfect 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, it can easily withstand the wear and tear of regular use (just make it a point to abide by all the professionally recommended precautions). It has even been nicknamed ‘the forever stone.’

  8. Do you sleep with Diamond Earrings on?

    Though it is not a problem to wear an every day pair of Small Diamond Studs to sleep, you might want to avoid slipping on large Diamond Earrings since they can be quite uncomfortable and risky to wear.

  9. Which day is best to wear diamond earrings?

    There are no hard and fast rules that dictate the best day to wear Diamond Earrings. Their timeless appeal assures that you can slip them on every day and they’ll make just as much of a statement. So, the final choice regarding that boils down to your personal preference. Besides, if we speak astrologically, owing to its ties with the Planet of love- Venus, it is recommended to be worn on Friday morning to get most of the manifold benefits that it offers.

Diamond Earrings

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go by slipping on a pair of Diamond Earrings! Whether you’re scouting gifts for someone special or are on the lookout for ‘something timeless’ for your jewelry box, our collection of Gold Diamond Earrings has you spoiled for options. From classic designs that speak to the minimalist in you to fancier ones for maximal impact, you’re sure to find a pair that best resonates with your sense of style:

Introducing Diamond- The Forever Stone

The king of all the precious gemstones, Diamond is the only stone known to the mankind that is composed of a single element- Carbon. It is absolutely colorless to look at and stands out for its unparalleled brilliance/sparkle. Interestingly, it derives its name from the word ‘Adamas’ that is Greek for indestructible. True to that, it is also the most durable gemstone you’ll ever come across, setting the benchmark of hardness with a rating of 10/10 on the Mohs Scale (which is why Real Diamond Earrings are a perfect everyday wear accessory).

Now that we’ve introduced you to this wondrous gemstone, it’s only fair for you to wonder about the significance that Natural Diamond Earrings boast. Let’s have a look:

Importance of Diamond Earrings in Jewelry

Rightly treasured as the women’s best friend, Real Diamond Earrings stand out for the unrivaled brilliance and timeless appeal that they showcase. You can call them a choice of luxury and elegance any day. Beyond that, they are not only held in high regard as the symbol of eternity, purity, and invincibility, but are also exchanged between couples as the epitome of eternal love and commitment.

Everything said and done, now that we’ve got you all the more excited to buy Diamond Earrings, we certainly won't keep you waiting. And first things first, it all starts with deciding on the right cut. So before we head on to making you fall in love with the versatile catalog that we carry, let’s discuss Diamond Cut in a broader context:

Importance of Diamond Cut for Earrings

Hands down the most prominent of all the 4 Cs, a Diamond Cut determines the proportions of its dimensions, positioning (arrangement) of its facets on the surface, and the finishing polish. All that collectively (and strategically) goes on to impact the Diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. And since we can’t compromise on ‘The Sparkle,’ it goes without saying that selecting the right cut is like the gateway to getting your hands on the very best Diamond Earrings.

Let us have the honor of introducing you to the many options in Diamond Cut (and in the process, get you a step closer to finding the perfect one):

  • Round Cut

    A timeless classic, Round Diamond Earrings are defined by a circular outline and boast a total of 57-58 facets that are strategically arranged to lend them an unparalleled brilliance (more than that showcased by any other shape).

  • Oval Cut

    The elongated cousin of Round Cut, an Oval Cut Diamond stands out for its oblong and symmetrical shape. Its unique faceting allows it to showcase a desirable bow-tie effect (which is the result of non reflection of the light that enters the pavilion facets causing the area of the center to appear dark).

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut Diamond Earrings can be best defined as square cut with pointed corners and brilliant-style facet pattern. Interestingly, they look close to an inverted pyramid that possess two to four chevron patterns. With as many as 76 facets, they showcase a unique, sparkling effect from different angles.

  • Emerald Cut

    Standing out for their vintage appeal, Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings are shaped like an elongated rectangle with cropped corners. What makes them stand out is the unique hall of mirrors effect that they showcase with the help of the long, step-cut facets.

  • Cushion Cut

    Closely resembling a pillow (true to what the name suggests), Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings boast a square like shape with rounded corners. Their unique arrangement of 58 large facets help them exude more fire than any other cut.

  • Pear Cut

    Modern and fancy, Pear Shaped Diamond Earrings bring together a curved bottom and pointy end. Interestingly, they even resemble the drops of tear (which fetches them the nickname ‘teardrop earrings’). Moreover, they stand out for their eye-pleasing bow-tie effect.

    Once you’ve arrived at the perfect cut, you’ll have your pass to the fun part, i.e., browsing through a beautiful handcrafted collection of Real Gold Diamond Earrings and finding a pair that best defines your sense of style. Keep scrolling to find the one:

Styles of Diamond Earrings Which You can Buy

  • Diamond Stud Earrings

    A jewelry box essential, Real Diamond Stud Earrings sit snug against the earlobe (without hanging or dangling down) while letting the centerpiece of Diamond steal all the attention. They stand out for their minimalist appeal, which makes them a timeless classic that fits with any attire. Not just that, they are also the most versatile choice of accessory that won’t let you run short of options. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Diamond Stud Earrings for Women that please different senses of style:

    1. Diamond Solitaire Earrings:

      Hands down the most Simple Diamond Earrings out there, the Solitaire Style features a Centerpiece of Diamond that stands all alone to steal all the spotlight. The best part? Thanks to the classic appeal, you don’t have to think twice before teaming them up with any ensemble.

