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About Top Selling Engagement Rings

Oval Shaped Engagement Ring

Oval-shaped engagement rings are very popular, and it doesn’t look like their charm will fade away in the coming time. Glittering oval-shape rings are here to stay. Its oblong shape catches the eye and lengthens the appearance of fingers.

You can get your oval engagement ring as a solitaire or a halo. Solitaire looks classic, whereas a halo adds extra sparkles and extravagance to the ring.

Halo Engagement Rig

Halo comes in various forms: halo, double halo, hidden halo, and in a variety of shapes, like oval halo, round halo, and flower halo. By using halo stones, one can enhance the center stone, making it look larger and more brilliant. It immediately draws attention because of the blingy and fancy effect it creates.

Ring with Surprise Gemstone

This is a very unique trend of setting a diamond or moissanite under the center stone to add extra glitter and a personalized touch to subtle designs. You will find these hidden gemstone patterns in solitaires that give these classic rings a modern edge.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Like oval shape, pear shaped is a amongst top popular trending styles. Its feminine and stylish look makes it a hot favorite, and its elongated shape makes it look larger than a round shape. The sparkling effect created by pear-shaped engagement rings sets them apart. It can be obtained in solitaires or as a halo, and needless to say, a halo doubles the dazzle.

Engagement Ring Set

Ring sets are modern but very much in demand. They come with a combination of the main ring and an enhancer, and sometimes enhancers. Ring sets come in combinations of two and three. These stacked rings highlight the center gem in the most brilliant way. You can find ring sets in different shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire rings will remain timeless as their simplicity and elegance are unparalleled. Rings with one center stone have always been in trend and will continue to remain popular. This style is something with which you can never go wrong. Just the center stone on a metal band shines bright in its own glory.

Pave Engagement Ring

Pave setting is also another way to create more sparkles by adorning small diamonds/moissanites along the band with main stone in the center. The gemstones all around the band are known as full pave and when they cover half of the shank, they are known as half pave. This setting creates a shiny surface.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring

If there is any new trend that has gained popularity in recent times in regard to engagement rings, it is this Engagement rings with rubies, emeralds, blue, pink, and yellow sapphires are most loved and demanded. This makes your ring stand out very easily. In addition to that, gemstones give a wonderful extension to your personality.

Vintage Style Engagement Ring

The unique and very appealing aesthetic of vintage style rings make them popular in modern world. Their intricate detailing with floral and cut out motif make these rings desirable. Their timelessness always keeps them in style. Choose antique style rings will make you feel like no less than a royal queen who lived in the past. You can find them in variety of designs with us from milgrain and filigree work to three stone and traditional style halo.

Two Stone Engagement Ring and Three Stone Engagement Ring

Multi stone ring style dates back to ages and they still continue to be popular today. Famously known as Toi Et Moi, the two stone ring symbolizes union of two souls, or two people coming together in marriage. In addition to this, how two stones put together enhance each other’s beauty is a sight to behold.

Three stone ring signifies three phases, past, present and future of couple’s relationship. So, if you want your engagement ring to carry a significant value in your life and be more than an ornament, three stone ring is an ideal choice.

Popular Metals for Engagement Ring

  • Yellow gold remains the classic choice, and many prefer a more traditional touch.
  • White gold is a mix of yellow gold and silver alloy metals. This is appropriate for a modish look.
  • Rose gold is ideal for a more warm and romantic touch to the ring.