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Whether you are browsing through to find something that resonates with your aesthetics or wish to commemorate a milestone occasion, there is an ideal ring out there for everyone! Rosec Jewels’ extensive collection of 14K Gold Gemstone and Diamond Rings won’t convince you otherwise.

Come, let’s discuss Rings much more precisely to take you a step forward in finding the one that you can forever cherish:

Gold Gemstone Rings

Technically, a ring is a piece of ornament characterized by a circular band that is embedded with Gemstone(s) or Diamond(s) and crafted in metal (though please note that our handcrafted collection only carries Real Gold Gemstone Rings)

Diamond Rings are one of the most conventional choices out there (not to forget Moissanite Rings too that have proved to be their best alternative in case you’re comparatively on the lower end of the budget). But in case you aren’t already aware, Colored Gemstones Rings also have lately surged to popularity and how!

Just how every color tells a story, every hued natural gemstone ring brings along a unique symbolism and has been attracting certain energies since till immemorial (which is practically why it is so sought after in the first place). But surprisingly, Lab Created Gemstone Rings can also mirror the aesthetics of natural ones without much effort. Though they many not be associated with the same sort of ancient folklore, energies or symbolism, but they are a big yes if affordable gemstone rings are your top priority.

Types of Gemstones

Finding an ideal Gemstone Ring starts with knowing your Gemstone inside out. No two gemstones can be alike in terms of the cut, color, clarity and carat. So, the discussion of getting your hands on the most ideal one in that context can be saved for some other day.

But for starters, it’s important that you figure out the difference between a precious and semi- precious gemstone.

  • Precious: A Precious Gemstone is in most cases, more preferred since it is believed to offer you an edge over the semi-precious ones in terms of beauty, rarity, and value. The four wonder gemstones belonging to this category are: Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

  • Semi-Precious: Basically, every gemstone besides the precious ones belongs to this category, including amethyst, citrine, topaz, and garnet, etc. Typically, a semi-precious gemstone is considered less beautiful and valuable than precious ones but please note that it is not always the case.

Different Styles Of Gemstone Rings In Our Collection

Got a specific style on mind or just shopping around to find one? Looking to shower yourself with some self love or scouting gifts for your precious one for a special occasion coming up? Not to worry! You can find a ring style for any occasion, suiting every personality, and within every price range. Let our versatile collection of 14K Gold Gemstone Rings help you navigate through the best options:

  • Gemstone Engagement Rings

    Aesthetically speaking, a Gemstone Engagement Ring is adorned with a dominant center stone of any shape, often flaunted solo or with side-stones. Whether you like to stick to classics, are absolutely ornate with your choices or lie anywhere in between, our Engagement Ring collection right from Solitaire, Three Stone to Vintage Gemstone Rings has it all.

    They commemorate the defining moment of you asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. So, in terms of style, you can expect them to be a little showy and heavier than regular rings. Since they also reflect the unique love that couples share, many prefer going for a gemstone that holds great deal of personal value for them. For instance, Ruby Gemstone Rings epitomize love, passion and power while Blue Sapphire is indicative of love, loyalty, divine favor, and luck.

  • Solitaire Gemstone Rings

    Do you fall for everything that’s understated, not too flashy and simple in every sense? When that’s the case, we recommend going no farther than a Solitaire Gemstone Ring from our collection. It tick marks all the boxes without much effort. Just how the name suggests, a Solitaire Ring is identified by a Single Center Stone that captivates all the attention. (sometimes also accompanied by petite side-stones).

    The Center Stone could be of the most traditional round shape or be on the fancier end of the spectrum (pear, marquise, etc.) or even ooze a vintage vibe (Asscher, emerald, etc). You’d be surprised to note what big a difference the shape plays in defining the aesthetics of your Solitaire Ring. The options are endless and everything ultimately boils down to your preference.

  • Gemstone Halo Rings

    An added layer of sparkle is always a big yes! And that’s practically what drives the appeal for Gemstone Halo Rings. That’s because this style is all about sparkles and is characterized by a row of petite stones (usually diamond or moissanite) that encircle the center stone. Also, a pop of color of a colored gemstone accompanied by brilliance of diamonds/moissanite can get too hard to resist.

