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  1. Are the diamonds ethically sourced and certified as conflict-free?

    We strictly abide by the standards and guidelines set by Kimberley Process to ensure that each Diamond from our collection has been ethically sourced and qualifies as conflict-free.

  2. What is the price range for Diamond Necklaces, and do you have options within my budget?

    Making it a point to cater to different budgets, we carry a wide selection of Genuine Diamond Necklaces ranging between $170 to $1400 in price

  3. Are there any additional warranties or guarantees provided with the Diamond necklace purchase?


    In an attempt to help you cherish your jewelry for many more years to come, we offer a 3 year and Lifetime Warranty Plan. Both the plans cater to different budgets and are inclusive of a variety of warranty services.

  4. Is the Diamond Necklace presented in a gift box or packaging suitable for gifting?


    We facilitate you with the opportunity to receive (or customize) a gift box, absolutely free of any additional charges.

  5. Can you recommend a Diamond Necklace suitable for a special occasion or as a gift for a loved one?

    We carry an array of different Diamond Necklaces that speak to different occasions and bonds. For instance, if you’re scouting gifts for your special someone, you just can’t go wrong with a Diamond Heart Necklace. On the other hand, if it’s a religious occasion like Christmas that you’re getting all dolled up for, a Diamond Cross Necklace is the perfect way forward!

Diamond Necklace

Shine in and out by slipping on a sparkly Diamond Pendant Necklace! The best part? In an attempt to celebrate all kinds of occasions, bonds, and senses of style, we handcraft an array of classic, contemporary, and vintage designs of Diamond Necklaces for Women. Head on to fall for them:

Introduction to Diamond- The Forever Stone

Rightly hailed as the ‘king of all the precious gemstones,’ Diamond is the only stone known to mankind that is composed of a Single element, i.e., Carbon. It doesn’t showcase any hue (in fact- the most valuable Natural Diamond Necklaces are completely devoid of any color) and stands out for its exceptional brilliance (which is a result of its interaction with light). What’s more, it derives its name from the Greek word- ‘Adamas,’ which translates to ‘indestructible.’

Significance of Diamond Necklace

A Real Diamond Pendant Necklace is more than just any other piece of jewelry. It is held in high regard for all the right reasons. And lucky for you, we have laid down the most prominent ones for you (while you get prepared to make some space in your jewelry box for it):

  • Symbolism

    Nicknamed as ‘the forever stone,’ Diamond is often associated with eternal love, commitment, strength, and invincibility. Not just that, it also serves as the epitome of purity, innocence, status, and perfection.

  • Beauty

    Genuine Diamond Necklaces showcase an unparalleled sparkle and beauty (devoid of any hue), making them a timeless cum traditional choice of accessory any day.

  • Durability

    Living up to its nickname, Diamond sets the benchmark of hardness with a perfect hardness rating of 10/10 on the Mohs Scale. So, whether you slip on a Simple Diamond Necklace or something much more flashy and ornate, you can rest assured that it can easily withstand all the potential wear and tear.

How To Trust Diamond is Real in Necklace?

It’s completely natural to come across synthetic counterparts of Diamond. If anything, that makes it all the more important to be aware of some handy hacks to tell them apart from Real Diamond Necklaces. Fret not, we’re here to walk you through all of them:

  1. The Fog Test

    Breathe close to the Diamond. You’ll naturally notice some fog building up. All you have to do is observe the time taken by it to clear up. If it is surprisingly long (several seconds), then your Diamond is likely a fake one. That’s because Real Diamond are known for being great conductors of heat, in turn to which they’re likely to clear up more quickly.

  2. The Clarity Test

    It’s natural for an Authentic Diamond Necklace to possess some minute imperfections (which in fact, are the birthmarks of its natural formation). Simply look for these flaws under a jeweler’s loupe or 10X magnification. If you don’t notice any imperfections (like flecks of minerals, etc)., you might looking at a fake gemstone (which is formed under controlled environments and as a result, is surprisingly clear).

  3. Observe the Brilliance

    Diamond refracts light in a way that it showcases a high brilliance/sparkle, which its synthetic counterparts can never imitate. Simply place your Diamond upside down on a piece of newspaper. Owing to its high refractive index, a Real Diamond would bend the light with such efficiency that it would be hard to read the letter beneath. Look closely, if you’re able to read through it, then it is most likely an imitation.

