Earrings Education

Whether it is just another day of you wanting to stick to an understated style or an occasion that you can’t wait to turn heads in, Earring is one accessory that you can always count on. If there was an award for the most worn ornament- Earrings would be a clear winner, don’t you think?

Choose how you would like to show up and you’ll always find an Earring style to match. That speaks volumes of the kind of versatility an edition of earrings carries. But sometimes deciding on the right pair can become quite a task. Especially if you’re new to the world of earrings and are still figuring your way out to the right one that resonates with your aesthetics, preferences and what not!

Don’t worry. We have you covered with everything you need to know about the wide variety of earring styles and the handy shopping tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Types of Earrings

  • Stud Earrings:

Studs are practically the go-to piece of accessory for every woman out there! Characterized as the smallest piece among the many earring styles, a Stud sits flat directly through the earlobe. It is typically attached to a post or thin wire that passes through a piercing in the earlobe and is secured conveniently by a small back. What works as the essence of Stud Earrings is its captivating embellishment with gemstone, pearl, and diamond.

Don’t wish to put in much effort dressing up? No problem, let Stud earrings be your style saviors. Or in the mood to go flashy with your attire but want an accessory to balance it out? Again, rely on studs. Long story short, the classic appeal of Studs will never let you down.

  • Hoop Earrings:

Hoops are the ultimate show stopping piece of accessory that is everything but ordinary. They feature a circular or semi-circular hoop that passes through the ear piercing. When ornamented with colorful gemstones and diamonds, they flatter at every glance. Whether you like to call them bold or feminine, Hoops are truly having a moment.

The good part about them is that they come in every size- small, medium and large. While small hoops are good to be paired with office attires, Medium hoops blend well with fancy and casual attires alike. Large chunky hoops, on the other hand, are meant to steal the spotlight when you dress up to make a statement. Apart from being a fashion statement all around the globe, Hoop Earrings are also indicative of wholeness, unity and strength. In full justice to that, they make your look complete and frame your face well.

  • Drop Earrings:

Just how the name suggests, Drop Earrings drop or hang vertically below the earlobe. They are elegantly feminine. The adornment of gemstones, diamonds, and pearls, add a dash of desirability to this style. While the pop of color of gemstone lends it a dramatic appeal, diamonds add a hint of timelessness. Pearls, on the other hand, carry a sophisticated touch to add to its already feminine look.

You may not be strange to the wide selection that each style of earrings carry. And Drop earrings are no different. The kind of earring you want requires you to reflect on your kind of aesthetics. Are you looking for delicate and petite drops or wish to go beyond the ordinary with a more bold and flamboyant pair? Whatever your choice of preference looks like, Drop earrings have something in store for you.

  • Dangle Earrings:

If you’re all about bold and flashy style, don’t look any further. Technically, Dangle Earrings, not only hang below the earlobe but they also swing to and fro (which is not the case with Drop Earrings). You’d be surprised to note that some dangles can hang all the way down to your shoulders.

Dangles get you party ready in a glance. Mostly, they are preferred for fancy occasions, but you always have the option to add an oomph factor to your basics by wearing them. Adornment of colorful gemstones add to their dramatic look, while Diamonds make them all about the sparkle. Thanks to the glam quotient that they bestow whenever worn, Dangle Earrings are surely going places.

Note- The key difference between Drop and Dangle earrings here is that while you can consider a Dangle to be a Drop, but it is never the other way around.