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  1. Is Peridot good for rings?

    Peridot, often hailed as the gemstone of the sun, is renowned for imparting good fortune, success, and health to the wearer. So, in an astrological sense, that makes Genuine Peridot Ring a great choice for rings. Apart from that, Peridot possesses a fair hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Scale, which is what makes it a durable stone to be embedded in rings. What’s more, Peridot is a comparatively affordable gemstone, and the price of Peridot Stone Rings in our collection ranges from $250 to $1000.

  2. Can you wear a Peridot ring every day?

    Peridot strikes a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on Mohs Scale. That makes a Peridot 14K Gold Ring quite a durable accessory for regular wear. You just have to make sure to keep it away from harder gemstones that have the potential of scratching it.

  3. Can I wear Peridot in the shower?


    It is highly recommended to take off the Peridot before stepping into the shower since the chemicals in soaps and shampoos can cause damage to any gemstone. Make sure to keep this advice in mind even if your ring is embedded with a harder gemstone, such as an Emerald and Peridot Ring or even a Ruby and Peridot Ring for that matter.

  4. What zodiac is Peridot Stone Ring?

    Peridot is the renowned birthstone of August, which also makes it an astrologically prescribed Zodiac for Leo.

  5. Which hand should I wear Peridot Ring?

    To make the best use of the manifold astrological benefits that a Peridot has to offer, it is recommended to wear this August Birthstone Ring on the pinkie finger (i.e., the little finger) of the working hand. Apart from that, everything comes down to your personal preference and sense of style.

  6. Does Peridot glow in the dark?

    Peridot is hailed as highly desirable for its glow-in-the-dark effect, to such an extent that it is often renowned as ‘the evening emerald.’ That’s because the golden green hues of this Unique Peridot Ring allure by shining even brighter in the dark.

  7. What to look for when buying a Peridot ring?

    When setting out to buy a Peridot Ring, you should keep in mind the following factors:

    • Color: Make sure to pick a Peridot Ring that has an equally distributed hue with no hints of other overtones. Also, a rich grass green or yellow-green Peridot fetches the most value, so if the color of your Peridot Gold Ring falls in this spectrum, there’s nothing quite like it.

    • Clarity: An Eye-clean Peridot is highly prized for its flawless glow. So, make it a point to invest in a Peridot Stone Ring that is devoid of any eye-visible inclusions such as black spots, needles, and feathers.

    • Make sure it is not an imitation: Imitations of Peridot are not a very common sight to witness, but are something you need to keep an eye out for. Peridot Imitations are often made of green glass. To check for them, notice the color and reflection of the stone. Unlike a Genuine Peridot Ring, a fake Peridot Ring doesn’t carry a yellowish hue and only exudes a single reflection.

    • The tone of Gold: Under our collection, you’ll come across Peridot Birthstone Rings crafted in three tones of Gold:

      1. White Gold: A White Gold Peridot Ring is meant for those who fancy a classic and understated appeal in their jewelry.

      2. Yellow Gold: A Yellow Gold Peridot Ring exudes a warm yellow hue that makes it a prized possession for those who have a liking for everything luxurious and traditional.

      3. Rose Gold: A Rose Gold Peridot Ring appeals with its uniquely feminine aesthetic, which is a result of its subtle pinkish hue.

Peridot Rings

Exuding a summery vibe, lush green Peridot Rings are any day an exotic choice of accessory! With an array of styles that best capture their beauty, you can rest assured that you won’t fall for just one. Take a tour of our handcrafted collection and you’ll know:

What is Peridot?

Peridot is a semi-precious August Birthstone that brims with an alluring yellow-green hue. It is a variety of the mineral Olivine which is chemically composed of iron and magnesium. That also lends a Peridot Stone Ring its desirable hue.

Symbolism and Benefits of Wearing a Peridot Ring

Peridot has been prized as a gemstone that carries mystical beliefs that are just as unique as its hue. Mesmerized by its blazing appearance, the Ancient Egyptians hailed it as the ‘Gemstone of the Sun.” That’s why slipping on this August Birthstone Ring is astrologically believed to keep the wearer away from negative energies. Apart from that, Peridot is historically treasured as a stone that epitomizes love, happiness, and trust.