    Wish to know a little secret? Not only does it sparkle at its best, but also deceives your eye by offering the illusion of a bigger center stone. So, you could totally take it to mean that it offers you the best of both worlds, making it one of the most unique gemstone rings for women out there!

  • Vintage Inspired Ring With Gemstone

    Do you identify yourself as an old school who can’t help falling for everything that is antique? Do you love to wear timeless pieces that carry a story? If answer is a resounding yes, then we feel you! And our vintage ring collection inspired by designs from eras bygone is here to cater to that desire of yours.

    Our Vintage Gemstone Ring can be fashioned with art deco, filigree design or milgrain detailing or could even feature a more ornate metalwork, giving off major old world feel.

  • Gemstone Wedding Ring

    A Wedding Ring is technically characterized by a ring that features one or multiple gemstones/diamond (typically arranged in an eternity style). Unlike the engagement ring that proposes marriage, a Wedding Ring officially declares you as man and wife. So, if a wedding is on your cards soon, our collection of Gemstone Wedding Rings will never let you run short of options.

    We offer you with a world of options, right from classic plain bands to the ones that carry more ornate details. Whether it is a simple yellow gold diamond ring band, a vintage celtic band or even a colored stone ring enhancer that blends in with your engagement ring, each piece from our collection uniquely celebrates your union forever.

  • Gemstone Bands

    Typically, it is a type of metal ring that features gemstones set in a continuous band around the circumference of the ring. If you’re seeking something simple to flaunt regularly, a band with subtle colored stones such as Morganite, Aquamarine, Moissanite, or a Classic 14K White Gold Gemstone Band could be the one. While if you’re a little more fond of a pop of color, deeply hued stones such as Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald etc., or a Yellow or Rose Gold Gemstone Band might do the job right.

    Apart from that, you always have the choice of going for your own birthstone or a gemstone band that reflects your personality.

  • Gemstone Eternity Bands

    Nothing commemorates eternal love better than gemstone eternity bands. The style itself is enough to speak of that. Well, Eternity Bands feature a row of uniformly sized gemstones studded all along the band in an unbreakable circle (reflecting on your everlasting love). Eternity Bands in our collection can be adorned with the most classic colored stones or even more flashy ones, all crafted in white, yellow, and rose gold.

    Traditionally, they are presented as a gift to celebrate significant milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays, or the birth of a child. So, try going for a gemstone that resonates with your bond or even the birthstone of your precious one.

  • Gemstone Half Eternity Ring

    A Gemstone Half Eternity Ring is much like an eternity ring. The only difference lies in the fact that in a half eternity ring, the gemstones are studded half the way along the circular band. Apart from that, the symbolism remains unchanged.

Reasons to buy Real Gold Gemstone Rings from Rosec Jewels

Rosec Jewels doesn’t just believe in standing up to to its customers’ expectations, it believes in surpassing it. With an amalgamation of expertise, experience and creativity, our artisans bring these pieces to life. Here is what makes us stand out:

  • Quality: To stay true to our claims, we handcraft your Gemstone Rings by adhering to the highest standards of quality. The Certificate of authenticity we hand out with each parcel is a living proof of that. It indicates that the gemstone has passed the legitimate stages of inspection and assessments.

  • Hallmarked Gold: The Gold we ornament each of your ring in has also been hallmarked. The hallmark on the gold reflects on the purity of the gold, which is expressed in terms of karats or fineness. It assures you of the genuineness of the gold. Please note that we only handcraft rings in 14K Gold since it strikes the perfect balance between durability and purity.

  • Versatile Catalog: We can proudly call the wide and versatile catalog we carry our premium USP. Our collection of 14K Gold Gemstone and Diamond Rings ranges from the most classic and understated pieces to contemporary and vintage ones. We’re driven by the motive of catering to different choices of aesthetics, personalities, and occasions.

Final Verdict

Loved laying your eyes upon the collection of plethora of rings that we carry? Try getting your hands on them and you’d love it even more (you may have a tough time deciding on ‘just one’ though).

Having said that, here we sign off wishing you all the luck in finding the one you (or your loved one) forever treasures!

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