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Shop Emerald Rings, Earrings and Necklace Online

Emeralds with the history stretching back nearly three billion years, found their first recorded mining in Egypt around 1500 BC. In ancient Egyptian culture, the emerald was cherished as a symbol of rebirth and fertility, often placed with mummies to signify eternal youth. The Incas and Aztecs also revered these lush green gems, considering them divine.

Why Shop May Birthstone Jewelry?

Emeralds are the birthstone of May, the month adorned with blooming flowers and renewed energy by indulging in the dazzling green beauty of emeralds. What can be more enchanting than wearing May birthstone jewelry? Especially, our emerald rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are specially designed to bring an extra touch of sophistication and elegance to your daily wear or special attires. When choosing the jewelry crafted with this lush green then your personal style matters the most. That means buying the jewelry after exploring all the styles involving solitaire, halo, vintage-inspired, three-stone, stackable, cocktail & eternity.

Different Kinds of Emerald Jewelry

Emerald rings signify one's presence and timeless charm, that catches the attention of onlookers. The vibrant green beauty can be the next versatile addition to your jewelry box that not only goes perfectly on every pair of outfits but also elevates your personality. From stunning stud earrings to halo-style emerald rings and elaborate drop earrings to emerald infinity pendant necklaces, each piece of jewelry can effortlessly be worn on special occasions as well as daytime get-together.

  • Emerald Earrings

    Emerald earrings are enchanting jewelry that have been valued for their rich green beauty for centuries. Our exquisite collection of emerald earrings ranges from sophisticated solitaire stud earrings, hoop drop earrings, vintage emerald earrings, and stunning two-stone emerald studs. These are versatile option, each design of emerald jewelry can be effortlessly adorn on special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and cocktail parties.

  • Emerald Necklaces

    Popular as May Jewelry, the precious gemstone, emerald is also used as a centerpiece to craft stunning necklaces. Whether you're hunting for heart necklaces or get attracted to the beauty of emerald nature-inspired necklaces, each piece of emerald necklace possesses eye-catching hues and timeless elegance. Our everyday emerald pieces serve as a delightful burst of energy and color, effortlessly enhancing your everyday look.

  • Emerald Rings

    This glistening gemstone is a true representation of the bond and relation between you and your partner, buying a dazzling ring graced by emerald surprised your partner. Whether you're at the breakfast table or on the dance floor these emerald beauties are specially crafted to accompany you, adding a touch of magic to your every moment. From classic solitaire emerald rings to antique vintage inspired rings and from halo style emerald rings to promise emerald rings that commit to strengthening your bond for whole life.

  • Emerald Bracelets

    For a casual look or everyday wear, choosing the emerald bracelets could be an ideal option. Emerald bracelets, with their luxurious green color and stunning appearance, have consistently signified sophisticated and contemporary taste in the world of gemstone jewelry. Truly, emerald is praised for their green tones, emerald bracelets offer an enduring love and beauty transcending brief trends and vogue. The distinctive style of emerald bracelets ranges from minimal to full eternity, promise, solitaire, and statement emerald bracelets, making them perfect for formal and casual wear.

Precious Metal Selection for Emerald Jewelry

Our exclusive collection of emerald jewelry is crafted from various precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, and silver. Pick the jewelry with the preferable metal choice that not only suits your budget but also complements your skin tones and outfits. Each metal has its own durability and holds a distinct price. Apart from durability, one of the essential factors of choosing the metal color that elegantly matches your emerald. Different meanings are linked to these metals; thus you'll get different metal choices at Rosec Jewels. Mostly, women prefer white gold metal that accentuates the green tone of emerald elegantly.

Popular Metal Setting for Emerald Jewelry

Prong Setting: - most popular and often used for setting emerald jewelry. Also offers high security to the center gemstone, thus prong settings are commonly used in diverse styles of emerald jewelry, and also allows maximum light to reach the emerald.

Bezel Setting: - did a great job of securing the center gem for a stunning and dazzling look. this metal setting, secures the gemstone in every kind of jewelry. In this setting, a seamless band of metal encircles the center stone, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic. The bezel setting not only offers a protective enclosure for the gemstone but also adds refinement to the emerald jewelry design.