Necklace Education

Isn’t necklace the one accessory you go for when you wish to emphasize your everyday ensembles? Or isn’t it one of the most treasured gifts presented by your one and only as a romantic expression of love and commitment? Whether you look at it as a fashion statement or an emblem of romance, it’s no surprise that Necklaces have always been a timeless classic in every woman’s jewelry box.

Technically, you can define necklace as a piece of ornament sported around the neck that features a chain, cord or band adorned with gemstones, diamond and pearl. Catering to different aesthetics, here are the many styles Necklaces come in:

Different Necklace Styles

  • Solitaire Necklace:

Aesthetically if you see, a solitaire necklace is a type of necklace that has a single, prominent gemstone or diamond as the center of attraction. If you’re all about minimalism, the understated style of Solitaire Necklace is everything that you’d be looking for. Embellishment of gemstones and diamonds lend it the right amount of visual appeal.

When presented as a gift, it goes much beyond the aesthetics and is often considered as a promise of love.

  • Three Stone Necklace:

Don’t mind ditching the classics for an extra bling? Then, the bold, flashy and everything but ordinary style of a three stone necklace maybe something you just can’t look past. Technically, a Three Stone Necklace is embedded with three colored gemstones or sparkling diamonds. The three stones are typically arranged in a row, with the largest stone in the center and the two smaller stones on either side.

But symbolically speaking, a Three Stone Necklace is much more than mere aesthetics. The first stone epitomizes the couple’s past, shedding light on their happy memories and hardships endured to be together. The second stone is a reflection of their present. The third stone, on the other hand, signifies your future and many more years of togetherness.

So, if you see- it’s more like an emblem of your timeless love.

  • Bar Necklace:

We like to call Bar Necklace the ultimate epitome of class. Visually, it features a horizontal or vertical bar that can be seen hanging from the chain. What adds an aesthetic appeal to this bar is the decorative adornment of gemstones, diamonds and pearl on it. But what you would find most appealing about a Bar Necklace is the fact that it offers a wide scope (and space) for customization.

Are cute engravings and personalized gifts just more you? Go as creative as you can and imbibe it all on a bar necklace.

    • Dangle Necklace:

    If you’re all about bold and dramatic style, you won’t find anything coming close to a Dangle Necklace. This eye catching style is characterized by dangling elements that can add movement and interest to any outfit. These Dangles are characterized by gemstones, pearls or necklace to add the oomph factor. Additionally, the length of the dangles can vary, and they can be arranged in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern.

    • Halo Necklace:

    Wish to go for something that is all about sparkles? Your search might end on a Halo Necklace. It features a ring of petite diamonds/moissanite that encircle the center stone. Together, they create a halo effect by reflecting and amplifying the light that shines on the central stone, gifting it a more brilliant and sparkling appearance. As a result of that, it also plays with your eyes by creating the illusion of a bigger sized stone.

    Its symbolism is as beautiful as the style itself. You’d be astonished to know that the circular design of the halo represents the cycle of life and everlasting love.

    • Station Necklace:

    A perfect accessory to be worn everyday- Station Necklace compliments every kind of attire. You wouldn’t come across a more interesting style, if you ask us. It typically features a chain with evenly spaced decorative elements, or "stations", along its length. The stations can be beads, gemstones, pearls, or other decorative elements that are usually fixed in place on the chain.

    Bail of the Necklace

    The Bail (or Bale) of the Necklace is a small loop or finding of metal that fastens the pendant, gemstone or diamond to the chain of the necklace. It serves as a connector attached usually to the top of the pendant, allowing it to hang properly from the chain, while also providing room for movement and flexibility.

    • Standard Bail:

    You can safely call a ‘Standard Bail’ as the most commonly and widely used one in necklaces. Typically, it is a small, U-shaped piece of metal that is attached to the top of the pendant, with a small opening or loop through which the chain of the necklace can be threaded. The best part about a Standard Bail is that it can work well with a wide range of pendant styles and designs, from simple and minimalist to more elaborate and detailed.

    • Rabbit Ear Bail:

    If you wish to add an interesting touch to your necklace without compromising on the security that a bail is supposed to lend to it, Rabbit Ear Bail might be the one for you. Technically, a Rabbit Ear Bail is characterized by its distinctive shape, which resembles the long ears of a rabbit. The bail has two loops or ears that extend out from the top of the pendant, with a small opening in between them through which the necklace chain can be threaded.

    • Decorative Bail:

    You’d have assumed by the name by now that a Decorative Bail is all aesthetics- a mere glance is enough to tell. It is more of a showy and designer metal bail that captivates your attention by not being a mere classic. If you ask us, it is not only designed to be aesthetically pleasing but also to complement the style of your pendant.

    • Hidden Bail:

    The name sort of gives it away that a Hidden Bail is meant to stay concealed. No rocket science is required to achieve the desired look, the bail is simply attached to the chain (typically) from the back of the pendant. Just as is the case with any other Bail, the chain can support and move through the pendant without finding any difficulty to blend in.

    • Roundel/Rondelle:

    It’s easy to take an idea from the name ‘Roundel’ that this bail is round. More precisely, it is characterized by a circular shape of metal component with a loop or ring attached to it. It typically possesses flat surface with a small opening in the center, through which the chain is threaded. You can rest assured that there is an ample of room for the pendant to hang freely from the chain.

    The Different Chain Types

    • Mesh Chain: 
      A Mesh Chain is a type of necklace chain that consists of a series of interlocking metal links to create a deep texture. Classy and luxurious are the first words that’ll come to your mind while looking at it.

    • Rolo Chain: 
      Unlike the rest, a Rolo Chain is characterized by an evenly sized circular or oval-shaped metal links that create a woven pattern. Depending on the thickness and weight of the links, the chain can please many aesthetics- be it chunky and bold or feminine and delicate.

    • Rope Chain: 
      Typically, a rope chain is a type of necklace chain that consists of small links that are twisted together to create a spiral or rope-like pattern. The interesting texture and dimension that this Rope Chain lends to the necklace makes it extremely eye-pleasing.

    • Bead Chain: 
      This Classic style features small, round beads that are linked together to create a continuous chain. You’ll find the timeless appeal of a bead chain necklace to be rather unparalleled.

    • Byzantine Chain: 
      The complicated design of a Byzantine Chain marks its aesthetic appeal. Technically, it is an intricate woven design consisting of a series of interconnected links. You’ll find it to possess a rope like texture.

    • Cable Chain: 
      Cable Chain is one of the simplest and the most classic type of necklace chain you’ll ever get to witness. Technically, it consists of oval or round links that are uniformly interconnected for a minimal appeal.

    • Snake Chain: 
      Don’t be scared to hear the name, aesthetics are sure to please you. They feature small, wavy plates that are closely linked together. We know you’ve been wondering so let’s break it to you- it gets its name from snakeskin-like shape of the plates of the chain.

    • Venetian/Box Chain: 
      This somewhat geometrical chain features small, interconnected links that are square or rectangular in shape. It’s one of the most unique and elegant kind of chain you’ll ever get to witness.

    • Wheat Chain:
      Designed to mirror the appearance of a wheat stalk, a wheat chain features small, oval or round shaped interlocking links that are braided together. In the first glance, you might find it to be close to a rope chain in appearance but it is the intricate design that makes all the difference.