Ring Guide

Be it for a milestone occasion or just because, we think we can all mutually agree that arriving at the perfect ring can prove to be extremely puzzling, indecisive, and well, nothing short of a challenge. But since it is an equally significant purchase, making it worth every penny shouldn’t be confined to your dreams.

Your preference, aesthetics, and budget will eventually lead the way to your final pick (of course). But making use of our professional Ring Buying Guide will only help you make a more well-informed and sound judgment. So, without any further ado, let’s get you a step closer to finding a ring that you’ll cherish for a lifetime:

  • Set the Budget

Deciding on a budget may not be the easiest thing to do, but if it isn’t on top of your priority list already- then that’s a mistake you don’t want to make to begin with. Finalizing a budget helps you define your comfort zone (financially) and in turn, navigate through the best ring options within it. The noteworthy point here is: setting a budget that aligns with your comfort zone requires you not to blindly follow some traditional adage that doesn’t take it into account in the first place. (The most common one being- spending 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring.)

  • Rely on Certification

A Certificate is more like the quality teller of your stone- and a fine one at it. To certify a gemstone/diamond, a group of experts at a legitimate laboratory assesses, analyzes and as a result, grades its 4 Cs on the basis of their findings. To make sure that you’re getting your hands on the ideal stone (within your budget), ensure that it is certified by a reputable laboratory. That way, you’re not only doing away with any quality concerns but also getting to know your stone inside out. You’d be glad to know that Rosec Jewels only sells certified jewelry, thus adhering to and ensuring of you of the highest standards of quality.

  • Selecting the Center Stone

Here comes the puzzler: what kind of center stone mirrors with your aesthetics or idea of love more? If you’re someone who resonates with timeless traditions and is all about the sparkles- nothing better than Diamonds. But if a little pop of color excites you or you’re fascinated by the kind of symbolism gemstones bring along- they clearly take the prize here. Decide what works for you and you’ll be good to move ahead.

  • The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat make the stone what it is, whether you speak of it in terms of its aesthetics, price, or quality. Our education guide has covered each one of them individually to help you understand them better. That being said, let’s tell you a super handy yet often overlooked shopping tip: the difference between splurging on a good and ‘worth it’ ring lies in prioritizing the right manner. By that, we simply mean- don’t just understand the 4 Cs but prioritize the one that caters to your requirements more so you can compromise on the less important ones while sticking to a budget.

If you ask us, ideally Cut is considered as the most crucial C since it effectively impacts the other Cs as well. So, your stone could have a great color and clarity but if it isn’t cut properly, it would never reflect light as evenly as it could. That in turn, would make it appear slightly dull. Apart from that, everything boils down to your preference. If lofty carats and ‘going big’ sounds like you, you can go for a higher carat and compromise on the color and clarity a bit. But in case you’re sticking to a fixed budget, going for a small stone could mean higher quality.

  • Choose the Metal

Gold has long been the most traditional and luxurious choice of metal, especially when we speak of engagement and wedding rings. That too for all the right reasons. But how do you select the right tone (white gold, yellow gold or rose gold) and gold purity for yourself is the big question here. That’s because- they not only speak of the aesthetics of your ring, but go much beyond to determine its durability. We speak of purity in terms of karat ( poles apart from the Carat of Diamond, in case you got confused). So, though higher karat means increased purity of gold ( i.e., it is less inclusive of alloys of any other metals), it also comes with less durability. So, it’s important that you closely consider the kind of lifestyle you lead before making a decision on it.

Apart from that, the different tones of Gold are all about your choice of aesthetics. If you like to stick to a ‘subtle & simple’ style, White Gold might be the one for you. While if you can’t stop yourself from clinging to traditions, yellow gold seems like the classic choice. On the other hand, if you’re the modern woman who likes everything unique and feminine, nothing better than rose gold. Lucky for you, we have also come up with a metal guide to help you decide on your choice of metal better.

  • Finalize the Shape

More often than not, you always have the idea of the kind of shape you’d like for your ring in the back of your mind. You just need a final stamp. See- if you’re quite simple with your choices, there is nothing quite like Round Shape. But if you’re somewhat modish and extraordinary, Pear and Marquise Shape work best. Though, if you like the look of long and slim fingers- there is always the option to go for the new classic- Oval Shape. Apart from that, Vintage lovers can’t seem to have enough of the Asscher or Emerald Shape. So if you see, each shape here brings a different aesthetic to the table. Know your preference inside out and you’ll be good to decide.
We’ve also curated an in-depth Guide to decide on the right kind of shape for gemstone as well as Diamond rings.

  • Decide on the Ring Style & Setting

The Ring Style and Setting may require some thinking, and we’d only recommend you to take your time while at it. Consider EVERYTHING: your choice of aesthetics, lifestyle, and the kind of symbolism that the style carries (especially when you’re looking for an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring). Can’t ditch the traditions? You don’t have to with Solitaire Rings by your side. Would rather prefer something that goes beyond the ordinary? Three Stone Rings are the clear favorites for that. Or you could even go for a filigree or Art-Deco ring for that perfect vintage touch that the old school in you might love.

Apart from that, the many ring settings that not only cater to different aesthetics but also lend a different kind of security to your center stone are: prong, pave, bezel, cluster, channel, bar, and split shank. Don’t make the rookie mistake of neglecting the setting part. Know each of them to decide on the one that you’ll forever be happy with.

  • Know the Ring Size

It goes without saying that knowing the right ring size of your finger (or in the case of engagement ring- of your future fiance’s finger) is paramount. It will firstly save you many tears (yes, we understand the pain) along with the extra effort of having to resize it or in the worst case, getting it replaced. To do away with that risk, you can always trust our free ring-sizer to do its job. You just have to sit back, place the ring on the sizer through your mobile screen and move the slider until it fits. If you want us to walk you through the entire process of picking the right ring size, head to our ring size guide.