Bracelet Education

Be it a casual brunch, just another day at work or a milestone occasion, Bracelets just know how to compliment any kind of look. They have been a fashion statement- and a good one at it, for centuries. Modern women will find it hard to disagree with us on this.

Technically, it is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. But how you perceive it makes it what it is. Some like to put it on as a way of expression of their individual style, while for some- wearing it makes them feel a sense of connection with their loved one when it’s gifted or passed down through generations. Interestingly, many consider it to be a status symbol as well (like why not?)

Whether you add a pop of color to them with gemstones, go the conventional way with diamonds or let the timelessness of Pearl speak for itself- Bracelets have their way of pleasing many aesthetics. With many emerging trends, here are some of the most common bracelet styles you’ll get to witness. Pick the one that caters to your sense of style or gift it to your precious lady, the options are endless:

Tennis Bracelet

Oozing sheer elegance, a Tennis Bracelet is such a classic. A mere glance is enough to tell that.

It is a type of bracelet that features a single row of small, closely-set Diamonds or other gemstones that are held together in a thin, flexible setting. Its understated yet versatile style will tell how easily it goes with any and every attire. While the shimmering line of Diamonds lend a hint of sophistication to it, gemstones offer it a vivid visual appeal with their different hues.

We can’t keep ourselves from sharing an interesting story attached to its name. Back in 1980s, Chris Evert, a popular Tennis player, lost her bracelet in the midst of a match. You’d be surprised to note that the match was briefly halted so that she could look for her lost bracelet. The incident drew widespread media attention.You might have guessed by now- so yes, that’s where Tennis bracelet is known to derive its name from.

The USP of a Tennis Bracelet is that it can be worn anyhow you like. You could flaunt it all solo, or layer it up with other pieces for a more dramatic look.

Charm Bracelet

We can safely call them one of the most meaningful yet chic bracelets out there. By the end of the discussion, you’ll know why.

It is a type of bracelet that features various small ornaments or "charms" that are attached to the chain or band of the bracelet. Nobody would like to dissent from the fact that the aesthetics that these charm lend to the bracelet are something else. But for many, they go much beyond the aesthetics to reflect the wearer’s personality, religion, a sentimental meaning or interests.

That is because the charms can depict anything- flowers, celestial bodies, evil eye, religious symbols, numbers, letters, horse-shoe or even a geometrical shape. You will often find these gemstones to be embedded with a gemstone of choice, a sparkly diamond, or a timeless pearl. Its personalized touch also offers you the scope to gift it to a loved one.

So long story short, a charm is more like the life of the bracelet. Legends have it that the evidence of charm bracelets dates back to ancient times. But particularly in the 1950s and 1960s, they experienced a surge in popularity and there has been no looking back for them ever since.

Chain Bracelet

You’re laying eyes on another timeless classic in the style collection of Bracelets. We don’t see Chain Bracelets going out of style any soon and its classy appeal is the one to be blamed.

This classic piece is made up of a series of interlocking links that form a continuous chain. To be more precise, the links can vary in size, thickness, and shape. What adds a visual appeal and most times, instills more meaning to this chain bracelet is the adornment of gemstones, diamonds, pearls and other charms on it.

Whether you like a more layered and dramatic look or prefer to stick to minimalism, Chain Bracelets would never disappoint you. You’ll find a great option of styles in this very category of Bracelets from unique motifs, three stone styles, a simple solitaire style to something as dramatic as a station chain bracelet. What you eventually pick boils down to your preference.

Bolo Bracelet

Whether you’re an fan of its effortlessly chic style or the comfort with which it can be worn, the popularity of Bolo Bracelets is here to stay.

This extraordinary bracelet style features a band or chain with a decorative centerpiece, secured by a sliding clasp or bead that allows the wearer to adjust the fit. We’d like to place a little extra stress on the term ‘adjust’ here because that is pretty much what a Bolo Bracelet is all about. That’s because its closing clasp can be moved up or down along the bracelet, allowing for a customized fit that can accommodate different wrist sizes. You see where it goes an extra mile?

Apart from the comfort it lends, its aesthetics are not far behind in fetching praises. The metal chain adorned is often decorated with gemstones for a splash of color, diamonds for an extra shine or pearls for its sophisticated appeal. Thanks to the minimal appeal of a Bolo Bracelet, you always have the opportunity of making a statement by stacking it up.

In case you were wondering, the name Bolo is inspired from Bolo tie. It is a popular necktie that features a braided or corded band, fastened with an ornamental clasp or slide. It is interestingly similar to Bolo Bracelet thanks to how well its size is adjustable with a slide or clasp.

Clasps of Bracelet

How do you slip on or take off a Bracelet? The simple answer is: with a clasp. In simple words, it is a type of fastener that helps you secure the two ends of a bracelet together.

Typically, it is characterized by a small metal piece with a spring mechanism that can be opened and closed to attach or detach the bracelet.

  • Box Clasp

You can easily call it one of the most stylish bracelet closures out there. It is characterized by a rectangular-shaped decorative box with a hinged opening on one side, and a small metal tab on the other side that fits into the box to secure the bracelet.

  • Bead Clasp

When you see it, in the first glance- you might find it difficult to figure out if there even is a closure. A Bead Clasp blends that well with your Bracelet. Just how the name suggests, a Bead Clasp appears like a Bead with a tab closure. So, if you ask us- more than just being a closure, it also uplifts the aesthetics of your Bead Bracelet.

  • Barrel Clasp

The name may give it away that a Barrel Clasp is shaped somewhat like a Barrel when secured. This Clasp is characterized by one piece shaped like a barrel, and the other as a small metal cylinder that fits inside the barrel. The two ends are inserted into each other through screw, hook-insert mechanism.

  • Fishhook Clasp

As interesting as the name may sound to you, a Fishhook Clasp is just as much flexible and secure. It features an oval metal box that resembles a fish (hence the name) on one end along with a hook to fasten it on the other end. The hook is inserted into the metal box and pulled back, thus securing the bracelet in place.

  • Lobster Clasp

First things first, a Lobster Clasp (for those of you wondering) derives its name from its strong resemblance with a Lobster’s Claw. It consists of a small spring-loaded mechanism that opens and closes a hook-shaped clasp.

  • Bolo Clasp

The adjustable nature and the one-of-a-kind style of a Bolo Clasp are responsible for being a hit among women. It consists of a loop and a slide, both made of metal. The loop is attached to one end of the bracelet, while the slide is attached to the other end. The simple way to wear it is inserting the slide through the loop and adjusting the length of the bracelet to your desired size. You always have the option to slide it up and down to loosen or tighten the bracelet, however it may please you.