    2. Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

      Meant for the women who fancy the bling, Halo Diamond Earrings encircle the center stone with a parade of Diamonds all around (thus creating a Halo). If you’re worn out of the Solitaire Style and wish to elevate its visual appeal with some sparkles, this style of Diamond Studs for Women is the perfect way forward!

    3. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings

      Anything but ordinary, Diamond Cluster Earrings incorporate a series of small Diamonds grouped together to create a cluster. You can easily call them the most fancy, extravagant, and flashy choice among stud earrings.

    4. Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

      An everyday choice of elegance, Diamond Flower Studs emphasize on the main stone of Diamond that is incorporated effortlessly in a floral-inspired design. For those with an undeniable love for something statement-making (without going over the top), these Diamond Earrings for Women are the perfect way forward!

  • Diamond Dangle Earrings

    Perfect to get you party-ready, Dangle Earrings swing to and fro below the earlobe for some extra movement. This statement-making style is best complemented by the timeless appeal of Diamond. These Diamond Earrings for Women are meant for those who fancy bold, extravagant, and showy accessories.

  • Diamond Drop Earrings

    The most feminine choice of accessory out there, Diamond Drop Earrings for Women hang (or more precisely, drop) just below the earlobe. Their graceful appeal is best brought out by the sparkly centerpiece of Diamond. What’s more, they strike the right balance between elegant and statement-making. From sophisticated Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings that fit with your work ensembles to flashy Bridal Diamond Teardrop Earrings that are meant to celebrate your big day, they make for a befitting statement on any occasion just as effortlessly.

  • Diamond Hoop Earrings

    A forever fashion favorite, Diamond Hoop Earrings hang from the earlobe in a circular or semi-circular shape (creating a hoop). The center stone of Diamond lends their timeless appeal a sparkly touch. The best part? No matter what occasion you slip them on for, they make for a statement just as effortless. From the classic hoops to the ones adorned with eye-pleasing motifs such as floral, butterfly, evil eye, celestial or even religious symbols (Diamond Cross Earrings, for instance), you have a world of options before you.

  • Diamond Heart Earrings

    Just like the name suggests, Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings feature a Center Stone of Diamond that is fashioned in a Heart Shape. You could go from slipping them over to express your fashion-savvy style statement to presenting it to your beloved as a timeless token of love.

  • Diamond Chain Earrings

    Chic and edgy, Diamond Chain Earrings are characterized by a single (or series of) metal chain(s) that hang below the earlobe (lending them a dangling touch). From a simple and sleek pair of Chain Drop Earrings that effortlessly fits with your formal ensembles to chunky double chain earrings for a statement-making look, you won’t get enough of the options.

Why to Buy Diamond Earrings From Rosec Jewels?

Carrying a zeal to never let its customers settle, Rosec Jewels has established itself as the one stop online destination that offers the finest Real Gold Diamond Earrings. What makes us stand out is the mission to cater to every sense of style, occasion, and personality with a versatile catalog that has something in store for everyone. Moreover, our team of artisans handcraft each piece to perfection, while adhering to the highest standards of quality.

  • Certified Diamond

    Be it a pair of everyday Diamond Earrings or a flashy one that is meant to be saved for special occasions, each Diamond goes through legitimate stages of quality check, assessment, and evaluation to be certified by a reputable gemological laboratory. As a paper proof of that, we hand out a certificate of authenticity along with each parcel.

  • Color and Clarity

    Understanding how the desirability of Real Diamond Earrings largely depends upon its color and clarity, we only handcraft Diamonds that fetch a Near Colorless and SI clarity grade.

    You’ll find it hard to detect any noticeable hue in Near Colorless Diamonds (as long as you don’t keep them next to the Colorless ones). The best part? They fetch a much more affordable price tag (without compromising on the appearance so it is a win-win in all aspects).

    For clarity, we can easily call Diamonds belonging to the SI Clarity Grade your best bet. That’s because although these Diamonds are home to some imperfections, but those are so minimal that if you lookout for them with the naked eye, you’ll find it near impossible to detect them.

  • Metal

    Understanding how the Metal can be a make or break for any jewelry, we only handcraft Diamond earrings in precious metals, i.e., gold and silver. Their lustrous appeal and resistance to corrosion makes them the most ideal choice.

    Besides that, to ensure that the Gold is at its purest form, we avail 14K Diamond Gold Earrings that have been hallmarked by a reputable gemological authority. They are not only durable and affordable, but also boast 58.3 % pure gold.

    Not just that, you have a world of options in metal tones to decide on the one that best fits with your choice of earrings. Here are some:

    1. White Gold and Silver

      If you’re looking for something understated and neutral, White Gold or Silver Diamond Earrings are the perfect way forward.

    2. Yellow Gold

      If you fancy a traditional and timeless touch, the ones handcrafted in Yellow Gold won’t disappoint.

    3. Rose Gold

      For the ones who are all about feminine aesthetics, Rose Gold Diamond Earrings (owing to their blush pink hue) seem like the perfect choice.

  • Settings

    Be it a pair of Simple, fancy, or Antique Diamond Earrings, we handcraft them in an array of Settings that not only fit well with the design but secure them to the metal such that you don’t have to worry about the stone being prone to any kind of damages. Some of the best settings that we have include: Prong, Bezel, Double Prong, etc.

    For instance, while Prongs secure the Diamond at its place while allowing it to sparkle at its best (without taking up much space), go for Bezel Set Diamond Earrings if you wish to protect your Diamond from chipping/breakages (since this setting frames the Diamond entirely with a protective layer of metal all around).