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FAQs about Pisces Jewelry

  1. What kind of jewelry does Pisces like?

    Pisces like jewelry that can bring out their mood and personality. They keep jewelry in unique shapes and designs to satisfy their creative expression urge.

  2. Apart from aquamarine, what are the other gemstones that a Pisces can wear?

    Along with aquamarine, a Pisces can benefit from jewelry embellished with amethyst or bloodstone.

  3. Which metal looks best with aquamarine?

    White gold looks best with an aquamarine stone, but for a more classic look, you can get it in yellow gold, and for a modish look, you can get it in rose gold.

  4. What is a good-quality aquamarine gemstone?

    A good-quality aquamarine gemstone is transparent with an intense blue color and no visible inclusions. Also, it should be shaped in a well-proportioned cut. The shine of the gemstone gives the idea of quality of cut.

About Pisces Zodiac Sign

The 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is dedicated to March-borns. With the element of water, the power of Neptune planet and a symbol of fish, the Pisces knows how to float. Going with the flow comes naturally to them. They are known for their adaptable quality. Pisces, unlike some other star signs, know how to be fluid and move.

Their easy-going personality makes them the most gentle humans. They have strong imagination powers along with a love for pleasure and romance. Being a water sign, they are also very emotional creatures. If not channelized in the right directions, their sensitivity can be a matter of trouble for them. They always need an outlet to be free from their weight of emotions, otherwise they can fall into the trap of victim hood and a feeling of helplessness.

A right gemstone can empower Pisces in a way that they can realize their strengths and walk fearlessly. A Pisces woman is unstoppable if she knows how to voice her opinions.

Pisces Birthstone: Aquamarine

Here we have got the perfect match: aquamarine, the gemstone for March babies. This gemstone with a hue like the ocean bestows its cool and refreshing energy on the Pisces people. The gemstone is believed to heal issues like anxiety and unknown fears. The Pisces can easily learn to move through situations without getting stuck for too long in their pool of emotions. It provides the wearer with much-needed courage by activating the throat chakra. It becomes too easy to express what you are feeling. So, if you want your voice to be heard, then consider wearing Aquamarine jewelry.