Wedding Ring Styles

When it comes to an occasion as special as a Wedding, arriving at the perfect ring style is practically the dream. You could be super understated with your style or be someone who is a bit over the top with aesthetics. Wherever you find yourself to be on the spectrum, you have a world of options before you! Let us have the honor of introducing you to them:

Classic Wedding Band

A Plain or Classic Wedding Band is, in simplest terms, unornamented. It’s all about the metal (gold) with zero embellishments. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the bling as much and likes to stick to basics, you won’t regret splurging on it. As a plus point, you also don’t have to worry about any damage that comes with encrusting diamonds/gemstones on the ring shank.

The three tones of metal wedding bands you’ll get to witness here are:

  • White Gold:
    Classic and elegant, a Wedding Band in white gold is neutral in color.

  • Yellow Gold:
    Luxurious yet traditional, a Wedding Band in Yellow Gold reflects a warm, yellow tone.

  • Rose Gold:
    Feminine and trendy, a Rose Gold Wedding Band garners attention with its blush-pink hue.

Eternity Wedding Band

An Eternity Wedding Band is encrusted with a row of uniformly-sized diamonds/gemstones all over the ring. So, whether you decide to slip it on with an engagement ring or flaunt it all solo, it offers an exceptional beauty. Behind its aesthetics, this style holds a very endearing symbolism. It reflects upon the kind of love that is never-ending (eternal).

The most common kind of settings that fit with an eternity ring are:

  • Shared Prong Eternity Ring:
    In a shared prong setting, a row of diamonds/gemstones are nestled together unaccompanied by any border of metal. All of it to emphasize most on the brilliance and sparkle (if it is a diamond)! When coupled with a classic engagement ring, wedding bands crafted in this setting look like a true piece of beauty!

  • Channel Set Eternity Ring:
    Just how the name suggests, a Channel Set Eternity Ring employs a Channel that runs around the circumference of the ring. The Diamonds are set together within this Channel. If it’s a protective setting that you’re looking for, a Channel Setting might serve you well. Apart from that, it blends in phenomenally with a channel set engagement ring.

Curved Wedding Band

Never wish to wear your engagement and wedding ring apart? You wouldn’t have to with a Curved Wedding Band by your side. This band is designed in a curved shape so that it fits effortlessly with the engagement ring, creating a seamless look. (you can even confuse the two for one ring).

Five-Stone Wedding Band

Studded together with Five Stones of your favorite gemstone or sparkling Diamonds, this Wedding band is a beautiful token of love. As far as the beliefs go, the five stones collectively stand for the five pillars of a happy relationship- love, commitment, trust, empathy, and communication. So, not only are you splurging on some extra sparkles or splash of color, but also something that carries such beautiful meaningful!

Vintage Wedding Band

With the grand return of vintage aesthetic, are you also fancying something old-school? Or you’re just more moved by rings that carry a story? Whatever reason for going for it suits you best, a Vintage-inspired Ring might be the one for you. Drawing inspiration from eras bygone, it incorporates ornate designs such as filigree, milgrain, Art Deco, and other antique engravings. So, in case you wish to wear them all solo, they can also make a statement of their own.

Infinity Wedding Band

This Wedding Band features an infinity motif/symbol as the center of all attraction. The whole shank could be encircled in an infinity pattern or subtly highlight a single infinity motif. The name infinity itself would suggest how beautifully it sheds light upon the kind of love that knows no measures (is infinite).

Stackable Wedding Band

One of the trendiest ways of wearing a Wedding Band while making a statement is by stacking it up with many different rings. Slipping on a number of rings (that offer different aesthetics) together offers you the scope to create a personalized look. So, whether you like more bling, wish to create maximum impact or anything else, a Stackable Wedding Band caters to many aesthetics.