A Peridot Stone Ring is also a favorite for the manifold healing benefits that it offers the wearer. It is believed to cure physical ailments related to the lungs, spleen, digestion, eye, asthma, and liver. In terms of emotional healing, it dispels feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear.

Having mentioned that, let’s delve a little deeper into the collection of Peridot Birthstone Rings that you’re sure to love. Hop on!

Our Collection of Peridot Gold Rings

  • Peridot Solitaire Ring

    Held in high regard as one of the most classic Peridot Engagement Rings out there, it is characterized by a Solo Centerpiece of Peridot that steals the limelight. It can also be labeled as the most versatile ring style since the Peridot Solitaire offers you a sea of options in terms of aesthetics, be it the classic Round Peridot Rings offering a traditional aesthetic, the ones fashioned with Pear, Marquise, and Princess exuding an unconventional touch, or Asscher and Emerald Cut Peridot Rings for that perfect vintage vibe.

  • Peridot Three Stone Ring

    An extravagant and unconventional pick, this Unique Peridot Ring displays three uniformly-sized stones of Peridot. It has lately been surging in popularity as a beautiful Peridot Engagement Ring inside out. The symbolism that it offers pretty much takes credit for that. Each of the three stones of Peridot reflects on the past, present, and future of the couple’s togetherness to make it a token of love that celebrates your unique journey together.

  • Peridot Halo Ring

    When the Centerpiece of Peridot is encircled with a shimmering row of Diamond/Moissanite (i.e., the Halo), it is termed a Peridot Halo Ring. Offering a unique touch to the otherwise classic Peridot Solitaire Ring, it highlights the center stone by making it appear bigger than its size. For those who are on the lookout for a Peridot and Diamond Ring, this Halo-style ring might end your hunt.

  • Peridot Eternity Ring

    Just like the name suggests, a Peridot Eternity Band is studded with a parade of Peridots all over the band. It looks like a unique blend of classic and showy. If an eye-striking color pop appeals to you, a Peridot and Sapphire Ring embedded in alternating patterns of this gemstone might be a unique choice. People fancy it for the kind of symbolism that it brings along. The eternity of Peridot epitomizes the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime, making it a meaningful Peridot Wedding Ring.

  • Peridot Cocktail Ring

    Taking the award for being one of the fanciest rings out there, a Peridot Cocktail Ring incorporates a large center stone of Peridot in a flashy design. It is often accompanied by Diamonds or Moissanites. This Unique Peridot Ring is meant to catch attention since it is often crafted in interesting flower-inspired, nature-inspired, and diamond-accentuated styles.

  • Vintage Peridot Ring

    A Vintage-inspired Peridot Ring draws inspiration from the most significant designs from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras. It highlights the center stone of Peridot, which is beautified by antique engravings, milgrain and filigree details, and abstract art deco patterns. This Antique Peridot Ring oozes an old-world feel, which also makes it a highly desirable engagement ring for those who like their token of love to carry a story.

  • Peridot Promise Ring

    Peridot Promise Ring may be defined by specific symbolism but isn’t confined to a specific style. It pens a spotlight on the center-stone of Peridot, which is not more than 4 MM in size. It could be decorated with a minimal nature or flower-inspired design, or even beautified with petite side stones or a halo of diamond/moissanite. It is often exchanged between couples as a promise of commitment and seriousness of the relationship (that precedes an engagement).

  • Peridot Wedding Band

    Aesthetically, a Peridot Wedding Ring is embedded with Peridots all over the Band. It could range from a classic Peridot band to a somewhat dramatic triple-row Peridot Band or Scattered Peridot and Diamond Ring. The versatile part is that it also makes for one of the most unique Peridot Stackable Rings. Symbolically, it is exchanged during the wedding vows to commemorate the union of two people forever.