Wedding Ring Guide

Engagement Rings may have been the center of all attention as soon as you decided to tie the knot, but conventionally- Wedding Bands also hold their own share of significance. You’d be surprised to note that the trend of exchanging Wedding Bands between couples is older than you can possibly presume- the early Egyptian and European era!

You could be just another couple that wholeheartedly abides by these conventions or simply don’t wish to wear the engagement ring solo; or above all, like the idea of a love emblem that actually commemorates your union as man and wife (unlike the engagement ring). Whichever category you belong to, if you feel like going for a Wedding Band, the options before you are endless.

But that very fact also builds up tons of confusion, dilemma and what not! Getting your hands on the right ring style, metal, ring size, and most of all, a band that resonates with your unique love story among the wide pool of options could prove to extremely burdensome. Which is why we recommend swearing by our very own Wedding Ring Buying Guide to make the entire process a smooth ride. Let’s know more:

What exactly is a Wedding Ring/Band?

Technically, it is a band that could be entirely plain or adorned by a number of Diamonds or Gemstones (usually in a half or full eternity pattern).

But it goes without saying that the distinctive symbolism that a Wedding Band carries makes all the difference. You’ll see it as the ultimate token of your eternal love and commitment that unlike the engagement ring, officially declares you as ‘happily married.’

The Difference between an Engagement and Wedding Band

From the big ‘yes’ moment to the prized ‘I do’ moment, the whole journey between engagement and wedding is nothing short of a fairy tale. Practically why both Engagement and Wedding Rings have a separate place in every couple’s heart. So, it’s natural for both of them to possess some note-worthy differences:

Engagement Ring
In terms of style, an engagement ring features a center stone that captivates most attention, at times surrounded by smaller stones. An engagement ring is much more showy, ornate, and lofty weighing than a wedding ring. So, you can also expect it to be the on the pricier end of the spectrum. Besides that, it is typically presented to propose the person you intend to marry, often by getting down on the knee and asking for a lifelong commitment. So, if you see- it commemorates a promise of marriage than the marriage itself.

Wedding Ring
A Wedding Ring, on the other hand, is characterized by a less showy band that can be plain or studded with a row of diamonds/gemstones. It weighs much less and thus, isn’t as pricey as an engagement ring. Symbolically, it commemorates the union of two people as one and binds them in marriage forever. Unlike the engagement ring, it is traditionally exchanged while exchanging the wedding vows.

The Ultimate Guide to Shop for a Wedding Band the right way

  • Stone
    Deciding on a center stone can often be a tough nut to crack. But there are certain factors that may lead your way to it. Foremost is- which one resonates with your sense of style? If you’re all about the sparkle and somewhat conventional with your choices, Diamond or Moissanite seems like a fine choice for you. But if a little pop of color excites you and you’re quite unconventional that way, look no past than Colored Gemstones. A pro tip would be to go for the stone that matches with the one embedded in your engagement ring (especially if you’re planning to wear the two together). Apart from that, don’t forget to consider the kind of lifestyle you lead. That’s because different stones carry different durability.

  • Budget
    Unlike the engagement ring, wedding bands are not much of a surprise. So the good part is that you can straight out talk about the budget. Try having an open conversation about the amount of money you and your partner are equally comfortable in splurging on the band. That, most of all, can help you narrow down on a budget.

    Ideally, people consider spending 3 % of their wedding budget on the band. A stats also suggests that $1100 was the average amount spent on a wedding band for women in the year 2019, while for men it was $510. However, please make it a point to note that there are no rules out there that can necessarily tell you how much to spend or ask you to step out of your comfort zone.

    You’ll find a band in every budget, just prioritize the right manner, know what you need and what isn’t necessary, and you’ll be sorted. For example, if you wish to go for a classic band with no embellishments, it will cost you way less money than the ones that carry the same. Apart from that, the metal, width of the ring, and finger size also have their significant share in influencing the price of the band.

  • Metal
    Here is the thing about choosing the metal: since it is something you’ll wear for a lifetime, prioritizing a durable metal is more of a requirement than a choice. We’d always recommend you to go for Gold since it is not only a luxurious and conventional choice, but also extremely durable. However, you may have to pay a little extra attention deciding between the different tones of gold: white, yellow, and rose gold. 

    1. White Gold: Inclined towards a simple and understated look? White Gold metal is a clear favorite when that is the case since it is neutral in color. On top of that, its gleaming shine gifts it a timeless appearance.

    2. Yellow Gold: Can’t help falling for everything that is conventional yet luxurious? You could totally trust yellow gold to offer you the best of both worlds since it carries a warm-yellow tone that has been prized for centuries for milestone occasions.

    3. Rose Gold: Have you lately found your aesthetics to be feminine, romantic and a lot playful to be conventional? Then, Rose Gold, thanks to its rosy pink hues, seems like a fine choice for you.

  • Ring Width
    Width is arguably a make or break for any wedding band. Choosing the right ring width ultimately boils down to your sense of style. Men usually prefer a more bulky wedding band with width ranging between 4 to 7 mm. Women, on the other hand, generally like their bands more dainty and thin, usually less than 4 mm. A handy shopping tip would be to see if it works well with the width of your engagement ring.

  • Ring Size
    Figuring out your ring size begins with measuring it the right manner. You could make use of a measuring tape or make the entire process even more seamless with the help of our free ring sizers. We have assembled a guide to familiarize you with the most tried and trusted methods to do so.

  • Wedding Band Styles
    Whether you already have a specific style on mind or are just browsing through to find one, wedding bands feature a plethora of styles to decide from. If you like to stick to classics when it comes to such milestone ornaments, what better than a plain metal wedding band! However if you wish to go a little more playful with your band, it’s always a good idea to splurge on gemstone/diamond embedded bands or the ones that feature ornate floral or nature-inspired motifs. Other spectacular styles to keep an eye out for include: vintage inspired, curved, infinity, five stone, stackable, eternity, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed already, we’ve curated an in-depth guide to acquaint you with all of them.