    Everything said and done, we know you can’t wait to buy Diamond Pendants online. So without any further ado, let’s take you on a tour of our collection of Gold and Diamond Necklaces for Women and find the one that speaks to you the most:

Diamond Necklace Styles & Designs

  • Diamond Solitaire Necklace

    The most minimal Diamond Necklace out there, this style is adorned with a Single Stone of Diamond that steals all the limelight. If you’re on the hunt for something that not only resonates with your classic sense of style but also fits well with your everyday ensembles, look no further!

  • Diamond Heart Necklace

    A timeless token of love, Diamond Heart Necklace is characterized by the Center Stone of Heart Shape Diamond. From Classic Heart Solitaire, Infinity Heart or Interlocking Heart Necklaces to the ones inscribed with meaningful initials, each pendant here is meant to find a way to your loved one’s heart.

  • Diamond Cross Necklace

    An emblem of faith, Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace features Cross symbol as the main focal point, complemented by the centerpiece(s) of Diamond. Reflecting upon the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Cross is revered as a religious symbol of Christianity. You could go from slipping it on everyday to keep your faith close to the heart to saving it for special Christian festivals like Christmas to celebrate your devotion to the almighty.

  • Diamond Infinity Necklace

    Romantic cum fashion-forward, this Beautiful Diamond Necklace is encased with the centerpiece of Diamond in an infinity-inspired design/motif. From a Classic Diamond Infinity Pendant to more statement-making ones like Heart Infinity or Interlocking Infinity Pendant, you have a world of options to choose from. What’s more, not only are they exchanged between couples as a token of eternal love but are also worn by the glam-loving modern women to flaunt their bold fashion choices.

  • Diamond Bar Necklace

    Bold and statement-making, Diamond Bar Necklace is studded with a series of Diamond(s) set together to look like a Bar (Horizontal or Vertical). For the days you wish to go beyond the ordinary with your choice of accessory, look no further!

    Other Diamond Pendants for Women: Apart from them, we also carry a eye-catching selection of Diamond Necklaces beautifully adorned in floral and animal-inspired designs or encased in a Celestial or Key Charm.

How to Care for Diamond Necklace?

As much as you’d love slipping on your Beautiful Diamond Necklace every day, it is equally important to care for it the right manner to keep it from losing its charm over time. Here is everything you need to know about it:

  • For Cleaning
    1. Prepare a cleaning mix of mild detergent/soap and water that has been heated to moderate temperatures. Immerse your sparkler in it for a good duration of 10-15 minutes to eliminate all the accumulate dirt, oil, and grime from the surface.

    2. Meanwhile, make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub off all the stubborn filth once and for all.

    3. Once done, take your sparkler out and keep it under clean running water to do away with the residual soap.

    4. Finally, pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Religiously follow this DIY Cleaning hack once in a month and you’ll see your Natural Diamond Pendant shining as good as new.

  • For Caring
    1. Though extremely durable, a Diamond can still be scratched by another Diamond. And since precaution is better than cure, it’s best to store your pendant separately (preferably in a velvety case)/

    2. Over exposure to Chemicals can deteriorate the quality of the sparkle of your Diamond. So to do away with such a risk, make sure to put on makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products before wearing your sparkler.

    3. Make it a habit to take it off before going for a shower or indulging in physical activities like gardening, cooking, cleaning, playing sports, etc, so that it is least exposed to any accidental damages.

    4. Last but not the least, don’t forget to take your Diamond Gold Necklace to a jewelry professional for regular cleaning, inspection, and repairs.

Why to Buy Diamond Necklace From Rosec Jewels

  • Color and Clarity

    Each Diamond from our collection has been certified with a quality grade of HI-SI by a reputable gemological laboratory.

    The H-I Color Grade Diamonds belong to the ‘Near Colorless Category’ which suggests that they showcase an eye-clean clarity when looked at from the naked eye. What’s more, they come with a relatively affordable price tag, if you compare it with higher grade Diamonds (without much difference in appearance).

    The SI (Slightly Included) Clarity Diamonds can easily be called your best bet since although they are home to small imperfections, but they can only be detected under 10X magnification. Besides, they are much more easy on the pockets.

  • Choice of Metal

    Lending both quality and lush appeal to your Real Diamond Necklaces, we handcraft them in hallmarked Gold and Silver. Not just that, we also offer you the option to choose from three different tones of Gold, i.e., white, yellow, and rose gold.

  • Catalog

    We boast a standout catalog that is meant to speak to all kinds of occasions, bonds, and senses of style. From Simple Diamond Necklaces for the days you wish to keep it classic to contemporary ones to channel your modern diva and vintage pieces for the old-school in you, we have something in store for everyone.